Hate…Evil…Revenge…Love?? (TS….Part 1)

Hi guys….so here I m back with an ts but not alone but with my dearie…Krystal….­ Nd ya guys don’t get shocked aftr reading the one sixth of this os….it is an extract from my fs “can’t u see me…I m the one u searching for” but now I m not writing it alone…Krystal is accompanying me with her new ideas nd creations…we thought to change its name as it is smwht different frm wht I thought…now it contains more passion…romance…­ Enmity added by Krystal just to make it more interesting…

So let’s start…
The camera shows a view of a big and lavish college campus. It has a huge garden we can see sm love birds engrossd in their private talks where as sm are engrossed with their friends . We now move on to a classroom, no teacher can be seen , sm are busy in studies whereas sm are busy stalking their crush. In short all are busy in their own work .
“how dare you…you ugly pig” a girl’s voice is heard
“how dare me? How dare you …..you anaconda” another voice is heard this a tym the voice is gruff
Listening the word anaconda the girl’s mouth widens up
“you…you called me anaconda…wait i…”
“ye lo ab anaconda ko anaconda nhi bolenge toh kya chachundar (mouse) bolenge”
The whole class is getting disturbed by their talks but their expressions shows tht its their daily routine.
“oh mister u don’t know me…I m twinkle…twinkle taneja…punjabi patakha with beauty and brains” (missing ths dialouge yaar) said twinkle
“I don’t know u??? hahaha I very well know u miss chid chid….u knw tu kitni badi galat fehmi mei jeeti hai? “ said the boy
“kya…kya misunderstanding ?”
“look it’s an universal truth tht an anaconda cannot look beautiful” said the boy
“again? Again you called me tht….u knw wht ur a langoor (monkey)” “oh hello miss…whatever I m kunj…kunj sarna the great okay…jispe pura college marta hai”kunj said
“haan haan….ekdum correct….ladkiyaan tumhari shakal dekhkar hi mar jati hogi..u ugly pig” said twinkle
“how dare you?” said kunj

Nd the very next moment the world war three started….twinkle pulling kunj’s hair whereas kunj pulling twinkle’s hair
“OH NO …NOT AGAIN” shouted the whole class just then chinki nd mihir came and started to pull twinj apart from eo who were still engrossed in pulling eachothers hair
“stop it…stop it u both” said chinki still making frantic efforts to free thm”
“no chinki aaj mai is langoor ko nhi chodungi” said twinkle
On the other hand mihir was trying too to free kunj “kunj chodd de yaar” he said “never…aaj toh ye anaconda maregi” said kunj
“kunjjjjj…stop calling me tht”
Nd they continued to fight
Its been 5 minutes ….now tht whole class is seen making efforts to separate them…all the girls are helping chinki nd all the boys are helping mihir.
“I cant take this anymore” thought an exhausted chinki
“STOPPPPPPPPP” said chinki shouting her lungs out
The whole class stopped bcus of her voice…expect the two angry birds..hehe
“nhi chinki I m not gonna leave hi..” said twinkle
“twinkle tujhe sidhant gupta ki kasam ruk ja” chinki made her final move
Without even thinking for a second twinkle stopped…now it was not a difficult task to stop kunj
“chinki yaar….i hate you” said twinkle feeling defeated
“oh just shut up twinkle…u knw half of the noise pollution is just bcus of u two”said chinki
“ya exactly….mr. kunj sarna nd ms.twinkle taneja…will u both be kind enough to tell us the reason for your fight” said mihir
“arre mihir…you know wht…” said twinj together
“I will tell” again at the same time
“kunj u shut up..i will say”
“no…he is my friend I will tell him” said kunj
“so wht…I will sa…”
“twinkle tujhe sidhant gupta ki kasam..now keep yr mouth shut” said kunj
Twinkle started giving death glares to chinki for exposing her one nd only weak point
Kunj smirked “accha so mihir…I was saying tht…” he stopped in the middle “oh shit..i forgot y were we fighting”he thought to himslef

