I Hate You (Episode 38)


Hey guys! I hope you are all like this plot. You might be feeling anxious that the wedding sequence has still not happened. But don’t worry, that is coming soon, very soon. As today is kind of a special day, I hope you enjoy this episode and a small treat that I will be giving you all.

Recap: Kunj tells Twinkle how he felt when she insulted him. They apologize to each other and reconcile. Usha, Manahor, and Bebe come to speak with Leela. Kunj challenges Twinkle that she can’t wear a saree. Twinkle accepts the challenge and decides to prove that she cane wear more than just jeans and dresses.


(At College…)

The college gates as Twinkle walks in. All the guys turn to see her. The pale pink silk sari Twinkle was wearing was fluttering in the wind. Her hair bobbed gracefully in loose curls on her shoulders.

?Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Hal Kya Kahein
Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Ye Kamaal Kya Kahein ?
A guy walking by stared at her with an open mouth. Another guy dropped his textbook. Even the girls stopped and stared. Kunj was awestruck at Twinkle’s beauty. His jaw dropped looking at her. Twinkle saw Kunj and faintly smiled. She passed by him and the end of her sari fell over Kunj’s face as she walked by. Kunj closed his eyes. Twinkle walked passed him. Kunj was still dazed.
Kunj- Yaar this girl will kill me.
Kunj walks into the classroom. He sees all the guys still staring at Twinkle. Kunj walks up to the empty seat next to Twinkle. Just as he was about sit, Chinki came and sat in the seat. Twinkle slyly smiled seeing Kunj’s disappointed face. Kunj took another seat. Throughout the class, he would get glances of Twinkle. Twinkle too noticed Kunj. She smiled thinking about her victory. Finally the bell rang and class ended. The professor left and one by one, the students too left. Kunj slowly packed his bag and watched as Twinkle wrote the last of her notes. The last student left the classroom and now only Twinkle and Kunj were left behind. Twinkle got up and started walking towards the door, only to be pulled back by Kunj. Twinkle’s hands rested on Kunj’s chest. Kunj slowly slid his hands under Twinkle’s saree and held her bare waist. Twinkle closed her eyes and tightly held Kunj’s shoulder.
Twinkle- You lost Mr. Sarna.
Kunj smiles- Even if I lost, I won.
Twinkle blushes- Ok you don’t want to know what your mother thought of her bahu?


Twinkle was in her room struggling to wear a the sari.
Twinkle- Kya Twinkle. You accepted Kunj’s challenge but how will you wear a sari now?
Twinkle gets an idea.
Twinkle- Twinkle, we are in the year 2016. Everything is able to be found online. From husbands to babies, then yeh saree kya cheez hai?

Twinkle watches a tutorial video on how to wear a saree and with much difficulty, she is able to wear it. After wearing it, Twinkle comes downstairs and meets with Kunj’s parents. Leela was also surprised to see her daughter in a saree for the first time.
Usha- Vah! My Kunj’s taste is not that bad. Kitna pyari ladki hai.
Manohar- Leela ji, we are ready for this rishta. We really like Twinkle. She will be a prefect match for our Kunj.
Twinkle was elated hearing this.
Leela- I’m so happy today Manohar ji that my daughter is lucky enough to be going to a family like this one.
Bebe- Leela ji, what are you saying? We are not taking a bahu home, we are taking our daughter home.


Kunj- Kya baat hai. U managed to impress everyone?
Twinkle shrugs.
Twinkle- Twinkle Taneja can do anything.
Kunj pulls Twinkle closer to him.
Kunj- Don’t do anything in front of me. I can only control myself to a limit. Now if you come in front of me looking like this, how will I control myself?
Kunj leans closer and touches Twinkle’s cheek with the back of his index finger.
Kunj speaks softly- When you come in front of me, the world seems to stand still, time seems to stop. I feel like losing myself in those magical brown eyes. That smile of your brightens my day and your that little dimple that accessorizes your face just drives me crazy.
Kunj traces his finger to Twinkle’s lips.
Kunj- I love it when these soft lips call my name. I feel like marking them with my own lips and showing the world that Kunj Sarna has gotten the world’s greatest life partner.
Twinkle blushes. Kunj leans closer to Twinkle. Twinkle covers Kunj’s mouth. Kunj smiles and kisses Twinkle’s hand.
Kunj whispers- Don’t worry. I won’t do anything without your permission.
Kunj kisses Twinkle’s forehead and leaves. Twinkle stands there amazed.
Twinkle thinks- How can someone be this good?

The Next Scene…

The graduating class was sitting in the auditorium in their caps and gowns. It was their last day at college.
Principal- I would like to congratulate each and every one of you. You all have been an honor to this college. We are proud to have had you all as our students. Now it is the time where you all will take your next step into your future ad I wish you all great success. There has been one student who has excelled extraordinarily and it is my honor to present to him a scholarship to the Aerodynamics Course for piloting. Kunj, please come on stage and receive your check.
Everyone claps as Kunj steps on the stage. The principal awards a medal to Kunj and hands him the check.

Kunj- My family has supported me throughout my whole life. But, this achievement can only be credit to one person. That person came into my life and turned my life around. She taught me to live again. She is the reason I am standing here on this stage. Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna, this is for you.
Twinkle blushes as everyone claps for her.
Principal- As you all may know, two students have maintained the top position in our college for four years, Twinkle and Kunj. It is my honor to call Twinkle up to the stage.
Twinkle goes on stage. The principal puts a medal around Twinkle’s neck. Finally, the graduation ceremony is over, leaving everyone feeling accomplished. Alisha walks up to Twinkle. Twinkle smirks.
Alisha- Twinkle Taneja, I won’t spare you.

Twinkle- No no….it’s Twinkle Sarna, did you forget?
Alisha scowls at Twinkle.
Twinkle- Alisha, leave all this hatred now. Why don’t you understand that Kunj does not interested in you. Alisha, love is not something you can forcefully get. Not everyone can love Alisha. You need a good heart to love. Change your ways Alisha, there’s still time.
As Twinkle walks away, Alisha clenches her fist.
Alisha- You won’t lecture me on love Twinkle. No one can love Kunj more than me…no one!

Precap: Twinkle and Kunj’s engagement…

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  1. SidMin

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    Hey Sara
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    Continue asap

    Loads of Love 🙂

  3. Soumyad

    Happy birthday to you Sara…!!! Today’s episode was awesome and twinj’s romance was superb…plz post soon

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    The episode was awesome amazing good twinj moments were so cute I loved it waiting for there engagement do continue and post soon

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    It was such a pleasure to read such sweet lines on LOVE!
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    Is alisha upto some thing

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    Anyway, this episode was amazing. Okay, believe me, even I thought Twinkle would wear the saree seeing tutorials on net? Moreover, the way Kunj was flaterred on her looks, the sweet li’l romance session in the class, everything just left me spellbound. Is Alisha upto something? But who the hell cares when Twinj are together❤ I’m already waiting for the next update. Please try posting at the earliest.

    Happy Birthday, Sara!! (Third time??)

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