Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 1)

Episode 1
the episode start with a girl who was sleeping peacefully but then someone knock on door and disturb her sleep but she didn’t wake up and said
girl:please let me sleep saying this the girl pull blanket over herself then suddenly a voice of boy came from outside
boy: babe get up and I told u so many times that don’t lock the door but u never listen to me
girl hearing his voice immediately get up and said to herself
girl:god why I always forgot that I’m living with this Aryan saying this she immediately take her shawl and open the door as soon as she open the door Aryan came forward in anger and while coming forward he said
aryan: I told u thousands of time mausam don’t lock ur room door then why the hell u don’t get it
aryan was coming forward and mausam was going backward and then her back hit the wall and aryan block her from his hands and said
aryan:now why r u silent don’t tell me that u r forgetting that u r my
mausam:slave I know its just that I was changing and then I forgot to unlock the door
aryan:then don’t lock the door while changing
mausam was shocked hearing him then aryan said

aryan:now come fast downstairs and make bf saying this he left and mausam cry then she came downstairs and make bf aryan was sitting on dinning table and was singing song (actually he is a successful singer and a multi billionaire because he have a business of import & export )
mausam came out of kitchen with bf and serve him he taste it and throw in on floor and said
aryan: what the hell is this do u call this food disgusting saying this he left out of the house and tears roll down her cheeks she run upstairs in her room and cry badly and remembered how he used to treat her one month ago thinking about that she cry even more then her phone ring and she immediately wipe her tears and pick up the phone it was her best friend(for whom Mausam is doing this her name is shivanya)
mausam:hey shivanya h r u ?
shiv any a:I’m fine r u alright please tell me what r u doing with him I don’t understand why he want u to work with him In his office and why he want u to stay with him in his house tell me did he try to hurt u or he treat u like he used to do
mausam:I’m fine and yes he didn’t hurt me and he treat me just like he used to do and its ok noting to worry I’m perfectly fine ok now I have to go for bf aryan is calling me
shivanya:he still make bf for u mausam I think he is in love with u because when I was his gf he never did anything like this for me saying this she laugh and mausam said
mausam:ok bye
shivanya: take care love u

mausam:u 2 take care and love u too saying this Mausam cut the call and wipe her tears then she turn to go and saw aryan standing on door his eyes was red with anger and mausam get scared

Next Episode:Flashback Of One Month Ago

hey frds h r u all ?
here is the 1st episode of “Hate:The First Step Of Love” I write a short update because I want to know that will u guys like it or not and that’s why I write a short update in hurry and post it today itself so tell me how’s it till then bye tc and Love You All A Lot ?

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  1. Ohhhg k another hate to love story or all story r awesome plzzzz update everyday yaar plzzzz if possible plzzzz update one more chapter today will be waiting fr next chapter

    1. thanks a lot ? will try to post daily ?

  2. princess u always write such a fantastic story you don’t need to worry and thanks for writing two story.love you so much.

    1. thanks a lot and love u too ??

  3. Ohhhg k another hate to love story or all story r awesome plzzzz update everyday yaar plzzzz if possible plzzzz update one more chapter today will be waiting fr next chapter and another doupt is mausam orphan

    1. yeah she is orphan as when she born her parents leave her in orphanage because she was a girl ?

  4. It’s really very cool story ? waiting for the next update dude

    1. thanks and 2nd episode posted ?

  5. Hey princess I luvd it.. Plz update fb soon..

  6. Love it. You have nice writing skills. Please update soon.

  7. Waiting to read the next epi sweeheart ……

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  8. OMG its out of the world like seriously awesome

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  9. loved it dear do contine……tc

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  10. Little angel

    Nice story dear I loved it alot as ur previous stories

  11. as usual you rocked Princess..

  12. Y is this arayan guy behaving like ali babas time trader …. calling g her slave ??????

    1. Read the 2nd episode ?

  13. He is in sane or what oh god i am going to stab like ths person badtameez kadoos ladka

  14. Wowwww princess, it’s superb episode..arya such a monster…treating mausam as slave…very interesting story n plot. .plzzzz continue dear. .eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thanks a lot dear ??

  15. Wow!! Now that’s a good start!!

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