I Hate You (Episode 70) ~ Last Episode

Recap: Sam announces that he is getting married. Twinkle is happy for him. However, upon learning the wedding is in India, she refuses to return. Kunj and Sam try to convince Twinkle to return back to India and she agrees. Everyone is elated to hear that Twinkle is pregnant. Twinkle tells Kunj to put the doll away as she realizes that Kunj will make a perfect father.


Twinkle- No bhaiya, not there! Hang the flowers over there!
Twinkle becomes frustrated as she attempts to tell the worker where to hang the flowers.
Worker- Didi, you are confused yourself. First you tell me to hang it there and then you say no over there. I am not a machine.
Twinkle- This is my best friend’s wedding. Everything has to be perfect. Forget it, I’ll do it myself.
Twinkle takes the flowers from the worker and climbs up the ladder to hang them.
Twinkle- You go and get the basket and flowers.
The worker leaves to get the flowers. Twinkle starts hanging the flowers.
Twinkle- None of these workers are doing their job properly. I have to do everything in the end. What are we paying them for?
Suddenly Twinkle loses her balance and tumbles backwards off the ladder. She lets out a short shriek and closes her eyes anticipating the fall. She lands in a pair of strong arms. Twinkle opens her eyes to find Kunj smiling at her. Twinj have an eye lock. A few moments later, the worker comes back with the basket of flowers to find Twinkle in Kunj’s arms.
Worker thinks- She has been yelling at me all day to complete the work properly. And now look what she is doing.
The worker clears his throat. Twinkle and Kunj still don’t break the eye lock.
Worker- Didi. Didi!
Twinkle and Kunj looks over at the worker.
Kunj- What happened?
Worker- If you can put your wife down, then I can finish my work.
Kunj- Konsa wife?
Worker- The one you are holding in your arms.
Twinkle looks at Kunj in shock. Kunj looks at Twinkle and becomes startled.
Kunj- Oh this wife!
Kunj quickly puts Twinkle down. Twinkle blushes.
Kunj- Voh kya hai na, for the last five years, my wife wasn’t with me so I kind of forgot that I had a wife.
Kunj lets out a nervous laugh. Twinkle looks at Kunj is disbelief then bursts out into laughter.

The Next Scene…

Sam and Soniya are taking pheras around the fire. Twinkle stands by the side of the mandap and thrown flowers on them. Kunj stands next to Twinkle and also throws flowers. He slyly thrown some flower petals on Twinkle and looks away. Twinkle brushes the petals off her face and thrown some on Kunj. Kunj stares intently at the mandap and smiles.
Twinkle- Who are you thinking of that brought such a big smile to your face?
Kunj- This beautiful girl that stole my heart. Why are you jealous?
Twinkle- No, why would I be jealous.
Kunj smiles as he sees Twinkle burning in jealousy. He leans in and whispers in her ears.
Kunj- This beautiful girl’s name is Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna.
Twinkle’s cheese turns a shade of pink as she looks down and gives a small smile.
Kunj- Twinkle, do you remember when we first met? Haha, you hated me.
Twinkle- Well you didn’t like me either Mr. Khadoos Sarna.
Kunj- Remember that time you dressed as my grandma and came to my hostel?
Twinkle- All the crazy things I had to do for you!
Twinkle and Kunj take a trip down memory lane and remember everything that has happened with them so far from Twinkle and Kunj’s first meeting,
to their first fight…
to their first hug…
to their fake wedding at Rajjo’s…
to living and arguing together in their flat…
to their confession…
their second wedding…
their honeymoon…
their first night…

Kunj- And now, the most beautiful part of my life is about to come. My little princess.
Kunj touches Twinkle’s stomach and smiles at her.

4 years later…

“Coming my princess!”
Kunj walks into the room and finds a little girl of 4 years of age standing with her hands on her hips. Kunj holds his ears and crouches down to the girl’s level.
Girl- You are late papa.
Kunj- Sorry Prisha baby. Papa was a little late.
Prisha turns the other way.
Prisha- Papa, you know I always put the brooch on your sherwani.
Kunj- I know princess. Look, I didn’t even put it on because I want you to put it on me.
Kunj was wearing a loyal blue sherwani
Prisha doesn’t turn around. Kunj taps her on her shoulder. She still doesn’t turn around. Kunj holds out a chocolate bar in front of Prisha. Prisha smiles and takes the chocolate bar. She turns around and Kunj hands her a silver brooch. Prisha carefully pins the brooch to Kunj’s sherwani.
Kunj- Shall we?
Kunj extends his hand and Prisha holds it. Kunj leads her out of the room.

