Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 2)

Episode 2
the episode start with aryan was standing at door staring mausam angrily he came forward and hold mausam by her arms tightly and said
aryan:who the hell was on phone tell me
mausam: aryan please leave me u r hurting me
aryan:just tell me who it was or else u will regret
mausam:I will not tell me now leave me
aryan:give me ur phone
mausam: no saying this she hide her phone but aryan forcefully take her phone and check then said
aryan:ooohh so u r talking to shivanya how many time I told u not to talk to her or anyone but no u r a blo*dy stubborn girl never listen to I’m warning u don’t talk to her got as u promise me that u will do whatever I will say and u won’t stop me from doing anything that’s why I spear ur frd so if u disobey me again then the result will be worse saying this he left and she cry remembering how he used to treat her
(Flashback Start
it was the first day when Mausam came in aryan’s house she was scared thinking what he will make her do what if he chain her in this house and won’t let her meet anyone she was afraid knowing that she will stay with him alone day passes like that but he didn’t did anything wrong I’m fact he treat her really good he used to take care of her a lot he always make bf and then wake her up he never let her do anything she just always rest he take her out for shopping, lunch, dinner and etc he never remind her that she came here to do what he want she feel so good with him and she realize that he is not bad from heart and she tell all this to her frd(shivanya) he used to treat her like a queen and he talk to her with so much love he showed so much care and love that she fall for him she didn’t realized that how she fall for him but she knew that she love him and she love him more than anything in this world one day she decide to tell him about her feelings as she think that he too love her she was out for shopping she brought for for him and came home but when she came in his room she was shocked because she was with other girl in Ned she felt like some snatch her everything aryan saw her and get angry he ask the other girl to go in washroom when she left aryan came toward mausam and said angrily

aryan:what the hell r u doing here don’t u have any manners don’t u know u should knock before entering in someone’s room
mausam:aryan what r u doing with that girl
aryan:I don’t think its important to tell u and don’t forgot u r here to save ur frd right and u promise u will do whatever I want and whatever I will say so right now go and make food for me and for my gf
aryan:yes who is in washroom
mausam:u can’t do this with me aryan

aryan:trust me I can do anything what I want to do and don’t forgot u r my slave as u said before in ur frd’s wedding what was ur words yeah it was like this “please leave my frd don’t do anything to her I will do whatever u want I will be ur slave for lifetime but please spear her” this is what u said right u know what this is ur girls problem if a boy talk to u with love and show little care u girls immediately give ur heart and ur self to boys
mausam:it means u were just acting all these days whatever u did whatever u said was all fake
aryan:yes my Darling now kindly get the hell out of here and make food for me and my ff saying this he push mausam out of room and lock the door and mausam stand still in shock tears roll down her cheeks since than he treat her like his slave he make her do everything like cleaning, cooking, dishwashing, laundry, his all work and he didn’t let her go out of house to meet anyone nor he let her talk to anyone not even to shivanya and she didn’t tell anything to shivanya because if she get to know she will blame herself and since then mausam is bearing his torture
Flashback End)Present day
mausam was crying thinking about everything she is trying so hard to not love him but she is not able to forget him

In Evening
mausam was in her room she was standing in balcony aryan came and saw her he hug her from behind and said
aryan:hey s*xy
mausam immediately turn and try to go but he held her from behind tightly and didn’t let go then whisper in her ear
aryan:why u always try to go away when u know that u have to come back in my arms babe saying this he rub his nose on her neck and said
aryan:u smell so dam good babe
mausam:what r u dining aryan let me go saying this she struggle in his arms but he didn’t let go and he tighten his grip and said
aryan:dammit mausam don’t struggle or else I will kiss u hard hearing aryan mausam immediately stop struggling and aryan said
aryan: there a party in my house tonight so do the arrangements and I told all my frd that u r my gf so be ready and wear something s*xy
mausam:no I will not because I’m not ur gf
aryan:but u r my servant so do as I say or else just think about ur frd saying this aryan left and mausam looked at him going and think about everything whatever he did from the first day when they met till then Mausam came out of room and saw he left from house and she then her phone ring it was aryan’s msg she open the msg and read this is what he said “When I Came Back A Want All The Arrangements Done ” mausam feel like killing him by she know she can so she kill him in her mind hundreds of time then she call the decorator, catering, DJ and who’s ever help she want to arrange the party then after all the arrangements are done she came in her room to rest then again her phone ring and it again aryan and this time this what he said “hey babe ur dress which u will wear in party is in ur cupboard wear that dress and get ready I’m coming home and after sometime my frds so be ready on time like a good girl bye s*xy” Mausam felt like burning that dress but she was so helpless that she can’t even wear what she want as one day when she refused to go out with he call shivanya’s husband and tell her that she is having an affair and shivanya’s husband thought that aryan is saying truth but when Mausam agreed to go with him he said to shivanya’s husband that he by mistaken call him and he was talking about his frd’s wife who’s name is also shivanya then mausam get up she take the dress from cupboard and gone in washroom to get ready

Next Episode: Aryan Sings And Dance With Mausam ?
hey frds h r u ?
here is the 2nd episode I hope u all r enjoying my stories tell me how’s it after reading till then bye tc and love all a lot ???

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    1. thanks and u will get to know on upcoming episodes and I already answered ur question in previous episode ?

  7. Why is he behaving lyk dis all of a sudden?first he take care of hr and show his fake concern….nw he is rude towards hr….i think aryan has fallen 4 mausam but he is not ready to accept his feelings….so he is been mean towards hr……post nxt part soon…..keep smiling ‘n’ stay healthy!!!

    1. thanks a lot and u will get to know in upcoming episodes?

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