I Hate You (Episode 33)


I’m sorry guys for the late update.

Recap: Kunj comes to Twinkle’s balcony at night. They both confess to each other. Leela informs Twinkle that Sunny will be coming for lunch today.


(Taneja Mansion…)

Twinkle came out of the bathroom with a towel in her hand, drying her hair. She was wearing a white salwar, her dupatta was on her bed. She stood in front of the mirror and started drying her hair. She was surprised when she saw Kunj in the mirror. She turned around and saw Kunj leaning against the wall with his arms crossed across his chest.
Twinkle- Kunj!
Twinkle quickly got her dupatta and wore it. Kunj smiled.
Twinkle- How did you get here?
Kunj pointed towards the balcony with his eyes.
Twinkle- Kunj, leave from here.
Kunj started walking towards Twinkle.
Kunj- Kyun?
Twinkle- Kunj. Don’t be stubborn. Go before maa sees you.
Kunj pulled Twinkle towards him and held her waist.
Kunj- Ur still my legally wedded wife Twinkle. If someone sees then they won’t put me in jail. Don’t worry.
Twinkle- Kunj go.
Twinkle slightly pushed Kunj and turned away to leave. Kunj caught her dupatta and pulled her back towards him, this time her back rested against his chest. Kunj moved Twinkle’s hair onto to one side and leaned in towards her shoulder. Twinkle closed her eyes. Kunj leaned closer. Just as his lips were about to fall on her shoulder, someone knocked on the door. Twinkle moved away from Kunj.
Leela- Twinkle puttar! Come down quickly for breakfast. Sunny should be here soon.
Twinkle (while fixing her hair)- Coming maa!
Kunj pouted.
Twinkle pushed Kunj towards the balcony.
Twinkle- Kunj go now.
Kunj- Remember the plan! Bye!
Kunj blew a kiss at Twinkle and left. Twinkle smiled and shook her head.

The Next Scene…

Twinkle was eating breakfast when she heard the horn of a car.
Leela- Looks like Sunny and his mom arrived.
Twinkle rolled her eyes.
Outside Taneja Mansion, a white Mercedes pulled up. Kunj and Rishi were hiding and watching everything through binoculars.
Rishi- Wow Kunj. Ur competition has great style.
Kunj looked nervously through the binoculars. The door of the car opened.
Kunj- Looks like Sunny has arrived.
A person steps out of the car. Kunj is shocked at the sight. It is a grown man, that in a way, looks like a child. She is wearing suspenders and eating a lollipop. Kunj’s jaw drops.
Kunj- This is the so called perfect man for Twinkle? He looks like a child himself, how will he be a father to another child?
Rishi- Kunj? What is this? Is this Sunny?
Kunj smiles.
Kunj- Looks like my job won’t be as difficult as I thought.
Kunj and Rishi leave from there.
A lady steps out of the car and Leela greets her.
Leela- Are Mrs. Bhaliya! Welcome! How are you?
Bhaliya- I am very good ji!
Leela- Twinkle, why don’t you take Sunny on a walk around the park. Show him around Amritsar. By then, I will prepare lunch.
Twinkle gives a look of despair to Leela. Leela gives her an angered look and Twinkle was now bound to take Sunny on the walk. Twinkle leaves with Sunny.
Leela- Mrs. Bhaliya, twinkle and Sunny will go on a walk. Why don’t we set up lunch in the meantime?
Bhaliya- Sunny? Where is Sunny?
Leela- Kyun? Was that not Sunny?
Bhaliya- Leela ji, that is not Sunny. That is my younger son Sunny’s younger brother. Sunny is stuck in the airport for some official airport. he will be here in a while.

