Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 11)

Episode 11
the episode start with everyone reach home and gone in their room respectively mausam came and change in sky blue kurti and white salwar she was sitting on bed then she lie down and was thinking about what aryan said while dancing and at that time aryan came in room and saw mausam lost in thoughts he close the door and lie down on bed and hug her from behind and said
aryan:really tired babe
mausam: just a bit
aryan:then let’s sleep because I’m really feeling sleepy saying this aryan hug her and both fall asleep

Next Morning
aryan get up and saw mausam sleeping she was looking so innocent that he was not able to take his eyes off of her then he said in his mind
aryan in his mind:I’m so sorry mausam I know hurt u a lot but I can’t help it whenever I tried to forgot everything something happens and I just become devil but I can’t do anything I was not like this before I become like this when she left without any reason

(Flashback Start
2 years ago
aryan used to love a girl named pari she was aryan’s frd then they fall in love her behavior was just like mausam sweet, caring, loving and helping then time passes like that and pari start changing her behavior toward aryan first he ignore then they start fighting but aryan always apologized and make everything fine then it was aryan’s birthday and she didn’t came to meet him she just left him all of a sudden he tried to fine her he always thought that she must be in problem that’s why she left or else she can’t leave him just like that then after 6 month he finally found her and ask her why she left and she said that she was done with him she don’t love him he was just a time pass and nothing else since then aryan become like this stone hearted devil and aryan was nice with mausam when she came but then after a month the day come when he get to know why she left he remembered that day and on the same time he saw mausam and his anger come out that way on that day and since he become like thay because he don’t want to be betrayed again and that’s why whenever he tried to be nice with mausam he remembered her and become devil and hurt mausam he is trying not to fall for her but her sweet, caring and loving nature is making it difficult he hurt her so that she didn’t fall for him but she don’t hate him at all and this feeling is making him mad

Flashback End) Present Day

aryan wipe his tears and gone to his room then after sometime mausam wake up and gone in washroom and came in kitchen ready to make bf she was wearing jeans with green kurti end after bf aryan tell everyone that his frd wedding is postponed because his father’s health is not fine so the rest of the function will be after 2 week then 1 week passed like that aryan behave really nice with mausam he behave as he used to behave with her she was really happy finally she was thinking that he really do love her and both were happy with each other then one day she get to know from piya and neha that next day is aryan’s birthday mausam become really excited and she decide to tell aryan about her feelings so she arrange a date for them in some garden far away from their house she call someone and instruct them to decorate the garden and arrange everything then she left for there she reach there and get ready in saree as Aryan told her before that he like sarees and at that time aryan came home and ask about mausam piya tell him that she left from home 2 hours back and all of a sudden he become angry remembering the day then after sometime mausam msg aryan to come there he left for there in anger and when he reach there he was so angry because she left without telling him that he forgot everything as he came close to mausam he didn’t notice the decoration and mausam ready he just grab her right arm and shout

aryan:what the hell do u think of ur self huh
as mausam hear him the smile which was on her lips vanish and sudden she become scared seeing his anger then mausam tried to explain but he cut her in mid and said
aryan:bl**dy stubborn b***c with who’s permission did u step out of the house tell me saying this he tighten his grip on her arm and mausam eyes filled with tears then she said in low hurting voice

mausam:aryan I was just she was so hurt by his grip that she was not able to say anything she try to go but he grab her right hand and twist it and hold it from behind her back was facing him then he said
aryan:remember u stubborn women u r nothing but just a blood servant of me so better u stay in your limits saying this he push her and left from there in anger he was so angry that he was not able to understand what he said mausam was just shocked for sometime she was not able to understand what happened to him then suddenly rain start and Mausam was walking on road because he left her alone there and she don’t even have money nor her phone because she left it in home and she didn’t know the way then song start (this song is from movie Musafir female version )

Zindagi mein koyi kabhi aaye na rabba 
Aaye jo koyi toh phir jaaye na rabba
Dene ho gar mujhe baad mein aansoon
Toh pehele koyi hasaaye na rabba

mausam remember the passed week when aryan was behaving like before she was so happy and today she was going to confess her love for him

Jaate jaate koyi meri khushiyon ko le gaya
Sooni sooni akhiyon ko gham, koyi de gaya
Aas jo lagaayi hai, aankh bhar aayi hai
Itna bhi koyi, sataaye na rabba

