Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 20 “Last Episode)

Episode 20 (Last Episode)
the episode start with Arsam reach home and shivanya and her husband welcome them as shivanya came especially for them arsam was happy seeing them then before entering in aryan hold mausam’s hand and both came inside then they talk and after sometime had lunch after lunch shivanya and her husband left and everyone was resting in their room respectively aryan was in his room and mausam was in washroom then mausam came out and aryan gone in to fresh n up then both sat on bed and spend time together

In Night
Aryan’s cousins left and Arsam was coming from airport after dropping them at airport Arsam was in car aryan was driving and mausam was looking out of window then aryan stop the car somewhere mausam look at him and aryan said
mausam smile and both came in restaurant and had dinner after dinner mausam insist for ice cream and long drive aryan agreed then aryan buy ice cream and both sat in car and aryan drive then aryan start MP and song start (This Song Is From Movie “RACE”)

Suno na suno na
Kahe kya
Suno na suno na
Dil mera
Suno na suno na
Sunlo zara

mausam and aryan both looked at each other and smile

Teri bahon mein
mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Teri bahon mein
Hogi subah

till then both reach home Arsam came in and change their clothes mausam was in balcony and aryan came from washroom and came toward mausam

Be intehaan be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar
Yun pyaar kar
Be intehaan

aryan hug mausam and mausam turn to him then aryan remove her hairs from her face and came close to her ear and whisper
aryan:can I
mausam hug aryan and said
mausam:I’m all yours

Dekha karon
Sari umar
Sari umar

aryan looked at mausam and then kiss her passionately

Tere nishaan
Be intehaan
Koi kasar na rahe
Meri khabar na rahe
Choole mujhe iss kadar
Be intehaan

then aryan lift mausam in his arms without breaking their eyes contact

Jab saanson mein teri
Saasein ghuli toh
Phir sulaghne lagey
Ehsaas mere mujhse
Kehne lagey
Haan bahon mein teri
Aake jahan do
Yu simatne lagey
Sailaab jaise koi
Behne lagey

then aryan lie her down on bed and came on top of her and kiss her forehead and said
aryan:thanks for coming in my life

Khoya hoon mein
Aagosh mein
Tu bhi kahan ab
hosh mein
Makhmali raat ki
Ho na subah
Be intehaan be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar
Be intehaan

Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm

then aryan kiss her eyes and said
aryan:u r the most beautifully girl I have ever met

Gustakhiyaan kuch tum karo
Kuch hum karein
Is tarah
Sharmake do
Saaye hai jo
Mooh pher le
Humse yahan
Haan choo to liya hai
Yeh jism tune
Rooh bhi choom le
Anfaaz bheege bheege
Kyun hai mere

then aryan kiss her cheeks and said
aryan:thanks or loving me and making me realized my mistakes

Haan yun choor hoke
Majboor hoke
Qatra qatra kahe
Ehsaas bheege bheege
Kyun hai mere

then aryan looked at mausam and mausam too stare him and then aryan lean and capture her lips with his lips and both kiss each other deeply

Do bekhabar
Bheege badan
Ho besabar
Bheege badan
Le rahe raat bhar angraaiyan

then aryan released mausam and pull blanket over them and turn off the lights

Be intehaan
Be intehaan be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar
Be intehaan
Dekha karon
Saari umar

and then both get intimate

Tere nishaan
Koi kasar na rahe
Meri khabar na rahe
Choole mujhe iss kadar
be intehaan

and then fall asleep in each others arms peacefully… ?

hey frds h r u all?
here is the last episode how’s it tell me after reading and thank u guys for loving this story so much thanks for ur support and love so this story ends here but I will not leave u guys this easily as my other story is just started which is “An Imperfect Love Story” i had posted its three episodes till now so there is more episode on the way so enjoy that story till I didn’t get any new idea of any new story but I will try my best to entertain u guys with my stories can’t promised more than this so tell me how’s it till then bye tc and love u all a lot ?????

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  1. So cute!! You always manage to impress us though it’s the ending.. Loved it

    Please do start a new one soon.. Post an imperfect love story soon…

    Love you ??

    1. thanks a lot dear and will update soon actually TU Team has refused to accept any post till 24th Feb and they will start it on 24th Feb morning so as soon as they will start accepting I will post it ? love u too ?

  2. fantastic angel definitely miss arsam

  3. Perfect ending. Lots of luv 2 u.

    1. thank u and love u too ??

  4. Hmmm….another wonderful ending of ur creation!!!
    Love you so much!!!tc

    1. thanks dear and love u too n u too tc ??

  5. Rina Sivaguru

    That was awesome ending…..

  6. I am waiting for ur imperfect story update yaar

    1. hey sorry yaar but TU team has refused to accept any post till 24th Feb and they will start accepting it from 24th Feb morning so I will post it and I have decided that till they r not posting I will write as much as I can and then will post it altogether what say dear ??

  7. Superb story dear. They r very cute. Superb song. U have ended this story too but u should come with another story along with an imperfect love story. Luv u…tc..

    1. thanks a lot and yes as soon as I get any new idea for new story I will start it… ? love u too n u to tc ?

  8. Oh angel..this was a really good ending..loved it to core..it’s going on really good..and can’t wait to read your next story..this was an amazing story each episode described so perfectly..this was incredible..these days ff are more better than serials..they don’t have any story.. and the ff writers are really better than ekta’s stupid tracks..well bye..gonna miss you

    1. thanks means a lot dear and bye n miss u too ??

  9. Superb angel dr…. nice ending .. I love it… u r the best ever.. love u lot..???
    The proper ending..??
    Nd will follow u on imperfect love story. . Take care.. ?

    1. thanks means a lot dear really and love u too nu too tc ???

  10. My dearyyy princess my angel it’s so beautiful n lovely episode. ..I’m just speechless n addicted to Youuuuuuuuu and Your alllllllllll stories. …each n every one is unique n has its own beauty…love you soooooooo muchhhhhh honeyyy for sharing all these stories with us. ..will miss you but I’ll catch u in your other story an imperfect love story….you’re really superbbbb n awesome angel…keep it up. Love you loads. ….take care sweetie, muaaaaahhhhhh

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