I Hate You (Episode 55)

Hey guys! Many of you were confused or scared because of the precap. Hopefully, this episode makes everything clear. I hope you guys like the upcoming twist and enjoy the episode!

Recap: Twinkle yells at Kunj for being rude to Mark. Later, she becomes jealous when she sees Kunj dancing with other girls. Twinkle becomes drunk and kisses Kunj in front of everyone. Twinj consummate their marriage once again.


(5 Years Later in Australia…)

A hospital is shown. The staff are all working diligently. There are doctors and nurses rushing through the halls. A man is brought in on a stretcher. There is a woman running alongside the stretcher, who is crying. The nurses cuts the woman off when they enter the emergency room.
Woman- Please save my husband! Please!
A nurse holds her off.
Nurse- Madam please control yourself Nothing will happen to your husband.
The woman sits on a chair and cries.
Nurse- Someone call the cardiotharacic surgeon!

The Next Scene…

A surgeon is quickly walking towards the Operation Theatre. Some nurses walks up to her, handing her a head cap and a mask.
Surgeon- I want the patient under reciprocation now! Have the oxygen mask on him.
Nurse- Ma’am, the patient is losing blood quickly.
Surgeon- Then what are you standing here for damn it! Go! I’m not going to lose this patient!
The surgeon walks into the operation theatre.
Nurse 1- The patient is in critical condition.
Nurse 2 smiles- He will live. Dr. Taneja is operating, and her operations are always a success.

The Next Scene…

The patient’s wife is pacing back and forth in front of the operation theatre. The operation theatre light goes off and the surgeon comes out.
Woman- Doctor, how is my husband? Is he okay? Will he be fine? Please answer me.
The same two nurses watch the scene from a far.
Nurse 1- Why isn’t the doctor responding? Did she fail this time?
Nurse 2- Just wait for it. She never fails.
Woman- Why aren’t you answering Doctor? Please tell me how my husband is.
The doctor pulls down her face mask and takes off her head cap. She is revealed to be Twinkle.

Twinkle- Your husband is absolutely fine.
The woman lets out a sigh of relief.
Nurse 2- Dekha. What did I say? Doctor Taneja hasn’t lost a patient in 5 years.
Twinkle walks away and enters her cabin. She sits at her desk and starts filling out paperwork. There is a knock on her cabin door.
Twinkle- Come in.
A guy walks in and stands in front of Twinkle’s desk. Twinkle does not look up. The guy takes the pen out of Twinkle’s hand. Twinkle stands up furiously.
Twinkle- What the hell!
Twinkle looks at the guy and breaks out into a smile.

Twinkle- Oh Sam, tu.
Sam laughs.
Sam- Kya yaar Twinkle, take a chill pill. You’re always so tensed and everyone here is afraid to even walk past you. I’m your only colleague that isn’t afraid of you. Actually, sometimes even I get scared.
Sam laughs. Twinkle sits back down and resumes her paperwork.
Sam- Why do you always keep that strict face on? Smile once in a while. Khadoos kahi ka.

Twinkle stops her work upon hearing that word. Sam looks at Twinkle’s face and then at her clenched face.
Sam- Twinkle, are you okay? Sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that. I was just joking.
Twinkle- No, it’s fine. It’s nothing.
Sam- Are you sure?
Twinkle stands up.

Twinkle- Yeah I’m sure.
She puts on her white doctor coat and puts her stethoscope around her neck.
Twinkle- Now if you will excuse me, duty calls.

Twinkle leaves her cabin. Sam smiles.
Sam- Duty has been calling you for the past five years and you have always answered its call. That’s why you are the top heart surgeon here in Australia. But hidden underneath that strict hard outside, is pain that no one knows of.

The Next Scene…
Twinkle steps out of her cabin and takes in a deep breath. Sam’s words echo around in her head.
“Khadoos Kahi ka.”
Twinkle closes her eyes. She sees flashes of hazy memories and hears some distant voices.
“Khadoos Sarna.”
Twinkle closes her eyes and covers her ears.

Twinkle- No!
Twinkle opens her eyes.
Twinkle- No, I have forgotten the past. now only my future is in front of me. Twinkle Sarna is dead. Now it’s only Dr. Taneja, the best heart surgeon in all of Australia.

Precap: Sam: Twinkle, you have a special patient here. His case is very rare.
Twinkle looks at the patient and becomes shocked.

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  1. Ria

    What!!! Noooooo…
    5 years leap!!??
    Twinj separated??
    Sara, this is so not fair. Why are they always separated? And that too, it’s always so unknown?? And then, what happened to Kunj? Why the hell is he in hospital? Cardiac problems, is it? Gosh!! I’ll burst out . . Although, I want to cry, but our conversation comes into my mind and I start laughing??

