Hate…Evil…Revenge…Love?? (TS….Part 2)

Kunj changed his clothes…

T-ok kunj as I haven’t greeted uh yet….so gd mrng
K-yeah….gd mrng mrs. Would be kunj sarna
T-main Kuch samjhi ni….
K-5 min ruk…

Kunj dragged twinkle to the dining area and asked her to call jay….twinkle did as instructed. Jay came running downstairs but when he saw kunj his temper raised….

J-y is he here? Who brought him here?? Nd wait…he was in the jail so who freed him??
T-bhai Woh….actually ……. Bhai kunj is innocent
J-how can uh say that twinkle?? Did uh forget wht he did with uh??
T- bhai listen to me….
J-no one is going to listen uh …. Just shut up
K-oh god yaar ….if ur talks are over may I have the honour of announcing something…
J- anything is left??? After ur cheap act…(sarcasm)
K-well many things are left after I got arrested for the thing I never did (double sarcasm) my would be BIL
K-I need a knife…
T-( coming in front of kunj) kunj are uh going to slit ur wrist?? ( cupping his face) listen no need of doing that I know uh didn’t do anything with me……
K-twinkle I need a knife
J-here uh go ( giving him d knife that was kept nearby)

Kunj slit his finger and then filled twinkle’s forehead with his blood.
J-abe yeh kya Kia??
K-Maine kaha Kuch kiya ?? (noticing twinkle’a forehead) oh acha yeh…yeh toh I did a cheap marraige
J-Teri toh…
K-kya bhai aap v behn ki shadi saste me ho gyi aapko toh Khush hona chahiye….

“SHUT UP…..JUST SHUT UP” twinkle yelled
T-bhai y r uh getting so hyper?? Shadi hui hai murder ni….
J- baby tu smjh ni rhi hai
T- bhai tell me one thing…..do uh think kunj r*ped me??
J-(looking kunj with hatred) obvio
T-then what is wrong in it….. I am sure agar kunj ki Jagah aap hote toh aap v yehi krte ri8??
J-but twinkle uh don’t love eo
T-bhai arrange marriage me v toh pyar ni hota hai.
J-twinkle ok chal thik maan liya arrange marriage me pyar ni hota lekin arrange marriage me nafrat v ni hoti hai….uh both hate eo
T-bhai papa v toh maa se nafrat krte the….qki papa kisi Aur se pyar krte the but unhe yeh shadi karni padi thi
J-tujhe pata v hai….uh r making ur life hell
T-haa toh Maine aise kon se kaam kiye hai aaj tak…..Jo main heaven me jaaun?? Main Jo Kr rhi hoon shi Kr rhi hoon
J-twinkle smjh meri baat he isn’t re right guy for uh
T-bhai I turned 22 this year n kunj is 24 so I think in this age I can take my life’s decision on my own I don’t need anyone
K-twinkle ho gya….can we proceed to our home (stretching the word our)

Twinkle turned entangled her hand in kunj’s and went outside taneja mansion.

They reached kunj’s flat. Twinkle went to kunj’s room an sat on the bed tears were rushing down from her eyes.
She thought ” bhai this was the first tym I went against ur decision bcoz this tym ur on the wrong track I very well know who did all this and I will get him arrested. She again started crying when kunj entered the room. “Twinkle I did this marraige not only for my revenge but to save ur repute too, I know the world still thinks I r*ped uh tht day but I didn’t……so bcoz of that reason I married uh choice is yours if uh wanna stay with me or not??” He said as twinkle nodded. He was going out of the room when he turned and continued ” twinkle don’t take this vermillion seriously” twinkle was shocked listening to his words but didn’t utter a word. ” how can he say that?? Vermillion?? Srsly?? Aaaah!!!! He married me an now telling me not to take the blood aka vermillion srsly??? ” twinkle thought

Everyday kunj used to remove his frustration on twinkle but he never got intimate with her xcept once tht was in the beginning he jut used to scold her kiss her or sumtyms taunt her…..

After a month….

Twinj have complete their college and passed with vry gud marks.
Kunj is employed in reliance company while twinkle chose to stay at home. Kunj insisted her to do a job bt twinkle was twinkle she didn’t listen to him and staying at home was her final decision.
One day kunj came from the office and rang the door bell, twinkle went to open d door, as soon as she opened it kunj gave a long peck on her lips and went inside. Twinkle touched her lips in amazement and started blushing. She closed the door and went to the kitchen where kunj was already present. He again gave her a peck on her lips and went to the washroom. Twinkle again started blushing. When she entered the room with food she saw kunj had already slept in the room.

Nxt night

Kunj came back from his office and was surprised to see the house decorated in a very beautiful manner……

Link for bed room ( most important )


Kunj didn’t knew what was twinkle upto….when she herself came wearing a white and black one piece


She went to him and just said one thing…..
“Kunj go and change first”

Kunj went and and was still wearing his shirt and an black pants.

They say on the bed….

K-twinkle what was all this for??
T-as if uh don’t know??
K-I really don’t know y uh did all this…
T-kunj I think I should be straight and simple…
K-uh have to twinkle…..
T-kunj do uh think our marriage was just a revenge that uh wanted to take from my bhai
T-so ur feelings for me haven’t changed a bit
K-obvio not I still hate uh for what uh and ur so called bro did to me….
T- kunj I didn’t do anything to uh so…..plzzz stop blaming me.
K- lyk srsly twinkle??? Uh did nothing to me?? Hahaha …… Joke of the century ….. Uh purposely created that situation so that ur bro will start hating me and my wishes won’t be fulfilled….ri8?? Tujhse meri khud hi Dekhi ni gyi twinkle…..that’s y uh did all this…..
T-oh hello bhut Bol lia tmne and bhut sun liya Maine…..now I’ll speak and uh will listen…..
Pehli baat agar mujhe Waisi situation create karni hoti then I would have preferred sleeping with Sidhant Gupta……tere saath q soti main??? Huh pagal….
T-Galat kya bola Maine??? Uh wanna know who was behind all this?? It was shubham….ur room mate ur best buddy…..huh Ghanta best buddy he betrayed uh kunj bcoz he wa jealous of the fact that bhai is giving uh a job in taneja empire….

That was enough for kunj…..he pinned twinkle to the wall and pressed her Arms very tightly….
K-tere dimag me Jo v aayega tu Woh Bol degi and main sun lunga?? What do uh think of urself…..
T-( pinning Kunj to the wall) I m spilling the truth yakeen ni hota to pooch lo inspector se…
K-( a bit calm) tu sach Bol rhi hai??
T-pooch lo…

Kunj calls d inspector and he tells him all d truth

Twinkle with full Tashan walks to the bed and sleeps….Kunj feels guilty and sleeps beside her…

T-(shouting) main kl apne ghar ja rhi hoon…
T-bhai ki shaadi hai…
K-wht?? Senior citizen ki shadi ho rhi h??
T-shut up!!

Twinkle and Kunj slept facing their backs to eo….

Precap….. A happy ending


We r hell late and we know that…. Really sorry guys for making uh wait for this long actually the problem was that Krystal didn’t write the episode….so sorry from Krystal’s side too….
Will soon post the next part also
Love uh all …..

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