I Hate You (Episode 17)

So sorry that I couldn’t post regularly. I was actually extremely ill. I couldn’t leave my bed. And now that I’m feeling a bit better, I had the strength to upload. So without any further ado, if u guys still remember the story, let’s get on with the episode….

Recap: Alisha finds out about Twinkle and Kunj’s wedding. She becomes furious at Twinkle, but Kunj stands up for Twinkle and warns Alisha to stay away. Twinj finally reach their flat.


Kunj wakes up as the sunlight hits his face. He stretches his arms and opens his eyes. He looks at the bed and finds it empty.
Kunj- Twinkle?
As if on cue, Twinkle walks into the bedroom. She was wearing a beige dress that flowed right above her knees. Her hair was still a bit wet from her shower. Kunj couldn’t resist taking his eyes off of her. Twinkle packed her bag with her books and left the room. Kunj broke out of his trance and hit his head.
Kunj- Focus Kunj!
He then went to the bathroom and took a shower. Kunj also got ready and went into the dining area. He looked at the tables which had a plate of parathas.
Kunj- Wow parathas!
Twinkle took the plate and started eating.
Kunj- Where’s my plate?
Twinkle- I woke up early and made myself breakfast. To the world we may be husband and wife, but inside this house, don’t expect that from me. U can make ur own breakfast.
Kunj- But I don’t know how to cook.
Twinkle- Oh well.

Kunj thinks- What kind of person is this?
Kunj drinks some water then leaves the apartment. Twinkle eats breakfast and leaves. She finds Kunj waiting for her downstairs.
Twinkle thinks- I didn’t give him breakfast but he still waited for me?
Feeling guilty, Twinkle sits on the bike. Without saying a word, they arrive at college. Twinlke and Kunj go to their respected classes. Lunch break arrives and Twinkle was sitting with Chinki. She was with Chinki indeed, but her eyes were wandering elsewhere.
Chinki- Twinkle?
Twinkle- Huh?
Chinki- Who are you looking for?
Twinkle- Me? No one.
Rishi walks by.
Twinkle thinks- Rishi is here. Where is Kunj?
Chinki sees Twinkle looking at Rishi. She understands who Twinkle was looking for.
Chinki- Rishi!
Rishi walks over to them.
Chinki- I think some one wants to know where Kunj is.
Chinki looks at Twinkle.
Twinkle- Why are you looking at me? I don’t care where Kunj is.
Twinkle stands up to leave.
Rishi- Kunj is in the library doing research for one of his assignments.
Twinkle hears this.
Twinkle thinks- Kunj didn’t eat lunch either?
The day passes and finally classes end. Twinkle finds Kunj waiting outside the college with his bike. Twinkle sits on the bike and like the morning, they go home without uttering a word.

(Twinj’s Apartment…)

Kunj enters the kitchen and opens the fridge. He finds it empty. Twinkle sees this. Kunj drinks a glass of water. Then he starts to head out.
Twinkle- Kunj, where are you going?
Kunj replies to her without turning around. His back is still facing Twinkle.
Kunj- Twinkle, I work part-time at a coffee shop. I will get home late.
And with that, Kunj leaves. Twinkle freshens up the comes to the kitchen and looks for ingredients. Because there was only a few things available, she decided to make soup. After making the soup, she poured herself a bowl and kept another bowl aside….for what reason she kept another bowl, even she didn’t know. After eating, Twinkle went to bed. She checked the time and it was 11pm.
Twinkle thinks- Kunj said he was going to be late, so why am I worrying? What is happening to me?
And with these thoughts, Twinkle fell asleep. A few hours later, she woke up due to some noise. It was 1 in the morning. Twinkle got up and went out of the bedroom to the living room. There she saw Kunj holding on to the sofa for support. Twinkle immediately ran to him and held his waist, wrapping his arm over her shoulder.
Twinkle- Kunj! Kunj what happened?
Struggling, Twinkle brought Kunj to the bedroom and laid him on the bed. He was half conscious and could barely keep his eyes open.
Twinkle- Kunj hasn’t eaten anything the whole day today. He has to eat something.
Twinkle ran to the kitchen and got the bowl of soup. She made Kunj lean against the backboard of the bed and started feeding him the soup. A trail of soup ran down his chin. Twinkle used her dupatta to wipe it off. After feeding the soup to Kunj, she put the bowl on the table next to the bed. Kunj, still not fully conscious, did not have the strength to sit up right. He started leaning forward and eventually fell on Twinkle. Twinkle struggled to hold him up and support her body while Kunj’s chin rested on Twinkle’s shoulder. Twinkle was shocked. (Sajna ve plays). They were in a hugging manner and Twinkle didn’t know what to do. She held the back of Kunj’s head with one hand and his supported his back with the other arm and tried to lift him off of her. Slowly, she made him lay on the bed and covered him with a blanket.