Zindagi mein koyi kabhi aaye na rabba 
Aaye jo koyi toh phir jaaye na rabba
Dene ho gar mujhe baad mein aansoon
Toh pehele koyi hasaaye na rabba

mausam felt like everything is finished this time he had broken her with such force that now she won’t be able to love him or trust him

Dil lene waale pe zor nahin chalta
Pyaar ka ye sikka, kahin aur nahin chalta
Yaad teri aayi hai, tu harjaai hai
Itna bhi koyi tadpaaye na rabba

Zindagi mein koyi kabhi aaye na rabba 
Aaye jo koyi toh phir jaaye na rabba
Dene ho gar mujhe baad mein aansoon
Toh pehle koyi hasaaye na rabba

mausam was still walking when suddenly a car came and stop beside her when she turn to see it was aiza and danish who’s engagement they had attended a week ago and aiza and mausam had become frds there then aiza came out with umbrella and said
aiza: what r u doing here mausam
Mausam:actually my car was broke down in middle and I lost my way and I don’t even have my phone I forgot it in home and I don’t know the way of my home from here
Danish:come we’ll drop u
mausam:thanks saying this she sat on back seat and they left from there aryan came home and neha and piya saw aryan and neha said
neha:how was the date
piya:yeah mausam arranged a date for u as a birthday surprise
neha:yes when today we told her that tomorrow is ur birthday she become so excited and she said that she will arrange a surprise date for u

aryan was shocked as hell after knowing it and then he remembered what nonsense he said to her it not her fault because she didn’t even know that he hate this day then he was going to find mausam when door bell ring as aryan was near he open the door and saw aiza,danish and mausam his eyes was stuck on mausam she was looking down then aryan ask them to come in and they sat in hall and mausam gone in room to change she came in room and change after changing she came and sat on bed and tears start flowing from her eyes she was crying a lot but then a knock made her stop and she wipe her tears and open the door aryan was standing in front of her she wanted to ask him why her and she wanted to cry badly but then she control and lower her eyes and moved from door so if he want he can come in aryan just stare mausam for sometime as she didn’t said anything nor she ask him to leave aryan doesn’t understand what to say he want to tell her everything but he was not able to say as it hurt him a lot he don’t want to hurt her but in anger he had no control then before he could say anything mausam said

mausam:I should go to make dinner as aiza and danish are here it won’t look good if they leave without having dinner saying this she was going but aryan hold her hand and said
aryan:I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that

mausam:its ok u don’t need to say sorry its perfectly fine saying this wipe her tears not wanting to show him then aryan left her hand and she left then they had dinner and danish told them that from day after tomorrow their wedding functions r starting so they had to come and aryan said they will then they left and aryan gone in his room and open the cupboard and took out a photo it was a photo of the girl who left him he at on the sofa and start drinking he got so drunken that he was not able to stand up he was not in his sense he was trying to get up but again fall back on sofa as mausam was working in kitchen so she was still awake she was going in room when she heard something she open the door and saw that a bottle was broken on floor and then she saw aryan he was on sofa fully drunken them aryan saw mausam and finally he get up and came toward mausam and he hug her

Next Episode:Please Don’t Hate Me… ?
hey frds h r u all?
here is the 11th episode how’s it and please tell me how’s the dp I edited it how it tell me till then bye tc and Love u all a lot ???

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  1. fantastic dp very nice episode

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  11. Wow! k so this was reason behind Aryan’s rude behaviour. I know that he was totally wrong about Mausam. But I feel bad for him. And hope Mausam and Aryan love eachother so much that it heals their pain. Precap looks damn interesting. Pls update soon. LoveYaLots!

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  12. This was so awesome..just loved it…ah felt like crying when aryan shouted on her…I know how it feels…but as always the episode was mind blowing..I was waiting for this the since yesterday..love you so much…just want to hug you…your writing skills are amazing… everything defined perfectly without any mistake…every set up so nicely defined.I also showed my cousins and friends about your ff and they are already in love with it..and my one cousin spent like 2 reading your ff and I was like please talk to me ( sorry but I was getting bored hehe) and at last after 2 hours she spoke a single word “incredible” and I nodded with a smile..haha cheesy right? Well we all love you and yeah my cousin is misha the one who writes ” the masquerade”…well enough of the blabbering now…bye dear and take care ..love you so much

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