A cheesy fake smile took over his lips “I was thinking tht….twinkle y don’t u only tell him the reason aftr all ladies first u know” said kunj to which twinkle smirked
“ab aaya na uth pahad ke niche…oh sorry sorry ab aaya na pig pahad ke niche” said twinkle with a victorious smile
“haan so mihir actually kya hua ki…..” “oh damn…I forgot y were we fighting” a similer thought ran in twinkle’s mind
“no no kunj…he is yr frnd…u only tell him” said twinkle with the same cheese on her smile as tht of kunj
“no u say” said kunj
“no u say” said twinkle
“ARRE I TOLD U NA U SAY” said twinkle banging her hands on the desk
“I ALSO TOLD NA…THT U SAY” said kunj repeating the actions of twinkle
“oh shut up guys” shouted chinki
“you know wht mihir they actually don’t know tht reason abt their fight…its just tht fighting is their cup of tea….nd they cannot stay without eachother” said chinki
“AYE” shouted twinj on chinki for her last lines
“accha sorry..autocorrect…t­hey cannot stay without fighting with eachother” said chinki
“I cant srsly believe tht u guys were fighting bcus of no reason since past an half an hour” said mihir
To which twinj bowed down their their heads giving sign of their agreement
The whole class looked them with a daredevil types eyes for disturbing them nd tht too without any reason
“Ha…haan haan ab aise mat ghuro (stalk)…ho jati hai galti kabhi kabhi” said twinkle to the whole class…the class just rolled their eyes on her nd got back to their work just then “good morning class” a voice is heard frm the door “arre ye buddha aaj chutti pe nhi tha” whispered twinkle to chinki on seeing their professor “shu prabhat sir” (good morning in Hindi) said the whole class “aah! How much tym do I hv to tell u tht u cannot wish an English teacher in Hindi…but no! U guys only knw to irritate me right?” Replied an frustrated prof.
“Exactly sir…..aap hamare dil ki baat kaise jaan lete hai?” (how do u understand us so well) asked kunj
“Shut up! Nd sit down” said the prof. Listening to him the entire class sat down as quickly as they could.
“Now let’s proceed to our new chap.” Said the Prof. The whole class now started making faces…few did their heads down…whereas sm acted to cry but their was only one person in the class who was not at all affected by his words…..ofcource our twinkle ….chinki saw her still fresh nd said “twinkle….aaj tujhe kya hua ..how cm u didn’t reacted on this….u very well know tht the next chap is hell boring.. Upar se ye buddha padhata hai toh aadhi class hospital pahuch jati hai” but shockingly twinkle didn’t responded nd was continuously staring at the prof. As if she was paying full concentration to his words….chinki was rubbed her eyes as if to cm out of the dream….but unfortunately for her….it wasn’t a dream…she now patted twinkle’s shoulder ….twinkle now looked towards chinki with a jerk. Chinki asked her what happened by arching her eyebrows
Twinkle just gave a faint laugh nd pushed her hairs behind her ears “oh my God twinkle” said chinki nd they both giggled “mujhe bola hota….mai bhi ear phones leke aati” said chinki to herself…. As she knew twinkle was not gonna listen anything other than her fav. Songs.
“Wait class be4 we proceed to our new chap. I want to make a serious announcement. Today we hv invited one of the best businessmen of Amritsar or shall I say of the whole India ……jay taneja” said the prof. The whole class looked towards twinkle as her surname was similar to jay but they didn’t got any reaction frm her…..thinking it as a coincidence the class again looked at prof….little did they knw tht twinkle was engrossed in her songs.
“He is here to give u sm tips regarding business…. I he gets impressed by anyone of u….then there are chances of u getting a job in taneja empire…. The whole class got excited listening this….but the one who was most ….most excited was kunj
” thank u babaji ….thanks for fulfilling my wish….I always wanted to get a job in taneja empire….so tht I can give a better life to my family …I will try my best to impress jay sir” thought kunj
Just then a peon came “sir the guest has arrived” he said “ohk…send him in” said the prof. The whole class got happy tht now they wouldn’t hv to get torchered by their so called buddha …..aftr a while a young… Handsome… Dashing….smart man grabbed the attention of students… Girls were already flat on seeing his physic “he is so hot” whispers could be heard all over “good morning class” he said with his enchanting voice …..”good morning ” the whole class wished him with respect …..which was damn hell shocking for the Prof.
