Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 13)

Episode 13
the episode start with mausam wake up and saw aryan sleeping they were still in each others arms Mausam try to get up but aryan wake up and hold her closer and he didn’t let her go then mausam said
mausam:aryan let go

aryan: no
mausam:aryan please u know na that today is aiza and danish’s haldi and aiza ask me to come earlier so before going I have to finish me house work so please let go
aryan:first servants will do the work second they didn’t said to come in early morning so u have time to go and last u needed here more than anyone so I won’t let u go
mausam:aryan u know what sometime u behave just like a kid
aryan:so what right now I want u that’s it I won’t let u go
mausam put her hands on his chest and said
mausam:ok fine tell me what u want

aryan:well I want lot of things saying this he pull her even more closer and smile naughtily and mausam said
mausam:aryan u r too much u can’t think anything besides romance can u
aryan leaned down his head on her neck and said
aryan:not my fault its u who is driving me crazy and besides this u r so hot that its pretty hard to control myself saying this he kiss her neck passionately and mausam hold his shirt tightly he then kiss her shoulder and then looked at mausam both stare each other for more than a minute then aryan came close and softly put his lips on hers and then he kiss her passionately the kiss which was filled with feelings of love, care and happiness they were so lost that they didn’t realize that they r kissing like this from an hour then when it become hard to breath both realize each other Mausam lower her eyes because of shyness and aryan stare her lovingly then he made her look up and both stare each other with love in their eyes they feel like there is no one in this world except them it was just their world but then a sudden knock make them come back to real world and aryan get up and open the door it was piya then aryan said

piya:I mean what r u doing in mausam’s room
aryan:none of ur business just say why u came here
piya:actually bf is not ready that’s why I came to ask mausam that when she is making
aryan:she is not making bf today make it urself and make it for me and mausam too
piya:what me
aryan:then who else u too stay in this house so u should work so go and make bf saying this he close the door on her face without hearing anything then he turn and saw mausam was not there he gone toward washroom and said
aryan:that’s not fair mausam u were suppose to spend time with me and u gone to take shower
mausam:hahaha I knew that u would do this that’s why i left when u were talking to piya saying this she laugh again
aryan:hahaha very funny
mausam:now go and u too get ready
aryan:ok fine saying this aryan gone in his room to get ready and after sometime mausam came out of washroom ready she was wearing black jeans with pink loose tank top and black blazer then she came in aryan’s room and arranged his clothes and left then came in kitchen and saw piya and neha making bf and said
mausam:sorry I’m late

piya: no its ok well now u have came so please do the rest of the work
mausam nod in yes and piya and neha left then after sometime aryan came down and saw mausam working in kitchen and piya & neha was busy in phone they didn’t saw aryan then aryan came in kitchen and stare mausam from head to toe while standing at door mausam then saw aryan and while cutting she said
mausam:why r u looking at me like this
aryan came in and hug her from behind and put his hands on her and start cutting with her and said
aryan:I’m looking that how s*xy my babe is saying this he kiss her neck and mausam said
mausam:aryan what r u doing
aryan:I’m helping u in cutting
mausam:ooohh really if this is help then i don’t want ur help go sit outside I’m coming with bf
aryan:no I won’t go
mausam:aryan please let me make bf everyone must be hungry
aryan:ok fine saying this he leave her and made a sad face and was going but mausam hold his hand and turn him then she softly kiss his left cheek and said
mausam:I hope u r not sad now

aryan:if I’m sad and u will give me this to make me happy then I will stay sad for few minutes everyday saying this he wink and mausam lightly hit his shoulder then aryan came out of kitchen and sat on chair after sometime mausam came out with bf and they had bf after bf aryan left for office and mausam did rest of the work then in afternoon aryan came home and gone in his room he get fresh n up and he came out of washroom he saw his clothes arranged and he smile thinking how much mausam cares then he came down and saw mausam she was many tea he came to her and she said
Mausam:hey tea is almost ready saying this she off the stove and pour the tea in cups and then both came out and had tea then mausam gone in her room and get ready she came out wearing white kurti with blue jeans
then she came in aryan’s room she knock and aryan ask her to come In then mausam remind him that he was supposed to drop her in aiza’s house as she called mausam earlier then aryan and mausam both came out and sat in car after sometime both reach there and Mausam came out of car she was going inside but aryan stop her and kiss her forehead and said
aryan:take care
mausam smile and said
mausam:u r coming here after 2 hours
aryan:so what till then take care

mausam smile and aryan too then he left and mausam came inside and then after 2 hours Aryan and everyone came in aiza’s house with danish aryan was looking for mausam but she was not around then aryan was talking with danish when mausam came down with aiza mausam was wearing yellow saree her hair was open she was looking really beautiful and when aryan saw mausam he was amazed seeing her then aiza and danish sit beside each other but there was curtain between them everyone was applying haldi and everyone was trying to apply haldi on aryan but he was refusing then its time for mausam to apply haldi to danish she came to that side and apply haldi but while going mausam came near aryan and suddenly she put haldi on his left cheek and run from there aryan realized what she did and he run behind her both run here and there then they came in a room mausam was still running and aryan was trying to catch her but she did not stop then finally aryan catch her and pin her against the wall their hands were entwined then he said
aryan:god u run so fast
mausam:hahaha u r tired already I can run even now
aryan:but I will not let u go before applying haldi on u saying this he came close to her and he rub his left cheek on her right and applied haldi and mausam closed her eyes then aryan kiss her neck and shoulder passionately and when mausam feel his touch she tighten her hold on his hand and aryan whisper

aryan:soon we will be in aiza and danish’s place I promise saying this aryan looked at mausam and both smile then everyone call them and both came out and had dinner

Next Episode:Aiza & Danish’s Sangeet And Aryan Sing A Sorry Song For Mausam… ?

hey frds h r u all ?
here is the 13th episode how’s it do u guys like it or not tell me after reading and thanks a lot for such a lovely comments that u guys did I love it that comments means a lot for me I never thought that my stories would be loved this much so thanks a lot once again and tell me how’s the episode till the bye tc and Love u all a lot ??????

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  1. Love it a lot ?Love u to ?

  2. It was awsome dear … i loved it !!!!

  3. Super episode yaar

  4. fantastic

  5. Wowww they r going to marry awesome

  6. Cho sweet.

  7. awesome as always dear ……………………l.u.v.d it ……………….

  8. Awesome dear. Ur stories too good that we couldn’t stop from loving them. So u should write more n more stories for us.lol.I became demanding now .luv u…tc…???

    1. thanks means a lot dear ? love u too n u too tc ?

  9. Omg ???? I’m speechless yr just hoping that everything goes on like this

    1. thanks and yes it will ??

  10. Ohh..so romantic episode…waiting 4 nxt part..till den love u …tc!!! Lots of hugs n kissessss

    1. thanks and love u too and u too tc ???

  11. Hey angle I am new I read all your ff from starting and they are just awesome but also amazing. Your imagination is fantastic and I have no words to describe. Just only you are very nice writer . Keep writing. ………. and I am a silent reader and so I’ll not comment daily . But I am always reading your ff so dear plz consider me….

    1. awww thanks a lot dear means a lot ???

  12. It was so cute!!

    Love you ??

  13. Awesome, marvellous episode princess my angel…loved it very very much…aram very very cute n lovely pair. ..piya is so jealous. ..the kitchen scene was quite interesting one n haldi scene the romance n his promise to her was really awesome. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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