(The Park…)

Twinkle and Sunny were walking in the park.
Sunny- Wow Twinki, this is such a cool park!
Twinkle- My name is Twinkle.
Sunny giggles- He he…I will pyar se call you Twinki.
Twinkle thinks- Oh God. Is this the person maa was sending me off with?
Twinkle (irritated)- Let’s go Sunny ji.
Sunny thinks- Why is Twinki calling me Sunny? My name is Randeep. Oh…maybe Twinki calls me Sunny like how I call her Twinki. Ok. Hehe.
Randeep giggles. Twinkle looks at him weirdly.
Twinkle thinks- Why is this buddhu laughing?
As Twinkle was engrossed in her thoughts, two strong arms pull her away into a secret, quiet place behind a tree, where no one was there to see them.
Twinkle- Kunj!
Kunj sheepishly smiled at Twinkle.
Twinkle- Kunj, why are you smiling? Is this problem funny to you?
Kunj- Well of course it is. Just look at my competition.
Kunj signs to Randeep, who was know swinging on the swings.
Twinkle- Yes I see. U have no chance against him.
Kunj was surprised. His smile immediately dropped from his face. A hint of playfulness was evident in Twinkle’s eyes as she thought, why not make her husband a bit jealous?
Kunj- What?
Twinkle- Ha. He is smart, rich, sweet, and….soooo cute. Just looks at him.
Kunj- What? Twinkle…u are comparing me with…with…him?
Twinkle nods innocently. Kunj moves back from Twinkle and folds his arms across his chest.
Kunj- Ok fine, go marry him then.
Twinkle shrugs- Ok.
She turns to go, when Kunj holds her elbow and pulls her back, pinning her against the trunk of the tree. His hand immediately go up on either side of her head, blocking any escape paths for Twinkle. Kunj speaks in a low voice.
Kunj- U are only mine. What do you mean by you will marry him? Will you just leave me like that?
Twinkle melted seeing Kunj, hurt evident in his voice. She could no longer put up this act and immediately hugged him. Her hand ruffled the hair on the back of Kunj’s head.
Twinkle- I will never leave you.
Kunj smiled and hugged Twinkle tighter. He broke the hug and planted a soft kiss on Twinkle’s forehead…a kiss that was greater than a thousand kisses on the lips…a kiss that didn’t show lust, but love.

Precap: The real Sunny arrives…Kunj’s actual competition…

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  1. Sohi

    Hahaha the episode was funny yet romantic waiting for real sunny and kunjs competition and ya plz post soon

  2. Sohi

    One more thing do tell us who is playing characters of sunny and randeep

    1. Paavu

      Hey sohi katti ….I m crying

    2. Sohi

      Hey why karti! ? what i have done

  3. dreamer...arundhati

    Lovely one sara

  4. Ria

    Okay, believe me. When you told about this guy boarding down I thought why on earth would Leela select a retard for Twinkle?? and then everything was clear??

    This episode was so good. I am legit living this story. God only knows what made you think that it won’t be good at the beginning?! Anyway, Twinj romance behind the tree? Hope you can update the next one soon. I’ll be waiting cuz I’ve nothing to write now and only read??

    Loads of love?

  5. Anshikajainn

    Sooo cutee

  6. SidMin23

    It was awesome episode and twinj scene were nice and waiting for kunj competition with sunny. And do intro of sunny and randeep name and do post soon as it was quit late episode post.

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

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    It is awesome, well written bt u r too late I was dying from ur ff…..plz dnt be late next time post asap

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    It was cute
    I’m eagerly about next one
    Plsss asap don’t make me wait fr longer
    Loved I n love u

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    Sara d epi was damn cute….twinj moments????…….Loved it
    Eagerly waiting to see d real competation…..Continue soon

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    Hey Sara,
    This was amazing! I’m so loving this! The romance was lit. Hope you’ll post the next episode at the earliest as I’m really eager to read

    Lovess! xx

  13. Chiku

    Sara episode is damn cute??????lovely.
    I really thought u selected a retard????????
    Loved it
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    Love u?

  14. lovely episode

  15. Ayu

    Hey sara! This epi was damn cute n hilarious!!! I was laughing, smiling, enjoying…that last part was my fav though…it was so appealing to the heart! N it is truely said that that 1 kiss on the forehead is worth more than a 1000 smooches! It won my heart…n i am excited to see the true competition of kunj…it definitely promises to be❤️❤️❤️
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    Loads of love?

  16. Hey Sara missed u n ur ff so much… Epi is damn hilarious???? very excited for sunny and Kunj’s competition… Post next soon…


  17. Twinj

    Hey sara,
    Too gud. Luved it . Each n every scene were fab . waiting to know who the real sunny is . Please post soon.

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