I Hate You (Episode 53)

I am extremely sorry for the lat update. I wasn’t feeling the best these past few days. But, I am better now so I am posting this episode. Hope you all enjoy it!

Recap: Mahi turns out to be pregnant. Twinkle fins out that Kunj is staying in Callifornia for an extra week and has left a ticket for her. Twinkle goes to California to stay with Kunj for a week.


Kunj opens the hotel room door and allows Twinkle to step in. Twinkle looks around the room. She stands in front of Kunj with her hands on her hips. Kunj closes the door and looks at Twinkle.
Twinkle- What is all this?
Kunj- What?
He looks around the room which was decorated with candles, rose petals, red curtains, and a huge heart shaped bed.
Twinkle- Kunj, this is a honeymoon suite.
Kunj- Haa toh?
Twinkle squints her eyes at Kunj.
Twinkle- You stayed alone for one week in this honeymoon suite? Or did you have someone with you?
Kunj laughs. He walks up to Twinkle and back hugs her.
Kunj- You know, you look extra cute when you’re jealous. I had a different hotel room. I booked this room last night…for us.
Twinkle blushes.
Kunj- Oh, my surprise?

Twinkle smiles and goes to her luggage. She takes out a baby toy and hands it to Kunj. Kunj looks at it, bewildered.
Kunj- Yeh kya hai? Twinkle, you are joking right? Why are you gifting me a baby toy?
Twinkle- Lo. Kunj, since it’s a baby toy, obviously it’s for a baby.
Kunj looks at the toy and then realization hits him. He looks back at Twinkle then back at the baby toy.
Kunj- Really?
Twinkle nods.
Kunj runs up to Twinkle and carries her.
Kunj- Omg! Thank you!
Twinkle- Kunj, what are you doing? Let me down. Why are you thanking me?
Kunj- Twinkle, you’re pregnant? That’s amazing!
Twinkle- What?! Kunj, put me down!
Kunj puts Twinkle down.
Twinkle- I’m not pregnant Kunj!
Kunj- What? But…
Twinkle- Offo, Mahi bhabhi is pregnant. Not me.
Kunj’s face falls.
Kunj- You’re not pregnant?
Suddenly he light back up.
Kunj- Wait, bhabhi is pregnant?
Twinkle nods. Kunj smiles ecstatically as he fills with joy and excitement.
Kunj- That’s awesome! But, I thought you were pregnant.
Kunj pouts.

Twinkle- Kunj….it takes for weeks to find out if you’re pregnant. And, it’s only been one week since our…
Twinkle blushes as Kunj smiles. He starts walking towards Twinkle. Twinkle starts walking backwards and eventually is stopped by the bed. To stop herself from falling, she reaches out to Kunj and grasps his shirt. They both fall on the bed, resulting in Kunj on top of Twinkle. Kunj moves the hair out of Twinkle’s face and caresses her cheek. He leans in closer and closer. The two lips touched for a split second when there was a knock on the door. Kunj got off of Twinkle and they both stood up and composed themselves. Kunj opened the door.
Man- Sir, there will be a party in the club in this hotel. Every guest is invited. We hope you will also enjoy yourselves there.
Kunj- Oh really, a party? Sure, we will be there.

The Next Scene…

Kunj- Twinkle, are you done yet? How much longer will you take?
Kunj was pacing around the room with his hands in his pockets. He was wearing a simple white t-shirt with a gray blazer on top. Even with the simplicity of the outfit, he did not fail to have a heart throbbing affect.
Twinkle walks out wearing a simple pale pink knee length dress. On her shoulder, slung a matching purse. Kunj looks at her, mesmerized.

Ha ha guess I probably saw my reflection somewhere #whenyourfaceisfunny #toughlife ??

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Kunj- That college Twinkle Taneja is back.
Twinkle playfully slaps Kunj’s arms and links her arm with his. They both head down to the party.

(The Party…)

The party was in full swing. It extended out of the hotel club and out to the pool side. Twinkle and Kunj walked out onto the pool side and looked around at the beautiful set up. It was decorated with dim purple and blue lights. Everyone was having fun dancing, drinking, and enjoying. A guy walks up to Twinkle.
Guy- Hi, I’m Mark.
Twinkle- Hi! I’m Twinkle.
Mark- Would you like to dance?
Twinkle looks at Kunj and smiles.
Twinkle- I’d love to dance.
Mark extends his hand. Twinkle places her hand on Mark’s and leaves to dance with him. Kunj stands there shocked. Twinkle and Mark dance by the poolside.
Mark- Hey, I hope your boyfriend doesn’t mind me dancing with you.
Twinkle laughs.

Twinkle- He’s not my boyfriend. He’s actually my husband. No, he will not mind.
Twinkle looks at Kunj was burning in jealousy.
“Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please!”
Twinkle stops dancing and looks towards the voice. She sees Kunj standing on top of a table.
Twinkle- Kunj!
Twinkle runs over to Kunj.
Kunj- No! Stay right there. Don’t move.
Twinkle- Kunj? Are you drunk? You never drink.
Kunj- Mere biwi mujhse pyar nahi karti!
Mark- What is he saying?
Twinkle- Ummm…nothing.
Twinkle- Kunj! Get down!
Mark- Dude! Get down. You will fall!
Kunj- Oh Mark! Hi!
Mark- Is he drunk?
Twinkle nods.

