Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 19)

Episode 19
the episode start with mausam came out of washroom and saw aryan was standing near window mausam came from behind and put her hands on his eyes aryan hold her hands and kiss her palms and turn to her and was lost in her she was looking so beautiful and s*xy that he was not able to take his eyes off of her then aryan came close and kiss her forehead then eyes then cheeks and was about to kiss on her lips but mausam turn to go as she was feeling shy but aryan stop her by holding her hand and then he came close and hug her from behind then he open the knots of coat and slide it down the coat fall on floor mausam close her eyes and aryan remove her hairs from one shoulder and put them on other and start kissing her neck and shoulder passionately then mausam turn and hug him tightly and aryan hug her back even more tightly then aryan make her looked at him and then kiss on her lips first softly then passionately then mausam turn and aryan hold her in his arms and he caresses her bare back with his lips and mausam shiver then aryan slide down her nighty and it fall down on floor too then mausam hug aryan in shyness and he lift her in his arms and lie her down on bed mausam pull blanket over her to cover herself and aryan took off his clothes and came under blanket and over Mausam then aryan cupped her br*ast and mausam moan in pleasure then he unbuttoned her shape wear and put his hand on her bosom squeezing and caressing it and mausam was moaning and groaning in pleasure and hearing her aryan become even more uncontrolled and start kissing her mausam close her eyes first he kiss her foots and then came up and like this he kiss all over her body and they consummate their marriage and then fall asleep in each others arms peacefully

Next Morning
mausam get up and saw aryan sleeping she remembered last night and smile then mausam take aryan’s shirt and wear it then mausam was about to get up but aryan pull her and she fall on him and aryan said
aryan:don’t go please
mausam:aryan don’t u want to go office today
aryan:office no I just got married yesterday and today I will go office never in fact I have decided to take leave then we’ll go for honeymoon what’s say
mausam:hmm good very good but right now let me go I’m feeling hungry
aryan:ok let’s get ready then we’ll go out bf
mausam:ok saying this mausam was going in washroom then she turn and saw aryan he was following her mausam ask him where he is coming then he said
aryan:with u

aryan:to take shower together
mausam:aryan u mausam was saying but before she could say anything else aryan took her in washroom and lock the door then after 2 hour mausam push aryan out of washroom and said
mausam:u r too much aryan go out or else u won’t let me take shower today
aryan:what too much babe I just started loving u
mausam:ooohh really if this is start then I think I won’t be able to handle ur love farther now go and let me take shower
aryan:but babe
mausam:enough for now aryan I was already feeling hungry and now because of u I’m feeling even more hungry so order some we’ll have bf here saying this mausam close the door and aryan laugh then aryan get ready and order bf after sometime bf came and mausam came out of washroom in bathrobe aryan saw her and came close to her and hug her from behind and said
aryan:not fair u push me out of washroom
mausam:what can I do if I haven’t push u out then I won’t be able to have shower today
aryan:we could take it together na

mausam:really but how u took 2 hour but still I have to push u out in order to take shower
aryan:not my fault u r driving me so crazy for u
that I’m not able to take my hands off of u I just want to love u more and more u know the more i get the more i want saying this he kiss her shoulder then mausam turn to him and said
mausam:awww my cute hubby right now let me get ready so that we can have bf
aryan:ok saying this both smile and mausam gone to get ready then after sometime both had bf and then left for home

Next Episode: Last Episode

hey frds h r u all ?
here is the 19th episode how’s it tell me after reading till then bye tc and love u all a lot ??

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  1. reading precap last episode line my heart breaking ,angel dear you making me crazy in your ff.i can’t live without reading your ff.

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  2. Last episode ohhh nooo

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  5. Hey.. how are you angel?..this episode was amazing loved it soooo much….can’t believe this is the second last episode..gonna miss you so much dear..loved the episode and their romantic moments..it was incredible..loved it soon much .each and every part was described so beautifully..loved it again you are so good ..it was awesome…marvelous. ..romantic and cute..start another story soon..can’t resist from reading your story..well,bye because I have already bothered you hehe..love you..take care

    1. thanks a lot dear means a lot and u can read my new story which I started recently its “An Imperfect Love Story” ??

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  7. Cute one… Too romantic.. Last episode?! Why?! Post soon

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  8. Superb episode angel dr…. why ending so soon…
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    Take care of u..
    Nd my friendly suggestion try to write a book dr..?????

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  9. Superb episode dear. Aryan is very naughty.luv u..

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  10. Wowwww awesome, lovely episode. ..so sweeeeeet n beautiful romantic episode. …arsam very very cute pair….I’m gonna miss them soooo muchhhhhh….angel my sweeeeeet friend you’re all the stories are very unique and interesting. …so addicted to youuuuuuuuu n your all stories. …I’m blessed to read such a great talent my sweeeeeet friend. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. …muaaaaahhhhhh

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