I Hate You (Episode 57)

Hey, extremely sorry for the slow updates. I’ve been caught up in some work. I’m kinda confused with the mixed reactions on this plot. Are you guys not liking it? Should I end it? Please do tell me, so I don’t keep boring you guys with these episodes.

Recap: Sam tells Twinkle that she has a patient with split personality disorder. The patient is revealed to be Kunj. After seeing Kunj after five years, Twinkle becomes shocked.


Twinkle leaves the room in shock.
Sam- Twinkle!
Sam follows Twinkle. He goes out into the hall and sees a panicked Twinkle.
Sam- Twinkle, are you okay?
Twinkle rushes inside her cabin. Sam follows her inside.
Sam- Twinkle, what happened out there? Why are you acting so strangely?
Twinkle stays silent.

Sam- Twinkle, for the past five years, I haven’t asked you a single question about your life. Have I? When you moved to Australia, did I ask you what happened? Did I ever ask about your family? Did I ask about your husband? I didn’t even know you got married until I saw you with sindoor and a mangulsutra. Still, I didn’t ask you anything. For these five years, I stood by you and now you’re the best heart surgeon in the country.
Sam sighs.

Sam- Twinkle, I have watched you indulge in nothing but your career in these past five years. What happened all of a sudden today? Why did you behave like that when you met Kunj. Do you know him from before?
Twinkle thinks- No. Sam is right. I can’t give up my career now. Now, I am only Doctor Taneja. I do not know any Kunj Sarna, nor did I ever know him.
Sam- Twinkle?
Twinkle- I’m fine. Let’s go. Mr. Sarna must be waiting.
Twinkle leaves her cabin, leaving Sam baffled.

The Next Scene…

Twinkle- Mr. Sarna?
Kunj turns towards Twinkle.
Twinkle- Hello, I am your doctor, Doctor Taneja.
A smile tugs on Kunj’s lips.
Kunj- I just want to kiss you.
Both Twinkle and Sam are shocked.
Twinkle- Excuse me?
Kunj starts singing.
Kunj- Baby you know that I miss you.
I wanna get with you tonight but I cannot babygirl,
And that’s the issue.
Girl you know I miss you,
I just wanna kiss you,

But I can’t right now so baby kiss me thru the phone.
Twinkle thinks- Kunj, what are you saying?
Sam- Oh. Twinkle, he currently thinks he is a singer. That’s why he is singing this song.

Twinkle looks at Kunj, her heart slowly shattering seeing his condition.
Kunj- Hey Doc, what’s wrong with me? Can you quickly tell me?
Twinkle- Voh….Mr…Mr. Sarna. I will have to see your reports. Sam, can you go and get them?
Sam leaves to get the reports. Kunj walks up to Twinkle and slowly walks around her.
Kunj- Someone once told me love is friendship. Love is fire. Love is pain. Love is blind. Those who don’t love, don’t live…aur jho pyar karte hai, voh jeena bhool jate hai.
Twinkle becomes surprised by Kunj’s words. Kunj’s serious face suddenly turns into a smile.
Kunj- How was that? Were those good song lyrics?
Twinkle- What?
Kunj- Song lyrics. Good right?
Twinkle lets out her breath. Sam comes back with the reports.
Sam- Twinkle, I have the reports. Have a look through them.
Twinkle takes the reports and looks through them. Tears start forming in her eyes, but don’t drop. Sam looks at Twinkle.

Sam thinks- What happened to Twinkle all of a sudden? In these past 5 years, she hasn’t showed any emotions. Not once has she cried. And today…..
Twinkle slyly wipes her eyes and continues reading the report with a blank face.
Sam- Twinkle, are you okay? Is anything wrong?
Twinkle looks back at Kunj and tears form in her eyes once again. Twinkle chokes on her words when she tries to speak.
Twinkle- Sam, I’m going now.
Twinkle leaves. Kunj sees her wipe away a tear.
Sam- I’m sorry Mr. Sarna. We will proceed with your treatment tomorrow. You may leave now.