There chinki was still in shock…. She was not able to understand wht she was seeing was true or it was just her misunderstanding….­nd ya….just hv a look to our drama queen…there she is… Still engrossed in her songs…not knowing whts happening around.
“OK then the class is all yrs ….I’ll take my leave” said the prof. “Sure” jay said, prof. Goes
“Twinkle…. Twinkle…abbe gadhi aankhe khol” whispered chinki but in vain….she shrugged her as much as possible… Twinkle opened her eyes with a jerk nd took off he’d ear plugs “kya hai chinki…. Shanti se gaane bhi nhi sunne degi kya” said twinkle with an irritated voice …chinki just held her cheeks nd made her face towards jay….Twinkle’s eyes widened up….it gained an unknown sparkle…the lips couldn’t help it but just to get wide as much as possible. “BHAI!” She shouted with much enthusiasm nd excitement in her voice …..the entire class looked towards her shockingly
Jay made an oh knw wala face “shit ye jhalli iss class mei hai…mujhe pata hota toh mai yaha kabhi na aata…ab ye mere lectures ki band Baja ke hi chodegi” thought jay
Twinkle quickly ran nd hugged jay as tightly as she could… The whole class had their jaws wide opened… They didn’t knw twinkle was sis of The Jay Taneja. But the most shocked person of the class was our kunj….whose eyes had just got glued… “Babaji….ye kya kar diya….uss anaconda…I…I mean twi..inkle ko hi jay ka sis banana tha….kunj beta Teri dream toh ab puri hone se rhi” he thought
“Bhai I missed u so so soooooo much” said twinkle pulling his cheeks “bann gya meri izzat ka faluda” thought jay before releasing himself frm twinkle
“How is mom…hws dad…y don’t u come to meet me at hostel” before jay could even utter a word twinkle had started her fountain of questions.
“Ms. Twinkle taneja…can u pls go nd hv yr seat….I m here to give u all knowledge abt business nd I want u to hear it with greatest attention… Chinki just throw her ear plugs in dustbin” said jay
“Isse kehte hai apne hi pehar pe kulhadi marna….kya zarurat thi Bhai ko apne sare stunts batane ki” thought twinkle
“Bhai! Pls….” Said twinkle but was interrupted by jay “ya…u can go to yr seat” twinkle made an angry wala face as jay was being too professional even aftr he met her aftr abt 2 months.
Kunj was really impressed by Jay’s impartiality nd professional behavior nd again a ray of scope was observed by kunj
Twinkle sat down with chinki… Who was giggling like hell “haha haha… Konsi picture dekhke aa rhi hai ki itni hansi aa rhi hai” said twinkle in sarcasm.
“Okay class…. The very first thing those who r not interested in my lectures can happily move out of the class… I would really be happy with yr honesty…but if u wanna stay here u hv to obey my two rules….u will hv to listen to me with yr maximum concentration nd secondly I will not accept my b*t*hing. So here r my rules nd there it is….the door…come on u hv just a minute to think” said jay. Every1 was looking at eo nd no1 even had strength to get up just then twinkle stood up frm back
Nd was abt to go “chup chap apni jagah pe baithi reh…ye option class ke liye tha…tere liye nhi” jay nd …..twinkle immediately sat down ….the whole class giggled seeing the attitude queen in this state. Twinkle made a kitten cute pout making the whole class laugh even loudly… Jay too had a small cure on his lips ….”OK enough of laughter ….let’s proceed to the main aim ” nd jay started explaining everything abt a business….his dialogue delivery…. His accent…words were so strong nd interesting tht each nd every student was enjoying his lectures…. Including our pataka. In between jay asks sm questions of their level ….most of which were answered by kunj as well as twinkle…twinkle was able to ans it has she has visited taneja’s office many times nd kunj….he was born with intelligence.
It has been 2 hours nd still the class is listening with fullest attention nd interest. “Okay…so here jay taneja takes his leave ..thank u” the whole class was filled with claps….which really came frm their heart..it was like jay changed their perspectives abt studies….the whole class got up thinking the lecture got over “wait class….I told Jay taneja is signing off…. I meant yr lecturer jay taneja signed off…now I want to make an important announcement being disguised as only jay….brother of twinkle” nd he winked at twinkle. The class smiled “so many of u may not be aware abt the fact tht tomorrow is twinkle’s birthday…. Nd u all are invited to taneja mansion. The class hooted nd twinkle could help but just to show her 32 teeth.
