“Hate…The First Step of Love!!” Episode 1… (AsYa,Ishra,RaNvi,TanShi,TwiRaj)


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Presenting you guys the episode 1 ….

Scene 1:Bhalla House (YHM…KTPK…YKAGH)
A girl is seen singing “Bhajan” in a melodious voice and performing “Aarti”…only 2 adults and 2 kids are there. A handsome boy comes and says, “Subh ki shuruwat hi jab itni achi awaz sunne se ho to din bhi acha guzar ta hai… Bhagwan ji bhi isski awaz sun kar khush ho jaate honge…” (When the day starts listening to such a melodious voice then definitely the day will go well … Even God would be happy after listening to you!)
The girl turn, she is wearing a pink kurti with yello pajama and dupatta of same color, she applies tilak on the boy’s forehead and says, “Rishi Bhai, I don’t sing that much good!”
Yes, the handsome hunk is none other than Rishi and the girl singing is none other than our lovely Manvi…
Another dashing boy comes and gives a side hug to Rishi and says, “She is totally correct…She and melodious voice…NEVER!!…Besuri!! (not sings well) Manvi Bhalla!!”
Manvi fumes and yells, “Manpreet!! You are gone!!” …Yes the boy is Manpreet…
And starts running behind him beating him…A small, little girl standing there hit her head and say, “They will never change!”A young boy of 11 is standing next to her and says, “They look very cute when fight!”
The young girl is none other than Ruhi and the boy standing beside her is none other than Adi.
Bhalla ji and Toshi Ji try to stop the fight but all in vain, while Rishi , Adi and Ruhi are seen enjoying it.
Suddenly a voice is heard, “MANPREET….MANVI!!!!”
All turn to see Raman standing on the staircase in an angry mood…
He comes downstairs…..
Raman:Is it a house or a zoo..Manpreet and Manvi you are no more kids…Instead you should stop the kids from fighting but you guys…It is useless to talk with you guys…
Manpreet(with a pout face):So why are you talking…
Maanvi and Rishi and all the others look at him as, “Are you mad!!” while Raman gives him a stern look…
Raman:Ma…Tameez sikhao issay … Tameez bhool chukka hai (Mother teach him etiquettes he has totally forgotten them!)
And walks out of the house…As he goes out Manvi hits Manpreet slightly on his shoulder…
Manvi:It is all because of you!
Manpreet:Me??You … it is all because of you!
They indulge into a fight…and they would remain fighting if Rishi would not have interfered…
Rishi:Stop fighting!! You both were at fault!
Manvi and Manpreet give Rishi, “What have I done?” look…
Rishi:Chotay! Why do you tease her and Manvi why even you pay heed to her words he is dumbo.
Manpreet:Bhai … you too … firstly Raman Bhai and you also … No one loves me in this house …
Manvi:Overacting ki dukaan (Shop of overacting) … stop your mellow drama!! Ok here you go with your gift for passing in university..
She forwards a box to him … he hurriedly opens it and finds a video game set…
Manpreet:OMG!! New video games … Thank you so much (And gives her a side hug) Look only she loves me in this whole house!
All smile….
Bhalla ji: Manvi beta…what was the need of giving her he is already very much spoiled … And he is just pass … If he achieved distinction then we can understand that OK he has passed..
Manvi:Papa ji…he is passed that’s enough … And if he had receive distinction , then he would have got a brand new automatic car..
Manpreet(with an angry pout face):WHAT!!

Rishi:Not an automatic car but I have something for you…
And he shows Manpreet a key and waves it…
Manpreet:Bhai don’t tell me you are giving me your new bike which you bought 2 weeks back..
Rishi nods…
Manpreet:Wow Bhai! You both rock!
And gives a side hug to both of them and leaves on his new bike…All smile.