The Next Scene…

Yuvi- Kunj! Wow someone is looking handsome today. It looks as if it’s not your wedding anniversary today, but your actual wedding!
Kunj raises his collar.
Kunj- I mean what can I do? Mein hoon hi itna handsome.
Rishi- Kunj!
Kunj turns around and sees Rishi and Chinky.
Kunj- Rishi! How are you dude? So, you and Chinky after all eh?
Chinki- By the way Kunj, where is Twinkle?
Kunj thinks- Really, where are you Siyappa Queen?
The lights suddenly go dim and a spotlight falls on the top of the stairs. Standing there was Twinkle, adorned in a beautiful tan colored dress. Her hair was let out in light waves making her simple beauty, a breathtaking sight.
Rishi- Lo agaya Twinkle….Kunj?
Rishi looks at Kunj who was staring mesmerized at Twinkle. He waves his hand in front of Kunj’s face and is surprised to see Kunj still staring at Twinkle. Twinkle comes down the steps and stands next to Kunj.
Kunj- Beautiful…
Twinkle smiles down at the floor and blushes.
Twinkle- Vaise pati dev, your looking quite handsome today.
Prisha- Look, you two have started again.
Twinkle and Kunj look down to find Prisha staring at them.
Prisha- You both have started with your romance and your forgot about me.
Kunj picks up Prisha.
Kunj- How can we forget you. You are the most beautiful.

Twinkle kisses Prisha’s cheek. Kunj points at his cheek. Twinkle widens her eyes.
Twinkle- Kunj, Prisha is right there.
Prisha covers her eyes. Kunj laughs as Twinkle blushes then gives a kiss to Kunj’s cheek. Music starts to play as all the couples start to dance. Kunj puts Prisha down and she runs off with her friends. Kunj extends his hand out to Twinkle.
Kunj- May I have this dance?
Twinkle nods and puts her hand in Kunj’s. (Kuch Iss Tarah plays).
Kunj rests his hand on Twinkle’s waist and holds her other hand. Twinkle rests her head on Kunj’s shoulder as they dance slowly.
Kunj whispers- I hate you.
Twinkle- Why? What happened?
Kunj- I hate you because I can’t see anything without you by my side. I hate you because I can’t take one breath without you by me. I hate you because you made me fall so madly in love with you.
Twinkle smiles.
Kunj- Thank you for coming into my life. I love you Twinkle.
Twinkle- I love you too Kunj.


I know many of you have anticipated the ending of this ff. The journey with TU and you guys…I have no words to describe it. I am literally so grateful to have gotten this much love for my writings. And of course, I still miss Twinj and TEI with all my heart and this forum has given me a way to relive all the TEI memories. I am sorry I had to end this so abruptly. I’m so amazed at all the wonderful people I met and how close I have become with some of you. It is just unfathomable. I’m afraid to say this may just be my last ff. Thank you so much for being with me and most of you were here from the start of “Love Is Blind” and I can’t thank you enough. Sorry for all the mistakes. I know I don’t write the best so thank you for bearing with me! If you can, stay in touch through insta or TU messaging. Haha, sounds very cliche but I’m really getting emotional. I never thought I would get so attached. I definitely will not forget this or any of you! Love you guys!

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  1. What i am going to say might sound cliché.. But I will miss it???…..Tussi chod ke jaa rahe ho?naa jao naa. …but seriously?????A big thanks to you for giving a beautiful ff??and this episode was also a bomb.?…. But I Hate you???????because this was not suppose to end…….but still love you??……so
    please jaldi wapas aana……till then byeeeee and lots of love???and bhoolna mat hamme?☺??

