Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 16)

Episode 16
the episode start with mausam reach at aiza’s home and she took mausam in a room and ask her to rest mausam change as aiza give her some clothes then mausam lie down on bed and was thinking about aryan and on the other side aryan was thinking about mausam both were not able to sleep without each other then after sometime mausam’s phone ring she saw and become happy because it was aryan she pick up and aryan said
aryan:open ur room window fast
mausam get up and open the window aryan was standing down then mausam lock the door and aryan climb the pipe and came to window he was standing in window and mausam was in room then she came near aryan and said
mausam:what r u doing here please go before someone see aryan
aryan:first let me come inside
mausam:no and go now
aryan:what I came to meet u and u r saying go

mausam:yes aryan if someone saw us then what they will think
aryan:they will think that we love each other so much that we can’t stay without each other and I came to see u I was missing u but I think u r enjoying here without me and maybe was going to sleep right
mausam think to tease him and said
mausam:off course I’m as u troubled me a lot so till I’m alone I should enjoy how can I miss this golden opportunity to live peacefully for some days without u and I was going to sleep peacefully but u just disturbed me saying this she turn to other side as she was trying to control her laugh but aryan felt so bad his eyes were filled with tears hearing her the memories of last passed month which he made the worst time of her life he made her life worse than hell he realized that how much she have tolerate because of him and from what she had gone through he feel guilty for his deeds and the guilt of hurting her hit him with such force that he losses his grip on window and lost his balance and he fall down on ground mausam hear the sound and turn to see aryan but he was not at window she came toward window and saw his down she immediately come outside she gone toward aryan and said
mausam:god aryan r u ok she saw his right elbow and forehead was bleeding she ask him to come inside so that she can do dressing first aryan just stare her with tears in his eyes then mausam was looking at his injury then ahe said
mausam:look I told u to go but u didn’t listen now look what have u done its bleeding so much anyway come I will apply cream it will be fine then
aryan wipe his tears before mausam can see then he said
aryan:no its not that much hurting I’m fine and I should go now
mausam looked at him and said
mausam:no wait I’ll do the dressing

aryan:no its ok I’ll do it later u go and sleep now u must me tired saying this he get up and turn he gone toward his car and sat inside he close the door and then he close his eyes and tears flow down his cheeks mausam saw his tears and was about to come near him but he start the car and left from there mausam realize what she just said when he was standing at window and thought how stupid she is he came to meet her and she hurt him he didn’t even know that she was joking god I’m so stupid saying this she came in her room and try to call him aryan was in car driver just like that without knowing where he is going thinking about whatever he did and said to Mausam and then whatever mausam said as he didn’t know that she was joking she was looking serious then his phone ring he saw it was mausam first he didn’t attend then when she call again and again he wipe his tears and pick up the call and said
aryan:yes mausam
Mausam: why r u not attending my calls
aryan:actually I was driving his voice all broken and hurt mausam can clearly understand he was hurt and maybe crying hearing him she said in her mind
mausam in her mind:god he is crying I shouldn’t have done this then she said to aryan
mausam:aryan actually I didn’t mean to say that I was just
aryan:mausam I understand u were just thinking about what everyone will say and i should have asked u before coming now u should sleep its really late I’ll talk to u later bye tc saying this he cut the call as he was not able to talk to her because of the guilt of hurting her broke him completely he know she don’t want to hurt him but she didn’t even said anything wrong then he reach home and fall asleep in his room

Next Morning
aryan and danish came at aiza place as they r going for wedding shopping everyone was sitting aryan was lost then mausam came with tea and saw aryan she give tea to danish and aiza then she came to aryan he take the cup and said
aryan:thanks saying this he smile a little but she know it was fake just to show her that he was fine then mausam sat in front of him but he didn’t even looked at her aiza and danish saw them and thought to give them sometime alone so aiza and danish ask mausam to show the full house to aryan and mausam agreed immediately because she want to talk then they gone upstairs mausam show the full house except her room then they came in her room aryan saw it and remembered last night and whatever she said aryan’s eyes filled with tears and he turn to go but mausam stop him she hug him from behind and said
mausam:I was just joking last night I didn’t mean all that trust me please sorry
aryan:its ok Mausam not ur fault and don’t say sorry I’m sorry for all the things I did saying this he close his eyes and tear fall from his eyes on her hand mausam turn him and saw tears she wipe his tears and said
mausam:don’t be sorry because it was my fault this time
aryan:mausam r u happy with this marriage
mausam:yes a lot aryan I love u
aryan:I love u too saying this aryan hug mausam and she hug him back and said
mausam:don’t leave me please
aryan:I won’t I’m yours till I didn’t take my last breath promise
mausam:and I’m yours

then both looked at each other and aryan kiss her forehead and both came down holding hands then they left for shopping after sometime they reach and aryan buy haldi and wedding dress for mausam she try both dresses aryan then choose another saree for her it was simple red lehenga saree with simple embroidery he didn’t show it to Mausam as he buy as a gift for her then after shopping they had lunch and then left for home danish and aiza came in danish car and aryan and mausam in aryan car they reach home mausam was going inside but before going she hug aryan and whisper in his ear
mausam:I will wait for u tonight saying this she kiss his cheek softly and looked at him he was shocked but then he smile and kiss her lips softly and then left and mausam came inside she gone in her room and change then she came out and aiza and mausam talk

Next Episode:Arsam’s Haldi ?

hey frds h r u all ?
here is the 16th episode sorry for late update i was at my bhabhi’s home staying with her and her family so sorry but now will try to post regularly so how’s it tell me till then bye tc and love u all a lot ?????

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