The Next Morning…

Today was their off from college. Classes were not in place on Saturdays and Sundays, giving the students a break of two days. Kunj woke up and found himself on the bed. Surprised, he sat up and looked around the room. To his surprise, he found Twinkle sleeping on the couch. Kunj rubbed his eyes.
Kunj- I’m not dreaming am I? Twinkle on the sofa and I’m on the bed?
He looks around and finds the empty bowl of soup on the table.
Kunj- What happened last night? Why can’t I remember?
Kunj picked up the bowl and looked at it. Suddenly, he remembered what happened last night. He remembered Twinkle feeding him, wiping his mouth, and him falling onto Twinkle….
Kunj (talking to himself)- Yaar Kunj, what did you do? U fell right on top of that Siyappa Queen? Now she’ll never let this go and will taunt me forever.
Twinkle wakes up hearing Kunj’s voice. Kunj stares at her with wide eyes.
Twinkle- What?
Kunj- Nahi…nothing.
Twinkle walks into the bathroom.
Kunj- Strange, she didn’t bring up last night at all.

The Next Scene…

Kunj finds Twinkle in the kitchen looking for something. He goes in the kitchen and takes a glass of water.
Twinkle- Are you planning on living on water all day? Did u forget yesterday or should I remind you.
Kunj gulped in embarrassment.
Twinkle- Kunj, I think we need to come to a compromise.
Kunj was confused.
Twinkle- U can’t cook and you need food to live right? Well I can cook but I need ingredients and things to cook. So, we will make a deal. U will buy the things we need, like typical groceries and I will cook for the both of us.
Kunj thought about it for a while. Finally he gave in.
Kunj- Fine.
Twinkle held out her hand.
Twinkle- Deal?
Kunj shook her hand.
Kunj- Deal.

Precap: Twinkle: No Kunj no! Stop! Don’t come any closer to me!
Kunj smirkes and advanced towards Twinkle.

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  1. SidMin23

    This is the cutest part of the scene and Kunj don’t know how to cook and twinkle guilty. Hope soon twinj love story begins.

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

  3. Apurva

    Sweet amzing lovely moments b/w twinj

  4. Kritika14

    Twinj scenes were so cute! Loved the whole episode. The precap seems to be interesting, eager to read it. Hope you have the time to post soon. Lovess xx and also, take care! x

  5. Awesome amazing fabulous fantastic superb…….

  6. It was amazing fabulous n cute epi.Precap seams interesting n funny.Pls post next asap.
    Loved it……!


  7. Adya

    Wooowwww…Sara.di…that was soooo nice…….. excited for the precap……..lovely episode….love u

  8. Awesome epi and I loved twinj scenes and precap is making me mad post asap and take care of ur health

  9. Payal...

    Cute episode twinkle cares for kunj ……precap seems interesting……..
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  10. SidMin

    Loved it awesome the episode was too good 🙂 Twinkle felt guilty for what she had done So sweet 🙂 My Kunj still helped her even though she did not 🙂 Loved it 🙂 Post soon 🙂 Love you 🙂

  11. Awesome epi… It was very nice… The way they care for eachother that was soo good… Loved it…

  12. Ria

    Hey Sara,
    Well, umm..well, the episode was fabulous. The way Twinkle took care of Kunj was way too adorable. Aww..it was just too cute. I just want to pull your nose for thinking so cute. (Remember???)

    Please take care of yourself. Why do you fall ill so frequently? I font like this of you being so careless.

    Anyways, waiting for the next update as the precap seems damn interesting.

    Loads of love.?

  13. Superbbb darling…loved it

  14. Zuha Fatima

    Nice Sara Api 🙂 This part was so damn cute ♡♡ Kunj and Twinkle are so cute out here ♡♡ And also take care of yourself 🙂 Well I hope u rest 🙂 Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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    Awesom…amazing…fab epi…luv it a lot…post soon.
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  17. Kruti

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    Cutieee epi….loved d way twinkle cared abt kunj
    Waiting for d nxt one precap seems interesting….but first take care of ur health

    Loads of Love?

  18. I think I am commenting on ur ff for the first time… Ur ff is just amazing… U know I always wait for ur ff….Post the next part soon… Take care of your health as it’s most important….

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    Sara I missed u dear episode was amazing finally twinkle started caring fr kunj nice awesome

  20. Luvd it nice awesome post nxt asap

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    Wow….Sara lovely. Episode…..

  22. Amazing epi.. twinkle was so rude at the start but loved the way she took care of kunj.. it was so adorably adorable.. take care of ur health 🙂

  23. Shatakshi

    Omg I missed so much of it….
    Seriously twinj marriage….????
    I m so sorry Sara for being dead late??:-
    But seriously the story is going great now
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    Love u loads❤❤❤

  24. Sayeeda

    Wooooowwwwwwwwww yrrrr Sara ….. sacchi mai kitna cute episode tha …. Twinj scenes…meri toh death hi hogayi???…..
    Twinkle is falling in love with Kunj slowly slowly…. let’s see when she will realise her feelings for him…..

    Precap seems to be so interesting….. waiting for the next one….

    Nd yah sorry for not commenting on Ur previous update….. thank you so much for your wishes…..

    Love you yrr????…. always be happy.. keep smiling nd take care?????

  25. Baby

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    now dont say what was dis speechless yr srsly
    twinkle tookcare of kunj phele toh i felt vry bad for kunj wen he went out widout hving food n den i waa shappy atlast luvd it very mch amazing fabulous n marvaleous episode…

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