I Hate You (Episode 36)


Recap: Rishi decides to threaten and scare Sunny away. However, the plan fails when Sunny says he will call the police. Twinkle falls ill. Sunny is a doctor and he declares that Twinkle is pregnant. Twinkle is shocked. Leela decides to get Twinkle married to Sunny right away. She forcefully takes Twinkle to a temple.


Kunj was riding his bike around, looking for Twinkle.
Kunj- Come on Twinkle, where are you?
Meanwhile, Leela brought Twinkle and Sunny to a temple. Twinkle was crying and pleading to her mother.
Twinkle- Maa please don’t do this.
Leela- Not one word Twinkle!
Twinkle- Ma, this is wrong. I am already married.
Leela- I don’t accept this marriage.
She hands a flower garland to Sunny.
Leela- Here beta, put this on Twinkle.

Sunny puts the garland on Twinkle, even with the resistance from her side. Leela makes Twinkle put the garland around Sunny’s neck. He then takes a pinch of sindoor.
Twinkle looks with fearful eyes, at Sunny, who was approaching her with the sindoor. Twinkle closes her eyes. After a few moments, when she doesn’t feel anything, she opens her eyes to find a hand holding Sunny’s wrist. She sees the owner of the hand to be Kunj.
Twinkle- Kunj…
She runs to him and hugs him tightly. Kunj breaks the hug and wipes Twinkle’s tears away. He nods a no to her then turns to Leela.

Kunj- Chi aunty chi! And you call yourself the mother of this girl? My parents have given me the values and morals to respect the elders, and that’s exactly what I did. I loved Twinkle more than myself, but I broke her heart because of you. I let her go, think of a mother. I let her go on your insistence. But I’m sorry. I could not stay away from her. Twinkle is my world, she is my life. I will not be able to let her go. And mind you Mr. Sunny, I have also been taught how to treat girls. I know my limit and I never touched Twinkle with any bad intentions in the six months we stayed in the same room. So just take you pregnancy lies and just go to hell!
Kunj’s eyes were becoming moist as he spoke.
Kunj- I saved Twinkle once and I will save her again. No matter how many natural disasters, how many storms or obstacles comes, I will protect her even if that means giving up my life. I can’t see tears in Twinkle’s eyes. And whoever causes those tears won’t be left alone…
Kunj turns to Twinkle and holds her hand.
Kunj- Let’s go Twinkle.
Kunj and Twinkle turn to leave.
Leela- Ruko!
Twinj stop and turn around. Leela walks up to Kunj. Twinkle becomes tensed. She reaches out to Kunj. Kunj flinches. Suddenly, Leela’s angered face relaxes as tears form in her eyes. She caresses Kunj’s cheek. Both Twinkle and Kunj were surprised.
Leela- I wonder what good deed I must have done in my previous birth to have gotten a son in law like you.
Twinkle- Maa?
Leela folds her hands in front of Kunj.

Leela- Please forgive me. I had to do this drama.
Kunj- Drama?
Sunny smiles.
Sunny- Yes drama. Let me explain. You are Kunj right?
Kunj- Yes, but how did you know?
Leela- I told him.
Twinkle and Kunj were both the uttermost confused. They could not comprehend what was going on in front of them.

Leela- Kunj, that day when you called me to meet Twinkle, I saw the care you had for her. At that point, I realized that Twinkle couldn’t have gotten a better life partner. But, I am a mother after all. How could I hand my daughter off to some unknown man? A fear was always built up inside me. Many men came to me with proposals for Twinkle. I was very excited that I could finally get Twinkle married. But I was disgusted when I found out about the reason behind the proposals. Some wanted her money and property and others just wanted her body…
Leela closed her eyes, disgusted.

Leela- I raised Twinkle by myself. I couldn’t just hand her off to the wrong person. So I decided to test you. I told you to leave Twinkle even though I knew how much you loved her. You still let her go, respecting my decisions and I realized that you had good moral values. But I was still surprised that you let your love go that easily. But you proved me wrong once again. That night, I saw you and Twinkle on the balcony and I realized that you can’t leave her. Now after today, I have no worries. I am relieved to know that after me, there is someone much better to protect and love my Twinkle.
Twinj were speechless.

Twinkle- Maa? You did such a big drama???
Leela- After all, you have to see whose mother I am, India ki sabse bari drama queen, Twinkle Taneja’s mother.
Twinkle and Leela laughed.
Leela- Beta, I hope you have forgiven me.

Kunj- Are, what are you saying aunty. Please don’t say that. You didn’t do anything wrong. U were just trying to protect your daughter. Now don’t cry or your beautiful makeup will get ruined.
Kunj wipes her tears off as Leela laughs and playfully slaps Kunj’s shoulder.
Leela- Haat baadmash.
Kunj laughs and side hugs Leela.
Kunj- Ek second. How did Twinkle become pregnant?
Sunny- I think I can answer that. Leela aunty called me for the drama and since Twinkle is my childhood friend, I needed to help her out. When I realized that Twinkle was sick, I thought that this was the perfect time to execute the plan so you can come here and save her. Sorry yaar Kunj but I had to lie. Don’t worry, Twinkle is not pregnant. She just had food poisoning.
Twinj- Food poisoning! (Funny tune).

Leela and Sunny burst into laughter.
Leela- Ok ok. One last thing. Let’s make the lie come true.
Twinj were confused.
Leela- Now that everything is clear, I want to get you two married again. This time, properly.
Rishi and Chinki come out.
Chinki- Wait for us!
Kunj- You two here?
Rishi- Actually, aunty called us and told us everything.
Sunny- You were the one that called me and threatened me right?

Rishi became nervous.
Rishi- S…s..sorry.
Sunny laughed.
Sunny- Saale, at least try to make it seem more realistic.
Everyone laughs.
Sunny- Ok now please give me the permission to go. it is time for me to leave.
Leela- Leave? But won’t you stay for the wedding?
Sunny- Sorry aunty, I can’t. My vacation time is over. Plus, my job is done and the two love birds are united.

Kunj- You came like and anger in our lives. Thank you.
Sunny- Are what are you saying. I think you can consider me as your friend. Congrads man and take care of Twinkle. She can be quite a handful.
Twinkle scowls at Sunny.
Sunny- I’m just joking. Sorry Twinkle. I know I have been annoying you since our childhood. I know you hated me and still probably do, but I hope that can change.
Twinkle smiles. Sunny gives her a side-hug. Sunny starts to leave and then turns back.
Sunny- Oh and Twinkle, make that lie to come true. I’ll be waiting for the good news!
Twinkle blushes. Sunny waves bye and walks away.

Precap: Wedding preparations have begun (are you guys excited?) and Kunj’s family to come….

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    yrr Sara. ..epi was fantastic. ..fabulous

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  3. Ayu

    ???i am flying…that was so damn cool! And she is quite a handful?
    ‘Make it come true…’
    I feel hojaayega??
    Awesome epi dear! Cont soon?

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    But today first time I am commenting on any ff. And the episode was fantastic fabulous awesome.

  6. Kritika14

    OMG! I loved this! The whole time I was smiling while reading! When Sunny told that she had food poisoning, I laughed so hard ? This was completely something I didn’t imagine how things could turn out to be! You are such a great writer!

    Anyway, I’ll be waiting for the next episode! Do post soon! Really excited for it.

    Lovess! xx

  7. SidMin23

    Episode was speechless and how they do drama for twinj and super excited for their wedding again with family blessing. Do post it soon as possible.

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    Are you serious? You planned it to be a positive track? Hats off to you. I really thought Sunny to be a negative character. Leela is soo good. Yay!!??

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