Scene 2: Taneja Mansion (TEI)
A girl is seen sleeping wearing a pink short shirt with green sleeping pajamas , her face is covered with her shiny, black hair…Her phone rings disturbing her sleep…she picks it up yet sleepy and removes her hairs and she is none other than our Sayyapa Queen , Twinkle…
Twinkle (In a sleepy tone):Haan Bol Manu…(Yes say Manu)

The caller is revealed to be Manvi whom Twinkle calls “Manu” lovingly.

Manvi:Madam…It is 12…c’mon half of the day has passed and you are still sleeping!
Twinkle:Just shut up!! And tell me why you have called!
Manvi:I was thinking to have a get-together at night , What say?!
Twinkle:We guys just met last week! Again get-together?!
Manvi:Last Week! 7 days have passed okay??
Twinkle:If you guys had control , so you would have stayed together!
Manvi:Now stop your non-sense! Reach my place @ 8!
Twinkle:Okay! I will think!
Manvi:Not again yaar!! You always think and remain thinking! I don’t know anything, you are coming that means you are!
Twinkle:Forcing?! And that also Twinkle Taneja!
Manvi:You would be Twinkle Taneja for the world , but for us you are our Punjabi Patkha , Twinki! So promise me that you are coming today!
Twinle:Ok! Stop your emotional bak-bak…I am coming!! Happy!!??!!
Manvi:That’s like my good girl! Bring Mahi with you as well as!
Twinkle:Okay fine!
Manvi:I am hanging up! Bye!

She disconnects the call…she thinks what to wear…just then her phone rings and she without reading the caller’s name receives it and starts blabbering;

Twinkle:You idiot! What’s your problem! I said na I am coming , why are you disturbing me! Ohhh….How can I forget you are Manvi Bhalla (thinking the caller as Manvi!)
Caller(only lips are shown):Calm down! Calm down! Calm down! Manvi Bhalla nahi Yuvraaj Luthra baat kar raha hai , naam to suna hi hoga! (Not Manvi Bhalla but Yuvraaj Luthra is talking , you must have heard that name!)

The caller is shown, he is none other than Yuvraaj….

Yuvraaj:Yes me! How do you do that?!
Yuvraaj:I mean how do you speak that much…Khat…Khat…Khat…Khat!
Twinkle:Stop it Yuvi! And I am sorry for shouting on you!
Yuvraaj:You are lucky that I am very much ‘Dilwale’ types…These types of boys are not found so easily!
Twinkle:Ohhh I see! By the way … why did you call me?
Yuvraaj:I was planning to go out for a date tonight!
Twinkle:I would surely come but Manvi has arranged a get-together tonight…I am sorry!
Yuvraaj:No worries…Aaj nahi toh kabhi aur sahi (Not today so next time)
Twinkle:Okay! I have lots of work to do so bye! And yes, I love you!!
Yuvraaj:I love you too!!

And she disconnects the call and shouts, “Mahi!! Mahi!!”

Scene 3: Luthra Mansion (TEI…KTPK)
Yuvraaj comes down the stairs and sees a girl and a boy watching match…he mischievously proceeds towards them and ;
“BOOOOOOO!!!!” and frightens the 2 of them…. They turn…They are none other than Kunj and Ahana.

Kunj:Bhai , you frightened us!
Ahana:By god! If you weren’t Yuvi Bhai , so I would definitely…
Kunj and Yuvi (together): Bauji ki kasam , Muh tor doon gi! (Swear of my father , I will smash your face!)
Ahana:You both…
And she starts beating them with cushions….A beautiful girl wearing a blue and white Patiala suit comes and intervenes in the fight…
Girl:Stop it guys!!
Yuvraaj:Tanu!! Let us enjoy!
Yes, the girl is Tanushree called Tanu…
Tanu:Hmmm…Enjoyment…I can see that!

A woman, in modern clothes steps down and she is none other than Anita.