” Now u may take yr leave” jay said to the class ….the class stood up nd went out of the class except twinkle nd kunj….twinkle wanted to spent few moments with her bro nd kunj was packing his stuffs.
“Bhaaaaaaai” said twinkle jumping on jay “my princess” replied jay….finally…. Hugging her back
Kunj glanced at them nd smiled
Kunj was abt to go “wait kunj” he heard a voice….he turned back just to knw tht jay had called him
His heart was beating as fast as it could….his legs were all shaky “y..yes” he said “come here” jay replied parting himself frm twinkle
Kunj went there nervously…. He was sweating all the way
Jay smiled at him nd forwarded his hand “hi” jay said politely
Kunj shook his hand with him “kunj sarna” he replied stammering a bit.
“Kunj sarna! Wait I hv heard this name before…..twinkle is he yr sadu sarna?….yr egoistic so called ugly pig” jay said laughing. Kunj widened his eyes nd the next moment bowed down his head
“Ye anaconda toh har ek baat apne Bhai ke sath share karti hai….marr gaya tu kunj” he thought. Twinkle turned pink
“Then I must say u r wrong this tym…..he is so handsome” jay said keeping his hand on kunj’s shoulder…. Kunj looked at him nd a small curve took place on his lips. “Look kunj….I believe tht personal nd professional things should never be blend together… So if ur worrying abt this ….nd pls wipe yr sweat my boy! Do u think I m so narrow minded tht I will not give u place in taneja empire just bcus u nd my silly sis have nothing in common….nd u both just talk with eo for fighting?” Jay said…making kunj look at him “wh..wht r u saying sir?” Asked a confused kunj “come to my office day aftr tomorrow…. I mean aftr twinkle’s birthday” said Jay…. Making kunj shell shocked…. He was continuously staring jay….tears formed making his eyes look even more mesmerizing nd shiny…he quickly hugged jay “thank u so much Sir….thank u…it really means a lot…finally I will be able to do smthing for my family…” He came back to his senses nd pulled out of hug….meanwhile twinkle was just staring kunj ….mind my words staring nd glaring…ya this tym she didn’t had any anger in her….but had a sense of unknown feelings… Which was unknown for even herself…whatever the feeling be…she was enjoying it.
“I m sorry sir…I didn’t mean to do tht actually….” Said kunj “ohhoo kunj….there is no need to be formal….nd ye sir sir kya laga rakha hai …call me Bhai ” jay said to which kunj smiled “I m really impressed by u ” Jay continued “thanks si. Bhai ” kunj said “okay then see u tomorrow” jay said nd went for a quick hug
“Bhai mai bhi aaj apke sath ghar chalungi” twinkle said “kyu…koi zarurat nhi hai” jay said making kunj laugh
“Bhai…..its my birthday” twinkle said ….she was in full on emotional blackmailing mode
“Aaj nhi kal hai…agar tu aaj ghar aayi.. Toh to Teri party hone se rhi…vaise bhi jab bhi tu ghar aati hai…pura ghar idar ka udhar ho jata hai …..nd aaj toh ye preps chal rhi hai…nhi re baba…tu aayi toh kya hoga….tu idhar hi baith nd Sidhant Gupta ko stalk kar….tht is the only thing u can do perfectly” said jay “haan voh bhi sahi hai” said twinkle not being in her senses
She came back to her senses when she saw kunj nd jay laughing “vaise don’t u think twinkle….kunj kahi hadh tak Sidhant Gupta se milta hai….y don’t u make him yr bf so u could stare him day nd night” jay said “ye chachundar aur Sidhant Gupta m..haha….nice joke” said twinkle
“Language twinkle” jay said being a bit rude “sorry” she muttered
“Dekh kunj….ye tujhe kuch bhi bole na….chup chap sunleneka …………..nhi…­.u hv complete right to call her anaconda” jay said controlling his laughter “vaise she actually looks like one” jay whispered in Kunj’s ears nd the very next moment they both started laughing like hell….now it came on twinkle’s ego “Bhai…zyada udo mat….apke bhi bahut sare pet names hai….pure college ke samne bol diye…toh Socho kya hoga apki izzat ka” twinkle said sarcastically “I think I should take a leave” jay said nd ran away.
Kunj nd twinkle looked at eo….nd surprisingly they both smiled at eo for the first tym…..twinkle then rushed frm classroom “itni buri bhi nhi hai meri anaconda” said kunj brushing his hairs
This all was noticed by an unknown pair of eyes….the eyes which only showed hatred….anger…frustration… Jealousy.
Twinkle was running through the corridor…. Blushing badly tht she coincided with sm1 “aaah” she shouted…. “Twinkle r u alright?” Asked shubham forwarding his hand to her….twinkle smiled nd stood up with his support just then her eyes went on the ring on his ring finger “oh wow shubham…real diamonds I guess” she said appreciating his ring “ya twinkle ….my birthday gift u see” shubham replied… To which twinkle smiled nd went frm there

