I Hate You (Episode 18)

Aww u guys are so sweet. Thank you for ur well wishes. I m now perfectly fit and fine now. And many of u said I don’t take care of myself. I don’t now where u heard that from lol. I am actually not careless. I am quite healthy and I try to eat a healthy diet too. But I know that was just from all of ur concern for me. Thank you again and it feels wonderful knowing how many people care for me. Shatakshi, welcome back! I missed you!

Recap: Twinkle and Kunj fight and Twinkle does not make food for Kunj. Because he can’t cook, Kunj leaves to college with an empty stomach. Twinkle feels guilty as Kunj still waited for her and picked her up from college. Twinkle felt uneasy that Kunj did not eat the whole day. Kunj went to work and after a late night shift, he came home. Because he didn’t eat all day, he became half unconscious due to his lack of strength. Twinkle and Kunj come closer as Twinkle cares for Kunj and feeds him soup. She later proposes a deal that Kunj would buy things they need and Twinkle would cook for the both of them.


Twinkle- By the way Kunj, when exactly do u go to work?
Kunj- I work night shifts. Because of college, I can’t do any other shifts. Oh speaking of college, I have an art assignment to complete.
Twinkle- Oh my God. I totally forgot about that. I need to do that also!
Kunj- U got the same assignment?
Twinkle- Yes. The painting right?
Kunj nods.
Twinkle- Exactly. I brought my supplies already.
Kunj- Me too.

The Next Scene…

The apartment is covered in plastic wrapping. The whole floor has a plastic covering on it and the couch is also covered. Two canvases are set up. Kunj comes out wearing a white t-shirt, shorts, and a painter’s apron. He also has a paint palette and a paintbrush in his hand. Twinkle also comes out wearing a white t-shirt and shorts for girls. Twinkle and Kunj stand in front of their canvases with a blank expression on their face. Twinkle bites the end of her paintbrush. Kunj taps his paintbrush on his forehead. Twinkle takes some red paint on her paintbrush. Kunj’s canvas falls. He bends down to pick it up and Twinkle’s paintbrushes brushes against Kunj’s cheek. Twinkle stands there with her mouth open and soon covers her mouth in shock. Kunj picks up the canvas and looks at Twinkle’s shocked face. He slowly touches his cheek and looks at the red paint on his fingertips.
Kunj- Tu!
Twinkle- S…s…sorry…
Kunj dips his fingers in the paint and smirks at Twinkle. Twinkle starts backing up nervously.
Twinkle- No Kunj. Don’t come any closer. Dur hato mujhse.
Kunj advances towards Twinkle as she steps back.
Twinkle- No Kunj. Stop right there! Don’t take one more step.
Twinkle starts running with Kunj chasing after her. Twinkle runs until she is stopped by the wall. With no place to run, she closes her eyes in fear and anticipation. Soon, she feels cold paint on her cheeks and sees a smiling Kunj looking at her. Twinkle makes the hawww face.
Twinkle- Kunj you…you put paint on me!
Kunj- Nahi toh.
Twinkle- Hawww. Ur such a liar. U just put paint on me.
Kunj- How do u know that? Ur eyes were closed weren’t they?
Twinkle- Kunj you!
Twinkle runs after Kunj. In no time, the two of them duel in a cat fight using paint. The paint that should have been going onto their canvases for their assignments, was now being put on their bodies. Twinkle was painting Kunj as Kunj was painting Twinkle. By now their bodies and faces were covered with each other’s colors. In the process of the hassle, Kunj placed his hand on Twinkle’s lower back and pulled her close to him. Her chest touched his chest as the two still continued to put paint on each other. They both were laughing as Twinkle was trying to squirm out of Kunj’s hold and as she moved her head, they both froze. Twinkle’s eyes were wide in shock as she felt a pair of soft lips on her cheek. Kunj was also shocked as he found his lips on Twinkle’s cheek. Both stood in that position for a while, trying to comprehend whether this was a reality. Finally Kunj took his lips off of Twinkle’s cheek, breaking the unofficial kiss. He let go of Twinkle and looked around awkwardly. Twinkle ran out of the room and into the bathroom. She locked the door and leaned her back on the closed door, breathing heavily. Slowly she touched her cheek.
Twinkle- What did Kunj do? He…
Shocked, she touched her stomach.
Twinkle- What is happening to my stomach? What is this feeling? Like there are little butterflies flying in there. Why is this happening? Omg I need a cold shower to get back my focus.
Twinkle comes out of the shower. There is still and awkward tension between Twinkle and Kunj. Kunj avoids eye contact with Twinkle. He also takes a shower then leaves for work.
Twinkle- Now that Kunj is gone, I’ll clean up this mess.
Twinkle cleans up the paint. She notices that there is no paint left to be used for their assignment.
Twinkle- Oh no. There’s no paint left. What will I use now? I should go and buy some paint so I can finish the assignment tomorrow.
Twinkle leaves to get the paint.

The Next Scene….

Twinkle comes back to the apartment. She checks the time.
Twinkle- Oh fish! It’s 10 already? But Kunj is probably still not back yet. I should cook something and leave it for him.
Twinkle enters the bedroom and turns on the lights. She stands in front of the mirror and unclips her dupatta from her shoulder. As she was unzipping the zipper to her dress, she looks in the mirror and gets a big shock. She sees Kunj sleeping on the bed. Twinkle quickly zips back up and holds her dupatta to her chest.
Twinkle- Kunj!
She stares at Kunj sleeping.
Twinkle thinks- What is Kunj doing home so early? And on top of that, what is he doing on MY BED! Iss Kunj ka toh mai….
She storms over to Kunj and pulls the blanket off of him, yet again getting another shock. Her mouth widens as she quickly covers her eyes.
Twinkle- Besharm!
She opens her eyes again to see Kunj sleeping on the bed with no shirt on. She looks at his bare chest and thinks.
Twinkle thinks- Since when does Kunj sleep without a shirt? And on top of that, he slept in my place. Kunj, tum toh gaya….
Twinkle reaches her hand out to wake Kunj but then stops. She looks at Kunj’s sleeping face and becomes lost in it.
Twinkle thinks- He looks so innocent while sleeping as if he doesn’t know his right from his left. He looks so peaceful, as if the whole world’s peace resides in his face only.

Precap: Alisha accuses Kunj…Kunj finds out Twinkle’s secret….

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  1. Mind-blowing as usual Sara

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  3. Awesome epi sara… Loved it…

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    Mindblowing ….loved it

  5. Amazing epi.. the paint scene was awesome n hilarious ??.. and the last scene was cute.. waiting for the next ❤

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    Hey Sara,
    Long time, right? Well, the episode was superb. Especially that colouring each other part and then, ofcourse the kiss part. Lol! How can I forget the last part where Twinkle found besharam and the next instant found him cute!! I loved it soo soo much.

    I hope you get to post soon.

    Loads of love.?

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