    1. And oooo you have some priorities?…..??

    2. Sara28

      Aww I love cliche. If you haven’t noticed my whole ff is cliche ? But thank you so much for your wonderful comments, not just this one, but every other ones also! I know you have been a regular commentor and I am very grateful to you! Priorities? Haha, what is that wink for? But I surely won’t forget you and don’t forget me either! Love you! ❤️

  2. Hey.. it was my favourite ff.. I read all your ffs.. love is blind.. we went with the flow.. friendship, love,marriage.. I hate you.. elegantly wasted.. all are awesome.. never expected this to be ended so soon.. please please please do continue elegantly wasted, I love your writings. Please update it.. I just keep on re-reading the first two episodes again and again.. please continue it…

    1. Sara28

      Thank you so much! This means so much to me. I’ll be posting Elegantly Wasted soon. Do read it if you want.

  3. The episode was just amazing
    Please!come with another ff
    I was a silent reader from past 2 years
    And I really like your ff
    Your previous ff and this ff was beautifully described. Each and every emotion was described wonderfully
    Please! dont’t leave tellyupdate
    Please! come back with another ff
    But it is your decision
    And I will pray to allah for you that your future will be bright and your life will always be full of beautiful colours. InshaAllah
    I hope you will come with another ff
    Keep smiling 🙂
    Love you

    1. Sara28

      Thank you so much for loving my writings that I never thought would turn out to have so much love! I have a big future ahead of me and now that you’ve blessed me I’m sure I’ll be great! Love you! ❤️

  4. Ramya

    Sara diiiiiiiiiii
    Aap end kaise kar skate ho ???
    Itna bad a shock koi details hai kya
    Main kitni badi fan hu aapki
    Aapki ff mera favourite that n u ended it
    Jao mujhe nahi batana kaisa that
    I’m not talking wid u??

    How can u end dis
    Ha bolo
    But I want to say it’s amazing
    Bata hai I said I won’t say n now I’m saying how IT IS but kya karu itt was so lovely ki khudko rok nahi payi
    It’s just amazing
    N journey u know it’s beyond anything each every episode was superb

    Acha ab meri ek wish pura kijiye vo yeh hai
    Jaldi se new ff ke saath vapas aa jao
    Varna mai katti ho jaungi
    Love u keep smiling

    1. Sara28

      Aww Ramya, you won’t speak with me? I know who have been a regular commenter. Thank you for staying with me on this journey! Love you!

      1. Ramya

        Who said I won’t speak to u
        I will pakka
        But u should start other one

  5. Ria

    And what did I tell you? I told you, I won’t let you break my heart this time and yippee, I’m happy. Let me tell you Sara, I was literally so happy when I got to know that I got into DC (?) and I’m so effing happy for you.
    I won’t be missing you much. After all, I’m always travelling along with you, ain’t I? I’m sure you’ll miss everyone else around you (physically), but there’s a lot more for you coming up ahead. Focus on your goals and I still love you, in spite of Mr. Anonymous. ?
    Your writings have always been a great for me to read, and although, I’ll miss reading them, but now, it’s high time. Let focus on what we want rather than what others want. A few more months to go until your college starts, so enjoy with your family, friends, and Mr. Anonymous too. Most importantly, me too. ?

    Lots of love,
    Love! ?

    1. Sara28

      Well love, I’m glad I didnt break your heart! And yesss got into DC!! ? But don’t you dare miss me cause you already know I’m taking you with me. I’ll be missing everyone else in the meantime ? You already know you come first. And thank you so much! Probably the best compliment you ever gave me ? But yes, I will be spending some quality time before leaving to build my career and reach my goals. Love you! ❤️

  6. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Hey sara,
    remember me? okay so this ff was once my favorite! I have loved it! I used to wait for it like anything! it was just a bliss to read! I remember each and every part of this FF. Going to miss this badly. Sad that it ended! ?I m gonna miss you! plz don’t stop writing! I love ur writing! plz don’t stop!

    okay so this epi was too good! the Ending was just perfect! prisha was so cute! I just loved it to the core! Amazingly awesome! Beautifully written! ?going to miss u and this FF!
    Keep Writing!
    See you! ?