The next day…..
Every1 at the college was hell excited for visiting the taneja’s palace ….ya twinkle’s house was not less than a palace …..the one who was most nervous was twi….no no kunj….he was really scared…nd nervous to visit her house….the house of the girl with whom he fights the most…he didn’t wanted to go there but didn’t had any option as jay had invited him personally
He got dressed in blue tuxedo (the same tht he wore on twinj’s first meet in tei) looking burning hot. He got ready nd reached taneja’s mansion with Mihir.

#Taneja Mansion
The house was not looking less than heaven……it was gorgeously decorated with all the love.
Almost all whole class had reached there except for the birthday girl itself.
Jay was dressed in black tuxedo nd was not looking less than a pure businessman with same attitude.
Jay went to kunj “hey kunj….glad u came dear….I wanted u to meet my father” jay said hugging kunj….but his actions only made kunj more nervous….he didn’t wanted to pass through the examination again….he feared wht if twinkle’s father rejected him. But he couldn’t do anything….except to shake his head in positive.
Jay made him meet Rt “dad….here u go….I told u na abt….” Jay said “kunj…right!” Said rt to which kunj nodded “well I trust my son completely nd my son trusts u…u r in my boy….welcome to taneja group if companies” rt said making kunj shell shocked nd hell happy….”thank u so much sir…it’s my pleasure ” kunj said controlling his excitement this tym. “Will u just excuse me boys” rt said nd went frm there
“Arrgh….I cannot hold this formality anymore” jay said making kunj laugh
“Vaise meri behen kaha hai…ussika ka birthday hai I guess” jay said
“Arre aap usse jante nhi ho Bhai…aaj toh uska birthday hai ….normal days ko bhi taiyaar hone mei 2 ghante lagati hai ghanta aaj jaldi taiyaar hogi” said kunj being overexcited
“Accha …mai usse nhi janta?” Jay said arching his eyebrows making kunj come in his senses
“Voh….voh…” Said kunj “haan vhi vhi” replied jay nd the very next moment both started to laugh
Again…..the same pair of eyes were eyeing them with the same fire of jealousy.
“Oh finally u came twinkle” a voice is heard grabbing everyone’s attention towards the entrance nd there she comes…..walking as flawlessly as any1 could….. Seems like an angel has just came down frm the clouds….. The epitome of grace….the twinkle taneja….the dress she wore…nd the attitude she carried was like a cherry on cake….(she wore the same pink tube gown which she wore during miss Amritsar competition)
Kunj’s jaws became too heavy to be handled… Making his mouth wide Open….actually not only kunj’s but everyone’s condition was the same. She came nd hugged jay tightly. “Bhai!” She said with the same spark in her eyes
“Thank god twinkle tu aa gyi….varna Hume laga ki birthday ko birthday girl ke bina hi manana padega……time dekh time…..thode ghante aur late aati na toh hum tera belated happy birthday mana rhe hote” jay said when twinkle was hugging rt….making every1 laugh
“Papa …..bolona Bhai ko…aaj ke din toh acche se baat karle ” said twinkle making a pouty face
“Jay! ” Rt said”dad….u always take side of yr princess ….wht abt me?” Jay said “ur momma’s prince” a voice is heard “mom!” Shouted twinkle nd hugged leela as tightly as she could but the hug wasnt long jay came nd parted twinkle frm leela nd he himself hugged her “jaja tu papa ko hug kar” said jay …the hall was again filled with laughter.