(Twinkle’s apartment….)

Sam runs to Twinkle’s apartment and finds the door open. He slowly walks inside and closes the door behind him. He goes near Twinkle’s bedroom when he suddenly hears sobbing. He enters Twinkle’s bedroom and sees tissues all over the floor.
Sam- Twinkle?
Sam looks at the bed and finds Twinkle hysterically crying.

Twinkle- Sam! What is happening? I can’t stop crying.
Sam- Ummm..Twinkle…umm….why are you crying?
Twinkle shouts at him- I don’t know! I can’t stop!
Twinkle continuously cries. Sam walks up to Twinkle and sits next to her on the bed. Slowly and hesitantly, he pulls her head into his chest and holds her tight.
Sam- Shhh. It’s 5 years worth of pain. Let it out.
Twinkle is continuously crying. After a few minutes, Twinkle calms down and pulls away from Sam.
Sam- I think I’ll leave you alone for sometime.
Sam gets up to leave.

Twinkle- Sam.
Sam stops.
Twinkle- Don’t you want to know what my married surname was?
Sam turns around and sits down.
Twinkle- You have been by my side when I had no one. You gave me a place to stay when I had no roof over my head. You gave me a new hope when I lost all hope. If I am here right now, it’s only because of you. I think it’s time for you to know who I really am.
Sam looks on confused.
Twinkle- My name is Twinkle Sarna.
Sam hits realization as the pieces click in place.
Sam- Sarna? Kunj Sarna?
Twinkle nods- Kunj Sarna….my husband.
Sam is shocked.

Precap: The past is revealed…

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  1. Monaa

    My god! What is happening..??
    My kunj? What happened to him??
    N twinkle.. What changed her so much??..
    So many questions and only ansewer is ur next update.. Plz post soon..
    Keep smiling..?☺?☺

  2. SidMin23

    This is amazing and wonder what happen to kunj and eager to know the past story of twinj how they separate with each other and what happen to kunj and how twinkle change her identity. Do share it soon if it possible

  3. Akanksha

    Heya Sara…I think Kunj is jst pretending to be sick….he is here jst to take back his “Dilwale Dulhania”….?????

  4. Sohi

    Slowly slowly my confusion is getting cleared
    This plot is interesting continue with it
    Do continue but plz make them one soon

  5. Mindblowing episode Sara I’m so desperate to read the next pls post soon

  6. Aanya_pandey

    Waiting to know what has happened to kunj

  7. amazig..awsm.epi

  8. Ria

    Heya Sara,
    That was an incredible update! I feel bad for both Twinkle and Kunj. I know there’s nothing done deliberately by any one of them, but circumstances. Or, it can Cherry too. I’m looking forward to the past and My Foodie, no one’s bored of your FF. Cheer up! ❤ Hope you can post soon. ?

    All my love,

  9. Presha

    Hey ria awesome it was interesting just loved it

    1. Presha

      Srry dear sara by mistake I wrote ria name but now its getting interesting waiting for next part

  10. Chiku

    AMAZING ❤️❤️Awesome. Lovely
    Post soon

  11. Pooja.K

    Wooooow… Awesome episode sara

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    shocking suspense full emotional epi

  13. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Awesome episode sara…..Loved it…. Waiting eagerly for past to reveal…..
    Post next asap…
    Loveee uuuuuu

  14. Kritika14

    Hey Sara! I’m really sorry for this late comment! Anyway, this was an amazing update! I’m loving how this story is proceeding! So excited to know what happened in the past which resulted into this! Post the next one real soon! Will be waiting! x

    Love you! ?

  15. Baby

    Ohhhh god di like srsly kunj was singing hhehehheheheee……
    Well too emotional n lovely episode….
    Lods of love rainbow…..♡♥☆★♡♥☆★♡♥☆★love u…..post soon…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. Ramya

    Sara awesome amazing
    Kunj ko ho kya gaya
    Superb dear
    I’m njoying it alot
    Love u keep smiling

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