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

    1. Sara28

      Hey! Of course I remember you. I never forgot you! Thank you for such a huge compliment. I’m afraid I can’t make any promises to continue writing. But I’m surely going to miss you also. Love you!


    1. Sara28

      Haha thank you for this, but I can’t make any promises.

  8. Nishfd

    You left me speechless. …
    Amazing ending. ..
    I don’t know wht to say ….
    If possible come soon. …
    Will miss you. ….

    1. Sara28

      Thank you!

  9. You ended it??… like seriously????….
    I am still shocked….
    I am definitely gonna miss your writings alot…. they were always a bliss to read…
    But I know you have many other priorities in life other than this, so cant force you to write further….
    But yeah the “Last Episode” was literally perfect… It had a perfect ending..?.
    I loved it….?….

    1. Sara28

      Thank you so much! But don’t miss me too much. I’m always there to disturb you aren’t I?

  10. SidMin23

    As always brilliant but I am mad with u expecting this ff to trun 100 but you end it in 70 not fear will missing your post and u hope soon u will post new ff.

    1. Sara28

      Thank you! Aww don’t be mad. I tried but 100 was just not working ? I’ll be missing you and your comments too!

  11. Saraaaaa! Come back with….another ff soo… Will miss you :-*

    1. Sara28

      Aww I can’t promise that but I’ll miss you too!

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous cute

    1. Sara28

      Thank you!

  13. Anam_sidhant

    Why did you do this?? ‘ I hate you’ for this ‘really’ , you could have told me about this, atleast when I’ve asked you when you’ll post it. why this sudden ending??
    Do you even know how much i gotta miss your FF? Anyways, It was always a pleasure reading your FF, hope to see you again with another FF or with some OS’s (if possible), and this master piece will be badly missed.

    Stay in touch!

    1. Sara28

      Anaaaaaaaaaaammm, Sorry. But thank you so much for liking my writing even though I thought it wasn’t even that good. But definitely stay in touch and tell me when you get that 7 (the hot one)!

  14. Twinj

    Sara di
    Are u serious…u ended it…When I just opened the page I was like what u ended this ff….di u r a very gud writing…I do agree I was not there throughout the journey but ur ff was always my fav….3 months back I used to wait for ur ff….but then I had to take a break n when I got to know the summary from u I was so pleased…I read the epi today n must say it’s still the best…I really mean it….sorry di I couldn’t be there….the promo of this ff was the best of all the promos I have ever read..Sab kehete hae love at first sight par yeh toh hogaya hate at first sight…..love it di…todays epi was so sweet…love it a loads a perfect ending of a perfect love story…the journey from hate to love was a pleasure to read..if possible please di don’t stop writing…plz di keep writing….miss u di…..don’t forget me….

    Loads of love♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Sara28

      Thank you so much! these words really mean a lot to me. I’ll miss you too and how can I ever forget you? Don’t forget me either!

  15. Loved yours and will miss you a lot
    Come back soon

    1. Sara28

      Thank you!

  16. Superb episode yaar and awesome ff plz plz come back soon with new ff I really miss u yaar sara

    1. Sara28

      Thank you! But I don’t think I can come back. Hopefully, I’ll pop up once in a while.

  17. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Sara we had an amazing journey with TU and ur ff ……will miss each and every bit of it….all the best….have blissful years ahead….????

    1. Sara28

      Thank you so much!

  18. Fatimaa.

    Heyy sara….
    It was indeed a beautiful update…
    Well the journey from love is blind till this one was really awesome…
    I got quite nostalgaic after reading this…nd i ll really miss this ff and most importntly you….
    Well i wud wish all the best for ur future and ur dreams and ofcourse ur love life???????…
    Stay happy always and keep smiling….
    Loads of love????????????????????????