Aftr the cake ceremony got ended every1 started enjoying the party.

Just then a waiter dropped wine on Kunj’s shirt “kya kar rhe ho tum…thik se kaam nhi kiya ja sakta kya” Jay scolded him “arre nhi Bhai….it’s kk na” kunj said ….jay just smiled bcus of his polite nature.
“Twinkle…..come here darling” jay called twinkle who was busy gossiping with other girls. She came running “ya Bhai….bolo” said twinkle “show kunj the way to yr room….nd help him cleaning the strain…go!” Jay said ….twinkle reluctantly took him
Kunj was busy staring at their palace when twinkle opened the door of her room
A room which was not less than size of their classroom or even bigger I suppose. “Nice room” kunj said bit with comparatively less ego in his voice….twinkle just smile…..which was ofcource shocking for kunj
Twinkle took him to her luxurious washroom….kunj opened the tap nd started removing the strain but ended up making his whole coat ….pants wet “kunj tum chote bacche ho kya….coat pehen ke kon dhota hai…. Ruko” saying this twinkle started opening the two buttons of his court (she was standing in front of kunj) nd she pushed his coat back in order to take it out which only resulted in twinj coming close to eo….. They were only few mm away…..but their eyes kicked off tht distance too…. It was like their eyes were the main oragans connecting them…..their eyelock was broken when the both felt an unbearable pain in their heads.