    Anyway, I’m waiting for the next one and the past to unravel. I want to know what had happened because of Cherry Sarna, probably? Hope you can post real soon because I’m waiting already. And even ELEGANTLY WASTED. 🙂

    All my love,

    1. Ria

      I forgot this. I’d initially thought if it while reading itself. Did you notice this journey did become a longer one than Love Is Blind? Yay! ?

  2. Sohi

    Hell confused

  3. ohhh sara….amazing….omg…Sara fab…I think the special patient is kunj…yeeee….plzzz post asap

  4. Presha

    Hey sara awesome but very confused

  5. Purvi128

    Sara di, I m hell confused..!
    So much of suspense..!
    What happened.
    Twinj seperated.., ??????????????
    The episode was awesome full of suspense …! But confusing
    What happened in these 5 years..
    And I think so .. in the precap the patient is Kunj only…!
    My eyes were filled with tears when I read the line “Twinkle Sarna is dead. Now it’s only Dr. Taneja, the best heart surgeon in all of Australia.”
    Such an unexpected twist..!!!!!
    Post next one pretty soon..!
    Can’t wait..!
    Love you?❤❤?

  6. Ohh twisty???
    I think now the episodes will be according to the theme ie is hate…..shayad ?

    Post next. Soonn??

  7. Roshini125

    Oh noooo ohooo! !
    I didn’t expect this. Y u made twinj apart. Get the. Back I loved the way it was plz get it back

  8. I’m shocked pls do clear the confusions soon and I think the special patient is kunj post soon

  9. Ritzi

    Twinj separated! Oh god…wht a twist man! Awesome! But pls no further waits girl! Can’t wait more either u post this soon or yr other fs….plssssss

  10. very awsm n shocking epi
    plzzzzzzzzz post soon

  11. Why why why sara? Why? ?? why did you separate them? Just why? ??

  12. Hey sara di what a twist nd twinj separated nd what happened bw them nd 5 yrs leap ohh gosh..plzz plz plzz di..
    post soon…
    luv u..

  13. Chiku

    Twinj separated!!!! Sooo much of shock?????omggggg.
    Post soon
    I am waiting for the next episode

  14. Loveleen

    Ohh so they separated….M so sad…

  15. Kritika14

    OMG! Sara you alright? A leap of five years in episode 55 while a cute romantic one in episode 54! Seriously mate, why you doing this! Why and how are they even separated? What happened and when? I’m literally numb! I know it seems a little fake but trust me it isn’t! Anyway, I hope you write the next episode asap cause I can’t wait to know the reason behind this! Post real soon!

    Will be waiting for both, I Hate You and Elegantly Wasted!

    Love you!

  16. SidMinTwiNj

    Ayyo Sara what is this five years leap Twinkle Sarna died TwiNj separated oh my heart it can’t handle this shock ???? plzzzzzzzz post next epi soonest… Can’t wait for longer time… I think in precap Twinkle is shocked seeing Kunj…

  17. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂
    5 year leep thats long ….
    Well its getting interesting …. Loving it 🙂
    Love you post soon 🙂

  18. Mia12

    Do u knw in few days ago I was very scared coz thinking that what will happen in next.. What ur brain is up to… U knw my heart says that u will separated twinj.. Now its happen only.. And I knw its gonna happen 1 day and so soon… M very much heart broken coz of twist… But never mind coz I have full faith on you,, now m excited on ur upcoming twist.. Soo plzz post next part soon,,we’ll be waiting,,….
    Love you..❤❤

  19. SidMin23

    It was biggest shock that twinj got separate and I think in the precape the patience is kunj that why she is shock u hope everything will be fine soon and get twinj tother happily do clear confusion soon sara.

  20. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing shocking emotional epi

  21. Baby

    ohhhhhh god sara di dekha i told u promo ko padke dat surgeon is twinkle…………
    bt 5 years leap……….m crying crying crying………..
    why rainbow alag ho gaye do pyaar krne wale kun kun mar gayi twinkle sarna…………
    merko voh paitent kunj lag raha hai bt still kya ho gya…….
    lods of love di♥♥
    post asap☺

  22. Ramya

    I was shocked at precap in previous episode
    But today such an amazing twist
    I never thought about
    N what happened to twinkle
    Yeh kua chal raha hai
    I’m so excited. Love u keep smiling

  23. Aanya_pandey

    My god what a chamge in story… Just waiting to know more

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