    1. Sara28

      Thank you so much! And thank you for your wishes also! I wish you the very best for your future! Love you ❤️

  19. Baby

    sara diii……….
    wat shuld I say u knw rainbow mein kitni dumb hun mujhe toh pata hi itna late chala ki aap mere dii ho….
    I srsly luvd ur writings n u cant end it dii……
    how will we jst stay widout reading dem……….
    d journey wid u was beautiful dii n wont ever forget it dii r u on fb?
    plsss if u r do msg me…..plsssss……..a request….
    it was jst a marvelleous journey n m too crying right now like anything………maybe u r nt believing or are you……ignore d spells dii…………♥
    bt srsly amazing were ur ffs n beautiful too……………….☺
    cant wait for nxt thing by u bt maybe u r busy…still……… 🙂
    love u lods dii……..♥♥♥♥
    will miss love is blind and I hate you……….abhii tak ek ek pal yaad hai…ek jab kunj ne twinkle ko pyaar prove krne ke liye mirchi khayi thi…n bhotttt hain yaad krne baithiiee toh shayad page na bhar jaye……..♥ek or tha jab twinkle ke liye kunj ne prove kiya tha uv ko…or ek jab undo se ladke love confession hua tha…………☺
    will miss u……..♥♥♥♥♥
    love u….♥

    1. Sara28

      Babyyyyyyy, I’ll miss you too! You know, I can never forget all the sweet names you have given me! Haha, what do you mean you just found out I’m your di? I thought I was your rainbow ? Sorry, I’m not on fb. But I am on insta. If you have insta do message me there. And yea, don’t forget me! Love you! ❤️

  20. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Hey Sara,
    I will miss you and your FF yrr…
    U were my favorite writer on Tu….
    And tere sare FF I just loved them…It was just a Bliss to read ur writing….
    ND this one was my fav ff….
    This episode was really amazing fabulous….
    A perfect ending…
    BT still I m goona miss it….
    Hope you come back soon with new ff….
    All the best for your future life ahead…..
    May God bless you and all your beautiful dreams come true….
    Stay happy ???
    Love you ???

    1. Sara28

      Thank you so much! I still cn’t believe you called me your favorite writer. I’m not even up to the levels of some of the writers on this page. That is a huge compliment to me! Wish you the very best for your future as well! Love you too ❤️

  21. Supriya18d

    ohhh Sara tusi ja rahe ho…..u knw bilcul sahi tym PR aaj TU me aai hu….vrna tmhare ff cmnt nai kr pati….Awsm epi….Ye mera fav. FF…I knw main cmnt nai krti ….sry….Miss ur FF….Luv u yaa….Cm with next one

    1. Sara28

      Thank you so much! And don’t say sorry. The fact that you liked my story means a lot to me. Love you too ❤️

  22. Presha

    Hey sara dii..
    Finally u posted but u ended it too..
    Jao i wont talk to u nd why u saying this is ur last ff haa..
    Plz kuch aur bhi post karo..
    Well the epi was a blast combo of sweetness nd ccutenesd..
    Just loved it..
    Love u dii..
    Keep smiling…

    1. Sara28

      Thank you so much! Aww don’t stop talking to me. Love you!

