Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 12)

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Episode 12
the episode start with aryan hug mausam they just stood there like this for sometime then aryan said
aryan:Please Don’t Hate Me Because I Love U
mausam was shocked as hell she don’t know what to say then aryan said
aryan:I never wanted to hurt u its all because of her if she haven’t left me like this that day then it won’t be like this now
mausam separate herself from him and said
mausam:what happened aryan what r u talking about
aryan looked at mausam and said
aryan:I’m sorry babe I didn’t want to hurt u saying this he fall on Mausam and she hold him she took him to bed and lie him down and was going but he held her hand and pull her down and she fall on top of him he open his eyes slowly and said
aryan:please don’t leave me I can’t stay without u I need u to stay alive
mausam just stare him then aryan said
aryan:promise me babe u won’t leave me like her
mausam:I won’t but who left u aryan please tell me what’s bothering u
aryan:pari her name was pari saying this he told everything to mausam about his past and why he did everything with her then he fall asleep and mausam was shocked knowing his pain and how much he had tolerate from passed 1 year she felt so pain that how much she misunderstood him then she said to aryan who was not in his sense
mausam:I’m so sorry aryan I’m really am i can’t believe why I never tried to find the reason behind ur changed behavior but i promise I will not leave u never ever and I will do everything like u want and I will always love u and trust u I promise I will make u understand that I will not betray u and I will not tell u that I love until u trust me completely saying this mausam hug aryan and cried and then she saw his shirt it was mess so she thought to change it then when she open the first button he suddenly stop her and said
aryan:hey u girl don’t touch me I have a girlfriend and I love her a lot and only she can come close to me only my mausam saying this he again fall asleep and mausam too fall sleep like that

Next Morning
mausam wake up and saw aryan sleeping she remembered last night and whatever he said then she softly kiss his forehead and get up she gone in her room and get ready then came in aryan’s room with lemon juice she put the glass on side table and clean his room then after cleaning the room she gone toward his cupboard and was taking his clothes when aryan wake up as he get up he hold his head it was paining because he had drunken so much then he said
aryan:aah blo*dy headache
mausam hear aryan’s voice and turn to him and saw him holding his head then she walk toward him and forward the glass of lemon juice he first look at the glass then he look up and saw a smiling mausam that smile god I love her smile his mind whisper then mausam said
mausam:drink this it will reduce the headache
aryan take the glass and said
aryan:thanks saying this he drink it and mausam gone back to cupboard and aryan stare her then he said in his mind
aryan: what happened to her why is she behaving so so he search for words then said nicely because she should be angry with me a lot he insult her so much last night wait how does she know that I was drunken god did I said something which I shouldn’t he was lost in thoughts then mausam turn and saw him lost and said in her mind
mausam:everything will be fine soon aryan and I love u saying this she smile and aryan saw her smiling looking at him and said
aryan:what am I looking funny or am I cartoon why r u smiling
mausam:no nothing it just that I want to say u get ready till then I make bf saying this she was going but he stop her and said
aryan:how do u know that I was drunken
mausam:actually when I came in I saw broken bottle and u were looking drunken so that’s why I got to know and I make lemon juice for u
aryan take a breath of relief thinking she don’t know anything he don’t want to tell her because he don’t want to be weak in front of her then mausam gone out and aryan in washroom mausam made aryan’s fav bf then aryan came and they had bf aryan was upset and everyone can see that then piya ask
piya:what happened aryan u r looking upset
aryan look at piya and said
aryan:no nothing like that

then after bf aryan left for office but he was not able to work thinking about mausam then in evening he came home there was no one then he came in his room and saw a box on bed and there was a chit with it he open the chit and this what was written
“Please Get Ready And Come On Terrace”
aryan then open the box and there was a black shirt then he again read the chit and realize that it was mausam’s handwriting he smile and get ready then he came in front of the mirror and said to himself
aryan:babe ur choice is so nice now I have decided I will tell u everything and that too that I love u so much babe saying this he came in terrace and everyone wish him then he finally saw Mausam she was wearing a beautiful red saree she was looking so so so beautiful that he felt like an angel is in front of him then he cut the cake and make mausam eat with his hand and she too make him eat then after party is over and everyone left Mausam was in her room she was removing her jewelry while
when she was removing chain it got stuck in blouse knot she was trying to free it when Aryan came inside and saw her struggling then he close the door and lock it and came close to her and stood just behind her and help her she saw aryan and then she stop trying as he was doing then aryan freed it and hug mausam and said
aryan:I’m so sorry for last night and thanks a lot for the surprise I love it
mausam:its ok I’m not angry for last night and ur welcome
aryan turn mausam to him and said
aryan:but u should be
mausam:but I’m not because I should have informed u
aryan:well mausam I want to tell something
aryan:actually I he tried but couldn’t say it then mausam said
mausam:let it be aryan tell me when u can ok
aryan:thanks a lot babe saying this he hug mausam tightly and said
aryan:I can’t stay without u
mausam hug him back and smile then both lie down on bed both were talking then aryan entwine his left hand with her right hand and kiss it then both looked at each other and aryan softly kiss her lips and then both hug each other and fall asleep peacefully in each others arms

Next Episode:Danish & Aiza’s Haldi And Arsam Romance ?
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