Anita:Good Morning..
Yuvraaj:Good Morning , MOM!!
Tanu:Good Morning , Ma!
Ahana:Good Mornnig!
Kunj:Good Morning M..(He was about to say Ma when Anita cuts him)
Anita:Yuvi! Are you free so come to office our investors want to meet the heir of Luthra’s.
Yuvraaj:I am free Mom but…
Anita:Do you have any issue?
Yuvraaj: I have no issue but Kunj is the elder son of the family so he should meet the investors as well as.
Anita (giving a stern look):He has Luthra’s name that’s enough for him , bl**dy idiot!
Yuvraaj:Mom , please! Why do you hate Kunj so much , after all he is your son!
Anita:He is not my son!!

And walks away angrily!

Ahana:I don’t understand what’s her problem, she loves all of us except Kunj Bhaiya!
Kunj:Let it be! Just feel the love hiding behind her anger!
Yuvraaj:Please Kunj, it’s not a film going on!
Kunj:Go! Mom is waiting for you!

Yuvraaj leaves with a sigh. Kunj also leaves for his room.

Tanu:Ahana, Manvi has arranged a get-together at her place , so get ready by evening!
Ahana:Ok di!

Scene 4: Asad’s office and Khan Villa’s (QH…YHM)
A man is seen hugging Raman…He is so hot that any girl will fall for him but this Jahapana , leave it , so where was I … Yes… The man is focused top-to-bottom as he is none other than Mr.Khan … sorry , sorry … Asad Ahmed Khan….

Raman:Hey bro! How you doing?
Asad:I am perfectly fine! Let’s discuss our next project (Both are business partners)

Asad searches for a file but he doesn’t finds it , he thinks that he must have left at home. He calls.
A girl runs down the stairs…wearing a black shirt with a shrug with blue jeans…She picks up the call….

Asad:Not again!! …. And thinks that this insane girl will drive me insane!
Girl:Toh arz kia hai…
Sab ki problems solve karna kaam hai mera
Zoya Farooqui naam hai mera!
(My work is to solve everyone’s problems
MY name is Zoya Farooqui!)
Asad:Just solve my problem … please stop blabbering and find a file kept in study room , blue in color and please hurry up , I have sent the driver…
He disconnects the call…
Zoya says to herself, “Nothing more than A GIANT ANGRYBIRD!! Zoya get to work , file , blue color , in the study!”
And leaves for study!

Scene 5: Sabrawal Mansion
A studio is shown, full of musical instruments, a boy is seen practicing on giuitar…A girl enters holding a coffee mug, she is wearing a beige and sea-green sari , looking very elegant as her curly hears matches her dressing…she knocks at the door, the boy turns…He is none other than our Rockstar…Rahul!!

Rahul:Ishu Akka! Please come!

The elegant girl is none other than our adorable Ishita.

Ishita:Did I disturbed?
Rahul:Akka! C’mon … how can you disturb!
Ishita:I thought my rocking bro. is busy with his practice.
Rahul:Akka, as far as I know, only you are allowed in my studio in this whole house!
Ishita:Awww…Okay I brought this coffee for you!
Rahul:Ohhhh…How do you get to know that I want this…World’s best coffee!!
Ishita:Maska lagana choro…Mujhay clinic chor do ge?(Stop butterig…Will you drop me to the clinic?)
Rahul:Of course Akka! Just wait for 2 minutes , I will just get freshen up!
And she brushes his hair by her hands as he leaves…Ishita smiles…
The episode ends on her smiling face!!

Precap:Get-together of girls at Bhalla House…Leela and Anita gets into an argument…Rishi and Tanu spend some quality time together…Zoya sends wrong file to Asad , leaving him angry…Ruhi meets Ishita…Manvi and Rahul fight on their different thoughts regarding music…

So here the first update ends…Hope you enjoyed…Sorry as it this update was very boring…I will add twists and turns from episode 3 and onwards as episode 1 and 2 will be just introductory episodes…Do leave comments and suggestions…Love you Guys!!
Keep smiling!

Credit to: Anonymous

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