Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 15)

Episode 15
the episode start with Arsam was in car Mausam was tired so she was sleeping as aryan told her to rest and when they will reach he will wake her then after sometime aryan stop the car and wake up mausam when she woke up aryan blindfold her and drive farther mausam keep asking about where r they going but he just smile and said surprise then both reach somewhere and came out of car then they walk little and then they came in a room aryan ask her to change and then come out he also told her to not look around to find out where r they and before coming out aryan told her to blindfold again then she came out after changing she was wearing a beautiful red saree and aryan had also changed he was wearing black jeans with black shirt then aryan ask mausam to remove her sandal she remove it and then he made her stand on something which was soft then he remove the cloth from her eyes and she was shocked because they were in cruise ship in the middle of the sea away from the world then she look behind their car was there then she look down and she was standing on rose petals it was heart shape she came little forward to see and then turn back and saw aryan he was on his knees and there was a box in his hand then he said
aryan:mausam I know I had made lots of mistakes and I had hurt u too I never care and I never try to understand u I always trouble u and I always get angry and shouted on u but u never said anything u tolerate everything and always cared and loved me so today I want to promise u that from now I will always care and love u no matter what happened I will always be there for u so will u be mine and give me a chance to rectify my mistakes and would u like to spend the rest of ur life with me and would u become the mother of my kids and love this devil please mausam was in tears she nod in yes and aryan get up then he open the box and take the ring in his hand it was heart shape and if take a closer look there was a photo of them in it aryan put the ring in her finger and said

aryan:do u like it
mausam was looking at her ring then she said
mausam:I love it aryan its the most beautiful ring I have ever seen thank u so much saying this she look at him aryan wipe her tears and said
aryan:thank u mausam for coming in my life u r an angel and this angel is mine now aren’t u
mausam:yes I’m saying this she hug him and he hug her back tightly then after few second aryan said
aryan:I Love U babe
mausam:I Love U To
both stood there for sometime then aryan looked at mausam and both stare each other and aryan came close and kiss her softly and then the kiss gone deeper and deeper then when its become hard to breath both release each other mausam’s eyes were still close aryan then kiss her neck and shoulder then he lift her in his arms and took her in the room and lie her down on bed and then he came on top of her then he remove her earrings and kiss her ear then he remove her necklace and kiss her neck then shoulder he go little down and remove her bangles and kiss her hands then he gone near her feet’s and remove her anklets and kiss her ankle then he came up and gently take off her saree and remove his shirt and then he kiss her all over again until he was not sure to feel her on his lips then he make love to her till he was not satisfy that she is his completely then mausam hug him tightly and aryan hug her back even more tightly then aryan said
aryan:I Love U Mausam
mausam:I Love U Aryan
then aryan looked at mausam and kiss her deeply and then both fall asleep in each others arms peacefully

Next Morning
aryan wake up and saw mausam sleeping he stare her lovingly and kiss her forehead and mausam wake up mausam looked at aryan he give a peck on her lips and said
aryan:good morning jaan
mausam:good morning
aryan:sleep well
mausam smile and nod in yes
aryan:u know last night was the best night ever I will never forget it
mausam:me too saying this she blush and aryan said
aryan look someone is blushing saying this he smile romantically and mausam lower her eyes in shyness then aryan said
aryan:let’s get married
mausam looked at aryan and aryan said
mausam:no nothing actually I never thought that u would say it first
aryan:well I know that we had gone really far in love now and we want to spend the rest of our life with each other so it doesn’t matter that we get married after a year or after a week right