Kunj- Fist tell me you love me!
Twinkle- Kunj, get down!
Kunj- Nope! First tell me!
Everyone cheers.
Everyone- Tell him!
Twinkle- Ok fine. I love you Kunj! Now get down.
Kunj smiles- Okay.
He jumps down from the table and walks up to Twinkle. Twinkle looks at him carefully.
Twinkle- You’re not drunk?
Kunj- Nope.
Twinkle- It was all a joke?
Kunj pulls Twinkle into a hug.
Mark whistles and starts clapping. Everyone else joins and cheers them on.

Precap: Kunj gets robbed….

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  1. sara di it was amazing dii loved it and link for kunj’s dress is not working…
    anyways this was fantastic fabulous
    post soon….
    luv u…

  2. Sohi

    Fabulous and romantic episode
    Kunjs act was hilarious yet cute
    Do continue

  3. SidMin

    The episode was super cute .. .Loved it …. Too good I mean Kunj Link was so excited he thought Twinkle is pregnent… bechara ?
    Well the jealous Kunj was so sweet and his act to be drunk ???
    Precap is a bit weird ….
    Love you post soon ???

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

  5. Mia12

    Hey Sarah,
    Woooaahh,,shooo much lovely episode,,????? twinj scene was just Awesome,,??? but yeh kya kiss hote hote nai hua,?? tum romance describe kyu nai karte,?? muje tumara rmncs bhttt pasand hai,??? but muje description mai rmncs cahiye chayie cahiye matlab cahiye,???? Plzz now post soon,?? and take care of ur health OK,☺☺
    Love you,❤❤

  6. Monaa

    Omg! It was so cutee.. Kunj thought twinkle pregnent.. Bechara.. Saare armaan tut gaye.. He he.. N his drunk acting.. Omg! Amazing..
    Keep smiling.. Post soon

  7. it was really too much awesome loved it.

  8. SidMin23

    It was nice and beautiful and twinj moment was always cute and their moment was distrub by man which was giving them invitations. And poor kunj he was expecting that twinkle as pregnant but it was mahi and kunj act as drunk as he got jealous so cute and twinkle said I love u to kunj was ? And mark asking twinkle for dance and jealous kunj and start his act precap seen to be interesting. And take care of your self also Sara.

  9. Presha

    hey sara awesome yaar loved it to core while the last part was funny

  10. Sara dii episode Wass funnnyyy and amazing….
    That Twinj scene was ???
    … Post soonn??

  11. Aashiya

    Hey Sara di,
    I’m commenting after a long time on ur ff. Ws kinda busy with studies…. The epi was mind boggling. ..too cute…kunj acting of getting drunk was just ??????
    Loved it 2 d core
    Take proper care of ur self

  12. Fantastic episode Sara and the last part was funny yaar I loved it post soon

  13. Chiku

    Awwww!! Thats sooooo cute???lovely??loved it.
    Post soon


    Hi Sara I’m ritwika…..till now i was a silent reader……but today I’m commenting on ur ff
    Today i finished reading us 1st ff ‘LOVE IS BLIND’.it’s simply very cute & lovely…..a lil bit filmy also….BT i love it as much as i love ‘I HATE YOU’…..
    About todays episode, its very cute n i love kunjs drunken acting…..
    I have one more qus.do u have any other ff except these two?if yes than plz tell me………by,tack care

  15. Ria

    Hey Sara,
    That was a really amazing and cute update. Aww .. I love the way Kunj felt jealous of Mark? Gosh! He’s so cute. He even went up on the stage and announced that his wife doesn’t love him? Lol, and he just acted as if he was drunk. That was even cuter. Aww .. I love Twinj. They’re too cute for life.

    All my love,

  16. Kritika14

    Heya again! And I’m so glad I am able to open this page, FINALLY! ? Anyway, talking about the episode … it was amazing, as usual! I don’t think I require to tell you how good it was as I’ve already told that befotr! All I want is you to post the next epiosde asap! I know it’s a little tuff, but give it a try? But don’t pressurise!

    Love you!

  17. Baby

    hahhahahaa ohk sooo sara di……….hahhahaa
    it was too cute kunj acting drunk he thinking twinkle to be pregnant……….hehehe
    n also twinkle making kunj jelous was amazing fabulous marvaleous adorable ute alluring episode…………as always rainbow.luvd it♫
    n missed u very mch n also precap seems interesting….☺
    lods of love♥♥♥♥♥

  18. RUTU.....

    Twinkling episode dear just like twinkle and shining just like Kunj just loved it so
    Love you so much

  19. Amaya Bhardwaj

    HeySara, awsm fabulous episode…..Loved twinj scenes……Do post next one soon

  20. Ramya

    Awesome amazing Sara
    Bechara kunn ko laga twinkle is pregnant
    Awesome n kinj acting wala scene was amazing
    Love u keep smiling

  21. Aanya_pandey

    Aaawwww…. Soo cute.. jealous kunj.. awesome update

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