Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 10)

Episode 10
the episode start with everyone was getting ready everyone came out to go except mausam then after sometime mausam came out she was wearing a beautiful white and pink lehenga which aryan brought for her he was mesmerized by seeing her she always look beautiful but today she was looking out of this world he never saw such a beauty before then aryan open the door for her and she sit inside while piya and neha get jealous then aryan looked at them and ask them to sit in other car as he was sending them with driver then everyone left after sometime they reach there and aryan’s frd welcome them (his and his finance name is Danish & Aiza) and then everyone was enjoying party aryan was with his frd and mausam was sitting alone she don’t know who that girl was but it doesn’t matter what matter is that he was sitting close to her and was behaving with her friendly in fact over friendly and she hate that she was staring them from long time but then she had enough she can’t bear it anymore she just can’t see him close to anyone like that like he is with her then she get up from chair and gone to balcony which was there it was large balcony with glass door she open the door and came inside and close the door and suddenly tears start flowing from her eyes she wipe them from back of her hand and stare the sky and said looking at sky
mausam:maa can u hear me (she is talking to the lady who took care of her in orphanage she call her maa as she was like her mother) when she said this a tear escape from her left eye then she said

mausam:it hurts so much but he will never understand does he even care does he even feel my pain or my love whatever he does or said was it also fake like his love and care does hurting me give him happiness he showed love and then break my heart into thousands of pieces and then he simply say sorry and behave as if nothing happened I’m still trying hard to stop my feeling I’m still trying to not get hurt by his words and his behavior but whenever something happen like this I do get hurt I’m still feeling it he can’t even see me talking someone so then why he doesn’t understand what I feel seeing him close to someone else why I wish my parents would have killed me when I was born or I would have died that day when I tried to finish my self but shivanya saved me and now just look how helpless I’m not because I can’t kill him because I can never do that how can I kill the person whom I love the most but because I can’t kill my self because in case I survived then my life will become even more worse as it’s already worse than hell maa u r watching everything from there can u ask god to change him just a bit so that he can understand my pain and love so that he can trust me and don’t doubt on me without knowing the truth when he see me talking to someone else because I don’t want to hate him well I don’t hate him even now but I don’t want to hate him in future if I can survived after tolerating his harsh words and his hurting nature r u listening to me I know u r listening because if u won’t then who else will because only u can understand well I think its enough for now I’m feeling light after saying all this what is in my heart and now I should go inside because if he saw that I’m not there then he would be angry and I don’t want him to spoil his frd engagement saying this she wipe her tears and turn to go but when she turn she was shocked to see aryan and thought in her mind
mausam:god what if he heard everything no please god don’t do this then suddenly she came out of her thoughts when aryan came close and hold her closer and said

aryan:what r u doing here babe
mausam:when did u came
aryan:I’m asking u something and u r asking me well just now when I didn’t find u inside
mausam took a breath of relief then said
mausam:actually I was feeling suffocating that’s why I came out saying this she look here and there because if she looked at him then he will easily know that she is lying then she said
mausam:I’ll just come from washroom
aryan:ok come back here I’m waiting for u
mausam:ok saying this she left and aryan close his eyes and a tear escape from his eye and he remembered what she said just few minutes ago as he heard everything because when he saw mausam going in balcony he came behind her but before he could say anything she start talking to herself and he heard everything and he can’t believe that after hurting her so much she still love him so much as he thought that she hate him after all what he did but no she don’t and she don’t even want to hate him then mausam came and said
mausam: yes
aryan turn and said

aryan:let’s go inside its time for engagement
mausam nod in yes and both came inside then after engagement its time for dance piya and neha were sitting together and mausam was behind them they didn’t know and piya said
piya: look aryan is coming here he is going to ask me for dance
neha:no he is going to ask me they were fighting and aryan gone behind and stood in front of mausam who was looking down at her hands when she saw someone standing in front of her she look up and aryan said

aryan:will this beautiful girl would like to dance with me saying this he forward his left hand and mausam stare him in shocked he never ask her for dance before like this that to in front of so many people and then her mind say don’t fall for him but her heart say give him a chance again and she as always listen to her heart and give her hand in his and both came on stage he hold her waist from his right hand and his left hand was joint with her right and her left hand was on his shoulder there were more couples also and then song start (this song is from Pakistani Drama “Mann Mayal” actually its lyrics are in Punjabi i just understand a little but its music is awesome so enjoy)

Yaar day were aaiyan tap tap galiyan
Labdi phiran main tenu malmal akhiyan
Mahi main tenu samjhawan ki
Tere naal kun laiyan akhiyan
Tere naal mein laiyan akhiyan

mausam was looking deep in his eyes trying to understand what he is up to as few minutes ago he was with his frd and was not even looking at her then how come suddenly he change his behavior and aryan was also looking in her eyes and was thinking whatever mausam said

Beparwah may tere ishq vich bandhiyan
Bas tera mukhra dissay baqi tay main andhian
Mahi main tenu samjhawan ki
Tere naal kun laiyan akhiyan
Tere naal mein laiyan akhiyan

then suddenly aryan said
aryan:don’t think so much she is just a frd and for me no one can take u place in this world in my house and specially in my heart

Dil mein andhera hai shikwoon ka dhair hai
Teri diwani hoi tera qasoor hay
Chote se dil nu samjhawan ki
Tere naal kun laiyan akhiyan
Tere naal mein laiyan akhiyan

mausam was shocked as hell she was not able to understand that how he know everything and if he know then why he don’t feel her pain and love

Patta patta boota boota janay sara haal dil e janam
Main hoon manmauji piya, kaise kiya tera mann mayal
Chote se dil nu samjhawan ki
Tere naal kun laiyan akhiyan
Tere naal mein laiyan akhiyan

then song end but Arsam was lost in each other but then everyone start clapping and both came in their sense and mausam avoid looking at aryan in fear that he might look at her tears that she is trying to control and he will ask and she would break down in front of him and she really don’t want to show him that she is broken as she know it won’t matter to him anyway then they came down from stage and after party over they left for home

Next Episode:I Was Not Like This Before…

Hey frds h r u all ?
Here is the 10th episode I hope u like it and make sure u listen the song while reading lyrics I’m sure u guys will love it ok so tell me how’s it till then bye tc and LOVE U ALL A LOT ???????

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