mausam:I’m really happy thanks
aryan:and this is all because of u my love saying this both smile then both dress up and then they reach from where they came and them sat in car and left for home then they reach home and came inside holding hands as everyone was sleeping so no one saw them both gone in there room and take shower and then both came out and mausam made bf for everyone and aryan was with her in kitchen they were talking when everyone wake up and piya and neha came in kitchen they saw them together and ask if mausam need help but aryan refused and told them to go and wait outside for bf then they had bf and everyone talk for sometime then everyone gone to get ready for mehndi function everyone came out except Arsam then after sometime both came holding hands aryan was wearing blue jeans with white shirt and mausam was wearing a beautiful green saree and then everyone left for function then they reach there and the function start it was in danish house everyone was enjoying and aiza and mausam was applying mehndi aryan and danish were talking but aryan was staring mausam and was lost in deep thoughts danish saw him and ask him aryan tell me something and danish said
danish:awesome idea let’s go we should arrange it fast before she get free
aryan:ok u go and make the call and I’ll do rest of the work
danish:ok saying this both gone and after sometime someone give music and danish came aryan record sometime and then before start singing he played the recording this is what he record

aryan:mausam I never knew that I would ever love someone to this extend until I saw u first since I have seen u there is not even a single moment when u didn’t cross my mind and honestly speaking I love the feeling of loving u
mausam look for aryan and then people made a way and aryan was sitting on the chair in middle in front of mausam and then aryan start singing
(This Song Is From Movie “Sanam Teri Kasam”)

Meri bechainiyon ko chain mill jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye

Mere deewanepan ko sabr mil jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye

Zikr tumhara jab jab hota hai
Dekho na aankhon se
bheega bheega pyaar beh jaata hai

aryan looked at mausam lovingly and mausam blush seeing aryan

Meri tanhaiyon ko noor mill jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye

Main raat-din ye duaa karun
Tere liye main jiyun marun
Chaaron pehar tujhe dekha karun
Mera jahan ye tujhpe fanaa karun

Zikr tumhara jab jab hota hai
Dekho na honthon pe tera ehsaas
Reh jaata hai

aryan then came toward mausam and take her hand in his as mausam had applied mehndi on back of her hand first he take her in middle and put her hands on his shoulders and hold her closer by holding her waist and dance with her

Mere har raaste ko manzil mill jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye

Berang hawayein mujhe naa jaane
De gayi sadaa kyun abhi abhi
Hai sarfaroshi ye aashiqui bhi
Jaayegi jaan meri isme kabhi

Zikr tumhara jab jab hota hai
Dekho na har lamha teri daastaan
keh jaata hai

Meri har ik tadap ko sukoon mill jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye

then song end and everyone clap mausam was going when aryan hold her hand and stop her when she turn she was on his knees again with rose in his hand mausam ask him to get up but he didn’t and said
aryan:Mausam I may have told u many time that I love u but today I want this whole world to know that what r u to me so
Mausam I Love U Will U Please Marry Me
mausam happily accept the rose and said
mausam:yes I will saying this mausam smile and aryan get up and hug her everyone clap and aryan’s cousin were shocked then danish and aiza come and announced that there r 3 day left for wedding so day after tomorrow they will keep mausam’s haldi and then then both weddings will be held on same day mausam was so happy she didn’t expected this she know he love her but he will purpose her in front of so many people she didn’t knew this then everyone had dinner and it’s time to leave Arsam was out mausam was about to sit but aiza stop mausam and said
aiza:mausam u will go with me

aiza:what do u mean why u both r getting married so u both will stay separate till wedding
aryan:that’s not fair saying this he made an angry face and mausam and aiza laugh and said
aiza:go now
aryan:fine at least give me 5 min with my girl
aiza:ok but only 5 min and mausam my car is there after talking u sit in car I’ll just be back after saying bye to guest
then aiza gone inside and as soon as she gone inside aryan pull mausam closer and hold her by her waist and said
aryan:did u like the surprise proposal
mausam:I love it thank u saying this mausam hug him and aryan kiss on her forehead both stood there for sometime then aiza call mausam and mausam said
mausam:aryan I have to do
aryan:no please don’t go
mausam:don’t sorry just 3 days
aryan:its not just 3 days its like 3 millions years for me
mausam:awww saying this she kiss on his forehead and aryan said
aryan:I want another kiss
mausam kiss on his both eyes and aryan said
mausam kiss on his both cheeks and aryan said
aryan then hold her face in his hands and kiss her softly then mausam left and aryan too

Next Episode:Arsam Wedding Shopping ?

hey frds h r u all?
here is the 15th episode how’s it tell me till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???

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