  23. Purvi128

    NO WORDS TO SAY…!!!!!! YOU ENDED IT….!!!! You know what di… I m crying… yes I m crying.. i can’t stop my tears from flowing.. I know this may sound weird but trust me I m crying badly.. not because you ended it.. I knew you were going to end it after reading the precap of prev epi.. but I m crying because you said you won’t write..
    You know how much I craved for ur ffs.. I read them both.. Love is Blind was too awesome.. I remember each and everything. Their confession .. when Ranbir kidnaps Twinkle and kunj reaches there for her rescue.. Then he ate mirchis and then their kiss… their kunj proving his love for twinkle to yuvi.. and all.. bht kuch hai.. agr bataun na to batatae batate thak jaaun.. sab kuch yaad hai mujhe…. ur all one shots.. wo robot wali.. I’d tell you I love you but then I’d have to kill you.. shayad yehi hai pyaar.. I can’t forget any of ur writings.. or fir love is blind ka end.. twinkle’s memory loss.. then twinj reuniting.. their cute children.. and then I Hate You .. my most fav ff of all time.. by my most fav writer… their college fights.. their hatred.. twinkle going to boy’s hostel .. nd then grandma drama ?? then the trip and twinkle paying for his trip.. then twinj lost on the island.. then the rajjo drama … their marriage.. then next day hi divorce ?? then leela disowning her.. then both of them living in one flat… their fun.. their paint fun.. ? their cute silly nok jhoks…. then twinkle’s past.. that she was beaten up by her step mother and leela adopted her and loved her like her own daughter… then Alisha…. fir Kunj’s dream and he won in the dance competition… then kunj solving the things between leela and twinkle… twinj going to confess their love but kunj told that he doesn’t loves her.. twinkle shattered.. he left.. nd went to her house.. leela told kunj that he is not rich and she can’t let twinkle live wid him.. leela finding a guy for twinki.. then kunj confessed his love coming to her balcony… then next day a guy for twinkle.. Sunny… kunj rishi scaring him.. sunny declared twinki pregnant.. then sunny’s and twinki’s marriage but kunj reached on time and stopped him.. then leela told that it was all her plan to know how much kunj loves twinkle.. and sunny was also included in this plan.. then twinj’s marriage… twinkle leaving to her sasural.. twinkle felt jealous seeing kunj’s and sheila’s closeness… it was revealed that sheila thought kunj as her brother.. then cherry’s drama… then she got to know that sarna’s were not poor before.. then twinkle promising herself tht she won’t take their relationship to next level until she returns sarna’s their property back.. their first kiss ???? then court drama.. nd sarna’s got their property… then twinj’s marriage consummation… after that kunj left to california.. them twinkle also left… their fun in california.. nd the beautiful night… then a leap.. twinki was a doctor in australia.. nd she doesn’t love kunj anymore… kunj came back.. and behaving as a child.. then it was revealed that sam twinki’s frnd was helping kunj to get back twinkle.. that day after the night.. kunj came to her and showed her the video.. she tried to explain but he didn’t listened and told loving her was the biggest mistake of his life….. she was heart broken.. .. then kunj came to his home.. nd bebe nd all told it was alisha’s plan.. then he went to australia… then twinkle got to knw abt him being acting… then she left… he found her in a jungle and took her to a nearby dhaba… they enjoyed holi there and feed food to eo… then twinki pregnant… they got reunite… then sam’s wedding.. in india.. they came back… sarna’s welcome them… then sam’s wedding.. nd finally their daughter… they were now a happy family…
    Huhhh itna long comment.. i knw bore kya… but kya karun… sorry for that… but i can’t believe u won’t write… i m sorry di.. but plsss coem back with a new piece of writing… plsssesesssssssss?????????????????
    Aj hi ye epi padha kyunki exams ki wajah se busy thi… sorry do for late comment…
    I hope u accepts my req…. accept ur chotu’s req… plssssss….?????????
    I LOVE U SOOOOOOOO MUCH DII….. I LOVE U…❤❤??????????❤❤❤???????????❤❤❤❤????????????

    1. Sara28

      I have no words to say. I am absolutely speechless. Congratulations, I think you may have broken the world record for the longest comment! Purvi, you are amazing. How did you remember each and every detail of both of my ffs. And also my other stories. I can’t even remember half of them ? When I was reading this, I thought to myself, “did I really write that?” Honestly, thank you so much. I never would have thought that I’d be getting so much love! Stay in touch and don’t forget me! Love you ❤️

  24. Sohi

    Why why why why why u did like this
    Kyun kiya apne aisa.
    Jao I will never talk to you I’m hell angry with you
    I’m crying now. I didn’t expected this from you ??????????????
    I understand that u end the ff but why are you quiting telly updates.
    Every good writer of tashan e ishq is leaving TU
    Aise tho sab chale jainge
    No I don’t know anything u have to come back
    And what about ur ss of which u have given 3 episodes Haan u have to complete that also. So u have to come back now
    Well this ff was a blast it have everything in it always full of twist and suspense plus comedy
    I just love this ff
    And ur every os was beautiful
    Plz if u really think me as ur friend then u have to come back
    Do continue
    Love u???

    1. Sara28

      Aww no talk to me and don’t cry! I will finish up the ss but I can’t promise another ff. But yes, I will come back for that so look out for my post. Thank you for loving this ff! Love you!

  25. This ff journey was beautiful and mind blowing
    I never wanted this ff to end here
    I loved everything of this ff
    Hope u will come soon

    1. Sara28

      Thank you so much!

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