#aftr 15-20 minutes
Kunj opened his eyes …..he was still having pain near his skul.
When his vision got cleared “shit!” Was the only word which came out of his mind. “Twi…twinkle w..wake u..up.” He said but twinkle was still unconscious. He nd twinkle was lying on twinkle’s bed in awkward position. Kunj only wore his pants…..twinkle was still wrapped by a bed sheet. Kunj didn’t understand wht had happened.
Just to add kerosene to fire…..don’t knw frm where the entire class….jay…nd twinkle’s parents came running to twinkle’s room…when jay entered the room he saw kunj wearing his shirt….which made him more furious…. “KUNJ!!!!” He shouted his lungs out …..just then his eyes went on twinkle….seeing his sis in tht condition his anger knew know bounds…. Kunj was still in shock
“No…no Bhai…I…I can explain..” Said kunj still on the bed
Jay came running nd held him straight by his corners
“Bhai..” Kunj muttered just the he got a punch frm jay….tht only punch was enough to make kunj fell on ground
Just then every1 else entered nd were equally shocked to see wht had happened. Leela “tw…twin…kle” was the only word leela could mutter …..she nd chinki went running towards an unconscious twinkle
Rt made the entire class move out nd get back to college except for chinki
Till now kunj had received 4-5 punches frm jay to the very least
“Bhai….Bhai trust me I hv not even touched twink” just then another punch “Dare u hv called me Bhai….I m not yr Bhai anymore….nd if u ever take twinkle’s name frm yr bl**dy mouth I swear the very next moment ur dead” jay said
Nd he continued punching… Hitting …smashing him until rt stopped him. “Stop it jay…just control yrself” said rt “papa…how can I stop….didn’t u saw wht he did to my princess” jay said
“Sir…believe me I….” Kunj was going to say smthing “SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP” rt shouted
Whereas there aftr making much efforts by chinki nd leela ….twinkle gained consciousness.
“Twinkle….. Twinkle ya…open yr eyes” leela said ….chinki made twinkle hv water….jay nd rt came running to her….meanwhile kunj was getting beaten up by the guards.
When twinkle completely came into senses …..she saw her state “m..m…maa w…ht happened to me? My cl..oths” she asked nd leela couldn’t do anything but to cry more…..twinkle was intelligent enough to understand wht had happened to her nd started crying badly….in Jay’s embrace
“Don’t cry my baccha….ur my strong warrior na..” Like this jay nd chinki was busy consoling twinkle nd rt was consoling leela
No one was worried for kunj….who was now in half unconscious state
“Wh…o di..d this to me” asked twinkle (twinkle was so in shocked tht she didn’t notice kunj)
Just then “twi….twinkle” a voice was heard….. Twinkle’s eyes widened up…she pushed jay away a bit to hv a clear view nd seeing kunj in this state only made her cry more “Bhai…Bhai stop yr bl**dy guards….kunj..kunj­ r u okay” she shouted nd was abt to get up frm the bed when chinki stopped her making twinkle remember her state. She quickly wrapped the bedsheet again
“Twinkle….kunj was the one to do this thing with u” shouted jay
Twinkle got the biggest shock of her life…..nd she tried to remember wht had happened…. The acute stress on her mind made her again unconscious…. But she kept on muttering “kunj is not guilty….he is not at fault”
Mean while the police came nd took kunj frm there…..every1 was hell worried for twinkle….best lady doc was called urgently.
The doctor did check up of twinkle….the report which doctor gave them aftr her check up was even more shocking (will be revealed a bit later)
Leela was taken to her room by rt.
Jay was busy with the lawyer. Chinki nd twi were left alone in room.
Chinki was crying seeing her condition
(Note: twinkle was made to wear cloths by chinki nd leela be4 doctor had arrived)
Twinkle gained consciousness aftr a while…..she got up with a thud
“Chinki…..where is kunj….chinki tell me” said twinkle …again tears formed in her eyes
Chinki was shocked by the fact tht twinkle instead of asking abt her health nd without thinking abt the thing tht her reputation was all ruined nd tht could ruin her future too
But twinkle was only worrying abt kunj. “Twinkle calm Down…shh…look I knw kunj is not guilty…..even doctor told tht u r not victim of r*pe” chinki said “but Bhai nd rt uncle r ready to accept tht face nd release kunj….they still need sm solid proof” continued chinki….twinkle started crying even more out of guilt. “Chinki… Bcus of me kunj has to suffer..I can….” Said twinkle “shh….look u hv to be strong….first go nd wash yr face…..go my girl” said chinki
Twinkle agreed nd went to washroom
She was washing her face continuously… Reminiscing all tht happened a few moments ago.
“Pls help me babaji……pls” she said sobbing hard
Just then her eyes went on smthing shiny under the basin. She quickly bent down…..she found a ring
She doubted tht she had seen this ring even before. She took it in her hand nd stood up.
“This…..this diamonds…. This ring I hv seen it smwhere…..aaaah! Where did I saw!!” Cried twinkle helplessly. She took a long deep breath nd closed her eyes for few minutes.
Just than an incident ran in her mind
When twinkle was running in the corridor.. Nd she collided with shubham …..she quickly opened her eyes….breathing heavily “shubham!” She shouted nd ran outside
Chinki was with leela aunty. Twinkle without wasting a single second took her car keys and gave to the driver….
Nd drove to police station
When twinkle reached the police station, she jumped out of the car and ran inside it….she was looking all around hoping her eyes would find Kunj but when her eyes found him they started shedding tears twinkle was shocked after she saw Kunj’s state. He was hanged with his hands tied up, shirtless and was beaten very badly. He was in half conscious state. Twinkle ran to the inspector….
“Sir please leave Kunj he’s innocent he didn’t do anything”
“Do uh think we r here for time pass?? Pehle toh tere Bhai ne hme bulaya and asked us to arrest him and now uh r coming and asking us to free him?? Kya matter kya h??”
“Are aap plzzz kunj ko bhar nikaliye”
“Aise Kaise?? We can’t free him… if we’ll free him then who will be inside the cell??”
“What do uh mean??” Twinkle asked narrowing her gaze
“Kuch le de Kr ……”
“Ohk I got it….here uh go with 30,00 and ya this ring belongs to the one who created this situation just to ruin Kunj’s repute….”

