Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 17)

Episode 17
the episode start with mausam came in her room in night she lock the door and gone in washroom to take shower after sometime she came out in bathrobe and saw lights were off she try to open the lights but before she could reach the switch someone pin her against the wall and close her mouth with hand she struggle but then when she felt a hand on her waist she stop struggling immediately as she feel a known touch then the person remove the hand from her mouth and mausam said
mausam:aryan u scared me
aryan:how do u know it’s me saying this he looked at her then Mausam said
mausam:I can feel ur presence and touch
aryan:really saying this he came more close to her and kiss her neck mausam hold his shirt tightly when she feel his lips on her neck and aryan was kissing her continuously neither he want to stop nor mausam want to stop him both were lost in each other then aryan looked at mausam and he ask her to come with him but mausam said

mausam:wait let me wear my clothes I’m in bathrobe
aryan:so what u r looking s*xy lets go like this saying this he try to kiss her but she stop him and said
mausam:first let me change saying this she took her clothes from cupboard and was going in washroom but aryan stop her and said
aryan:where r u going
mausam: in washroom
aryan:what the need to go in washroom u can change here saying this he smile naughtily mausam throw a pillow on him and gone in washroom after sometime she came out wearing black kurti and red legging then both came out and sat on car and mausam said
mausam: where r we going please tell me
aryan:patient my love patient
mausam:aryan please
aryan:just 10 more mins
mausam:so u r not going to tell me
aryan:off course not

mausam:fine don’t tell me even I will not talk to u saying this she make angry face and aryan smile then they reach somewhere and aryan came out he open door for mausam but she didn’t came out aryan came and lift her in his arms and mausam said
mausam: aryan what r u doing get me down please
mausam: ok as ur wish saying this she put her hands around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder and aryan smile then after walking little they reach at aryan’s farmhouse it was beautiful before coming inside aryan ask mausam to close her eyes then they came inside and aryan took mausam in room and make her sit on chair in front of him and aryan take out box from drawer it was a large box he open it and ask mausam to open her eyes mausam open her eyes and surprised it was red saree with matching accessories mausam looked at aryan and aryan said
aryan:please wear this I want to see u in this please mausam nod in yes and aryan came out after sometime mausam came out and was shocked because the house was fully decorated with candles and there was heart shape small cake also mausam was looking at all this when aryan came and hug her from behind and whisper in her ear
aryan:HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE saying this he kiss her back and mausam turn to him and said
mausam:how do u know
aryan:shivanya told me
aryan hold her hand and said

aryan:there is another surprise for u
aryan:yes saying this he took her near TV and put CD in it and play when mausam saw she was overwhelmed because it was their photos of all the happy moments they had spend together and then he give mausam a photo frame of their photo which they took in cruise ship when aryan proposed her mausam turn to aryan and hug him and said
mausam:thank u so much aryan this is the best gift ever
aryan:I Love U A Lot Mausam
mausam:I Love U Too Aryan
then aryan hold mausam’s hand and they came near table mausam cut the cake and aryan make mausam eat then mausam take a piece in her hand and aryan was about to eat but mausam pull her hand back and eat the cake and then run aryan run behind her both run here and there then finally aryan catch her and both fall on bed both laugh aryan stare Mausam and feel happy seeing her smile then mausam looked at aryan and said
mausam:what happened
aryan turn to her side and said
aryan:I just love to see ur beautiful smile saying this he hold mausam and Mausam came close and kiss his forehead and said
Mausam:u r the reason behind this smile
aryan and mausam stare each other and then song start (this song is from movie “Alone” )

Iss tarah se khudse aa mujhko jod tu
Thoda bhi mujhme na mujhko chhod tu
Na yaad teri tujhko
Na yaad mujhe hoon main
Aa mujhko pehan le tu
Aa tujhko odh loon main

aryan kiss mausam’s forehead then eyes and then cheeks romantically

Katra katra main girun
Jism pe tere theharun
Katra katra main girun
Tujh mein hi kahin reh lun

then he kiss her neck and shoulder passionately

Dariya tu khaali kar de
Mujhme saara tu bhar de
Tujhko aa main pee jaaun, pyaas bujha do..

then a deep kiss on her lips both were lost in each others

Laana kuch baadal laana
Unko mujh par barsaana
Boondein teri ho jinme, unse bhigaa do…

then a deep kiss on her lips both were lost in each others

Laana kuch baadal laana
Unko mujh par barsaana
Boondein teri ho jinme, unse bhigaa do…

then mausam also kiss his forehead, eyes and cheeks

Na yaad teri tujhko
Na yaad mujhe hoon main
Aa mujhko pehan le tu
Aa tujhko odh loon main

then mausam kiss his neck and then a soft kiss on lips which later become deep kiss

Katra katra main girun
Jism pe tere theharun
Katra katra main girun
Tujh mein hi kahin reh lun

aryan took off his shirt aryan was in pant both were staring each other with lots of love there was just love pure love which can be seen in their eyes for each other aryan remove mausam’s jewelry

Khud se khaali ho jaaun
Aaja tujhse bhar jaaun
Tinka tinka jal jaaun
Aise jalaa do.. ho..

then aryan put his hand under mausam’s blouse and unbuttoned her shape wear then he put his hand on her bosom caressing it

Tarun main tan pe tere
Thehrun angon pe tere
Gehari jo khawahish teri
Unme duba do..

then aryan start kissing mausam with crazy passion both were totally in each other aryan didn’t stop until he was not satisfied to feel her body on his lips

Na yaad teri tujhko
Na yaad mujhe hoon main
Aa mujhko pehan le tu
tujhko odh loon main

then both looked at each other and aryan again kiss her deeply it last for about 10 to 15 minutes then they leave each other when its become hard to breath

Qatra qatra main girun
Jism pe tere theharun
Katra katra main girun
Tujh mein hi kahin reh lun (x2)

then both hug each other and said together
Arsam:Love U saying this both smile and then left for home aryan drop mausam and then he left for his home mausam change and lie down on bed on the other side aryan reach home and he too lie down on bed both were thinking about each other and then finally dose off

Next Morning
both get up and had bf after that Mausam came in her room and get ready for haldi she was wearing yellow kurti with white salwar and then aryan came with danish and his cousin aryan was wearing white salwar kameez then just like aiza and danish both sit beside each other but curtain between them but still aryan was staring mausam then after haldi mausam gone in her room to get fresh n up and aryan too gone to change after getting ready mausam was coming down but aryan took her in room and lock the door and said
aryan:remember that day in this room I promised that soon we’ll be on danish and aiza’s place and here r we
mausam smile and aryan said
aryan:I can’t wait to see u as my wife
mausam:even I want to be ur wife soon
aryan smile and hug her both stood there for sometime then came down and everyone had lunch and talk but aryan and mausam was just looking at each other

Next Episode:Arsam’s Wedding

hey frds h r u all ?
here is the 17th episode how’s it tel me after reading till then bye tc and love u all ???

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  1. It was awesome Dr nice story

  2. exciting for arsam wedding by the way today episode is very awesome.

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  3. It reall very sweet arsams romanance

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  8. it was awesome

  9. hey angel…how are you?..this was so awesome..you are a romantic writer..I must admit..the episode was so amazing..loved their romance and the surprise..keep writing dear…bye and take care

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  10. Lovely lovely awesoooooome episode. …so romantic n sensuous. …just loved it very much….the way you narrate the scenes between the song lyrics it’s superb n mind blowing. …such a pure n lovely art…make me visualize it….so lovely n beautiful narration. ..keep it up my dear…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug. Muaaaaahhhhhh

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