I Hate You (Episode 56)

Hey guys, don’t hate me! Aww, I feel so bad making you all confused as hell and angered. But, this twist was much needed for the upcoming plot. Don’t worry, Twinj won’t be separated for long. I hope you guys stay with me for the upcoming fun.


A bag of flour falls on the floor.
Twinkle- Oh fish!
Twinkle looks down at her dress, which was now covered in flour. Suddenly the door bell rings. Twinkle goes and opens the door. It was Sam. Sam takes a look at Twinkle’s face, now covered in the white powder and bursts out into laughter. Twinkle gives a confused look to Sam. She folds her arms across her chest and taps her foot.
Sam- Okay sorry sorry.
Sam tries to surprises his laughter, but fails and again bursts out into laughter. He walks inside the apartment still laughing.
Twinkle- Shut up!

Sam quickly shuts his mouth and stands quietly.
Twinkle- What is that?
Sam still stands there silently.
Twinkle- Open your mouth!
Sam becomes startled.
Sam- No actually, voh kya hai na, one moment you tell me to shut up and the next moment you tell me to speak. Todha confused ho jata hoon.
Twinkle rolls her eyes.
Twinkle- What is that?

Sam looks down at the bags in his hands and smiles.
Sam- Food.
Twinkle- So why are you here in my apartment with it?
Sam- Obviously to eat!
Twinkle- Kyun? What happened to your apartment that you can’t eat there?
Sam- Look at yourself. You seemed tensed today and I knew you won’t be able to focus today so I thought on bringing us dinner. Go clean up and I’ll set the food.

The Next Scene…

Sam serves the food on a plate and hands it to Twinkle. Twinkle takes it and silently eats it.
Sam- Twinkle, guess what.
Twinkle- What?
Sam- There is a very interesting patient coming tomorrow. Yow know, these cases are very rare. He has some sort of split personality disorder it seems. He changes characters rather quickly and can’t seem to remember his past.
Twinkle- This sounds like a neurological case. You are the brain specialist. Shouldn’t he be your patient?
Sam- He is. But he is also your patient.
Twinkle gives Sam a confused look.

Sam- Here’s the thing, because of his split personality, there is a high adrenaline rush in his heart. He could have a serious blood clot in his heart valve.
Twinkle- Interesting….
Sam finishes eating and leaves.
Twinkle- Are, I totally forgot to ask what the patient’s name was. It’s okay, I will just find out tomorrow.

The Next Day…

Sam walks into Twinkle’s cabin and sees her indulged in her paperwork again.
Sam- Twinkle, the patient is here.
Twinkle looks up.
Sam- He’s waiting. Let’s go.
Twinkle follows Sam. Sam leads Twinkle to another room. Twinkle enters the room and suddenly feels a weird sensation. She stops and places her hand over her heart.
Twinkle thinks- What is this feeling? Why am I feeling so weird?
Sam looks over at Twinkle.
Sam- Twinkle, are you okay?

Twinkle- Yea…I’m fine. Let’s go.
Twinkle walks in and sees a man standing in front of the window. His back is towards Twinkle while he looks out the window with his hands in his pocket. Twinkle looks at the man and again her heart starts racing. The guy turns around. Twinkle becomes shocked as she sees Kunj standing in front of her. (Sad Sajna Ve plays in bg).
Twinkle looks at Kunj, who had ruffled hair, stubble and sunglasses on his face (dp pic). She froze in place. Kunj slowly stepped towards Twinkle.

Tumko dekh ke yoon lagta hai
koi bichhda khwab aaya hai…

He takes another step towards Twinkle.

barson lambi raat se guzre,
subaha ka jhonka laut aaya hai…
Kunj walks straight to Twinkle and looks into her eyes. Twinkle was still in shock.

saans mein teri saans mili to,
mujhe saans aayi,
mujhe saans aayi…

Sam- Mr. Sarna, meet your doctor, Doctor Taneja.
Twinj were still staring at each other.
Sam- And Twinkle, this is your patient, Mr. Kunj Sarna (echoes).
“Kunj Sarna.”
The name echoes in Twinkle’s mind. Twinkle shakes her head in shock.
Twinkle- Nahi….it can’t be…it can’t be…
Twinkle runs out of the room.
Sam- Twinkle!

Precap: Kunj- Kiss me.
Twinkle becomes shocked.

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Interesting day by day many things are getting unfolded I mean Kunj…. Split personality disorder ….Feeling worried for Kunj and Twinkle
    Precap is interesting ….
    Love you … Post soon 🙂

  2. Presha

    Hey sam its awesome but the precape is interesting as well as shocking do post soon nd ur other fs too

  3. Sohi

    Ab tho sachi me helll confused ?

  4. SidMin23

    It was nice and guess was right the next Patience was kunj and why I feel like twinj will come close during that time as twinkle is his doctor and precape is damn interesting sara I hope it will soon unfolded how and when twinj get separate

  5. Ohioo. Maha twisttt and a twissttyyy episodeeeee ??? you rocked iam shocked??

    Btww posttt soonn ….Can’t wait to read further????

  6. Akanksha

    hey sara, kunj has split personslity disorder!!! the plot is getting more shocking nd mysterious day by day…..

  7. Wow Sara the plot seems damn interesting plz continue soon Sara I’m loving it so much

  8. Ria

    Heya Sara,
    Wow! Split personality? Seems great. I’ve read another fan fic on split personality disorder and it was absolutely so, I’m looking forward to you story too. The update was funny and emotional although, seemed a little short, but never mind. I’m looking forward to the next update as the precap seems interesting and to some extent I guess, I know why Twinj separated. ?

    All my love,

  9. Ritzi

    Won! Sara u r killing it girl! Wht an epi! Mindblowing! Pls post asap

  10. awsm..twist

  11. Monaa

    It seems interesting.. Eagerly waiting for ur story.. U updated but too short.. Not fair.. But no problem.. Post next soon..

  12. Kritika14

    Hey Sara!

    You alright? I mean seriously a split personality disorder to Kunj? ? I’m amazed! What’s in your head? I’m so legit curious to know why twinj have separated! Moreover, the precap seems really exciting, post the next one soon! x

    Love you!

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome shocking interesting…..eagerly waiting for next part

  14. Baby

    yeh kya ho rha hai sara di……………..srsly
    bt m worried for twinj……
    wow d episode was amazing…….
    n precap hehe m confused wats happening………
    well loved it vry mch…….
    love u lods rainbow……♥♥
    post nxt asap di☺

  15. Hell confusing…pls clear this confusion…a silent reader’s request.Please.Can’t wait.Cont soon.

  16. Aanya_pandey

    Yrr.. can’t conclude whats happening.. hope everything will b back to normal soon
    Btw awesome update

  17. Ramya

    My guess was right I said na it will be lunj only
    I’m so excited
    Love u keep smiling

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