Inspector ordered the constables to leave kunj…..twinkle ran to him and made him wear his shirt…..as Kunj was in half conscious state twinkle with much difficulties carried him till the car….they reached Taneja mansion in no time….
Twinkle called Chinki so that she can help her in carrying kunj into twinkle’s room. They carried him to the room and made him sit on the couch nearby. Chinki lest twinkle alone in the room and went. Twinkle sat beside kunj while he rested his head on her shoulder and slept due to the comfort he got. Twinkle too rested her head on his and slept.

Around 6:00 pm

Kunj woke and eyed twinkle wid love but soon the love changed into hatred as he remembered what happened few hours ago….
He started to move to and fro in the room with anger. After a while twinkle too woke up and saw kunj she rushed to him and made him lay on the bed bcoz she knew he was beaten up very badly…..
“Kunj…r uh ok??”
“Twinkle after getting a punishment of sumthing uh never did….uh asking me m I ok?? Huh what an odd question….”
“Kunj m sorry…”
“Sorry?? For what twinkle?? For hating me??”
“Listen kunj I can explain….”
“Xplanations??? Huh uh know what….I hate listening xplainations and that too from uh… never I know what uh did today oh sorry today your brother was also involved in the planning and plotting…ri8??”
“Uh listen to me twinkle….just because of uh Shubham my best buddy started hating me…..”


Kunj got arrested and Shubham came there to meet him….

“Shubham thank god uh came”
“M sorry Kunj by I won’t help uh…..this is what uh deserve….”
“Main kuch Smjha ni….”
“Kunj just bcz of a silly emotion uh did this to twinkle…..I mean that say she isn’t a toy that uh will play with her she is a human Kunj…..she has feelings but uh…..uh ruined her repute in front of the society. M so srry I won’t help uh….”
“Uh aren’t believing me?? Shubham??”
Shubham left*
*Flashback ends*
*”Ku….nj….at….l­east….” Twinkle cries and stammers while saying when Kunj interrupts her by saying
“Come on twinkle not again “Kunj was very irritated with twinkle’s cries andangry too…..so he grabbed her arm and pulled her towards himself. He smacked his lips with hers very hardly…..He was nibbling on her lips while twinkle was trying hard to come out of his grip….Kunj very angry he saw twinkle protesting…..he was pulling her more and more in him finally twinkle gave up and cupped his face ……she was about to respond when Kunj took both her hands and locked it behind her back….. Kunj himself didn’t knew when he went with the flow…..he took her to the bed still showing his wildness to her lips and threw her on the bed and came on top her…..their lips were again very close to each other “Uh know I am not liking to this but This is what uh deserve…..” Kunj said this as he dug his face in her neck and started sucking it…..he started to remove all his frustration on her.
Finally the screen fades….

Next scene

Kunj is sleeping with his back facing the wall and a smile on his face…….while twinkle is covering herself with a bed sheet and sitting just beside Kunj.
Her one hand is caressing kunj’s hairs while the other was holding the bed sheet firmly….

“I know Kunj whatever happened wasn’t correct….but bhai reacted to the situation according to what he saw….it was Shubham who did all this and I won’t leave him now…..Don’t know when I started loving uh Kunj….This hatred was of no use finally I realised that Chinki always said the correct thing…..I can’t live with uh…..” She thought and kissed Kunj’s shoulder and slept beside him….

Next morning

Twinkle was setting her hairs….when Kunj came out of the washroom showing his 8 packs abs….(yes guys it’s 8 I have counted and if it’s 6 then m so sorry m very poor in mathematics)
“Yes Kunj”
“Woh….I don’t have….” Kunj was about to complete when twinkle went and opened the cupboard….showing him jay’s clothes…..Kunj took the clothes and went in the washroom again….He wore the clothes and came back.
“Good morning Kunj”
“Good morning would be Mrs. Kunj Sarna”
“5 min….I wanna talk to ur bhai”

Kunj asked her to come in the dining area and call her brother too
Twinkle does as instructed….
Jay came downstairs after listening to twinkle’s call but as soon as he saw Kunj his temper raised……

Hy everyone…..so how was this???
Do comment Haa and yeah if we get satisfactory no. of comments then only we are going to give the final part…..
Ohhk now bye and stay blessed

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