Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 18)

Episode 18
the episode start with aryan was going for home but before going he ask aiza to give last 10 min with mausam as they refused them to meet or see each other till they don’t came in mandap aiza agreed and aryan came in mausam room she was standing in balcony Aryan came from behind and hug Mausam she turn and put her hands on his chest and said
mausam: how u came what if someone saw us
aryan:don’t worry I have permission to meet u for 10 min
mausam:ohh so u took permission

aryan:off course everything for u saying aryan smile and mausam to then aryan ask mausam to close her eyes and she did then aryan make her sit on bed and sat on his knees then he hold mausam’s hand and mausam ask him what is he doing but he ask her to wait then he take out a box from his pocket it was bangles he make her wear and then ask her to open her eyes she open her eyes and saw bangles and become happy and said
mausam:thanks it beautiful
aryan:not more than u saying this he kiss her forehead and then aiza call him and aryan was about to go but mausam stop him at door and mausam softly kiss his lips and said
mausam:love u
aryan was little shocked but then he said
aryan:love u more saying this he left and mausam stare him going from balcony

In Night
aryan and mausam both were lying on bed thinking about each other then suddenly mausam’s phone ring and she pick up and aryan said
aryan:what my babe is doing missing me
mausam:yes a lot
aryan:not more then me
mausam:how can u say that
aryan: because I’m missing u so much that I’m standing in your balcony
mausam:what in balcony saying this she get up and open the door of balcony aryan turn and hug mausam and said
aryan:I can’t stay away from u even for a second
mausam:awww sho cute saying this mausam also hug him and then mausam ask aryan to come in otherwise someone will see then aryan and mausam sat on bed and talk about there future then mausam ask aryan to go as its really late and aryan get up and came near balcony but before going he turn to mausam and said

aryan:can I get kiss
mausam: no
aryan:just one saying this he pull her closer and kiss her passionately and mausam kiss him back then aryan released her and left then after sometime aryan reach home and he informed Mausam then both lie down on bed and fall asleep thinking about each other

Next Morning
Arsam get up and had bf then both get busy in wedding arrangements then after sometime both girls and boys gone to get ready

In Evening
every guest have came and everything is done everyone was waiting for brides and grooms then after sometime grooms came Danish was wearing black and red sherwani and aryan was wearing red and golden sherwani then brides came aiza was wearing pink lehenga with white embroidery and mausam was wearing golden lehenga with red embroidery then both brides and grooms sit in their places and wedding start first they take pheras then after pheras both sit and grooms put mangalsutra on their brides neck then they put sindoor in their headline and then pandit declare them husband and wife after wedding finish everyone had dinner and then its time for brides to go with their grooms aryan and mausam sit in one car and danish and aiza in other Arsam didn’t go at Aryan’s home they gone gone in hotel which aryan book especially for them then both reach there aryan ask musm to go in he will come in a min mausam came in room and saw it was decorated then she saw a box on bed she came forward her name was written on it she open the box there was a beautiful red silky nighty which came to knees and a long coat with it there was a chit also she open the chit and this what was written

“I Want To See My Angel Wife In This s*xy Dress Tonight”
“With Love Ur Devil”
mausam smile and gone in washroom

Next Episode:Arsam Romance

hey frds h r u all?
here is the 18th episode well this episode was suppose to be the last episode but as everyone insisted so I thought to write little more so now 2 episode are left of this story anyways how’s this tell me till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???????

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  1. wonderful episode finally arsam married but only two episode left feeling bad miss you arsam

    1. thanks a lot dear ?

  2. Oh my god wven devil bhi aise love kartha hein kya

    1. umm yes maybe ?

  3. Oh god..this was so awesome..can’t believe this story is going to end ah I’m going to miss this so much..this was such a nice one..loved it so much..this was beautifully described..everything was so perfect..loved it to core …this story was really really good…hope to see you soon with more stories..byeeeeee love you

    1. Thank u so much means a lot dear ??? love u too ?

  4. So cute!! Finally they’re married!!

    Love you ??

    1. thanks and love u too ?

  5. Superb episode dear. They r married woww.Luv u..

    1. thanks and love u too ?

  6. Awesome, lovely, marvellous episode…my angel princess it’s beautiful n mind blowing story…arsam very very lovelyyyyyy pair….congrats for the wedding of our love birds. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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