I Hate You (Episode 14)

I wish there was a way for me to show my gratitude towards all of you. Thank you so much for all the love you have for this ff. Ur comments make my day. Thank you. Love you guys ❤️

Recap: After Twinj’s spontaneous wedding, Twinkle lashes out on Kunj and blames him for ruining her life. She faints. Neither Kunj nor Twinkle accept the marriage. Kunj reassures her that they will get divorced the next day. After Rajjo and Raja get married, Twinj leave Rajjo’s house and go to get a divorce.


Twinkle and Kunj are on the road on their way back to their hostels.
Kunj- U know Twinkle, this was one heck of a week. Can’t believe we have to go back to college tomorrow.
Twinkle- And before we go back, we have to get this divorce. I am not going to stay one more day as ur wife.
Kunj- Oh please. Girls die to even see me, be grateful that u got to be Kunj Sarna’s wife.
Twinkle stops walking and faces Kunj.
Twinkle- What’s so great about Kunj Sarna? Is it because he can’t afford a single decent meal for himself, let alone provide one for his wife? Or is it because he a low-living, ghatiya insaan who can ruin a girl’s life just like that? Which one?
Kunj- Enough!
Kunj holds Twinkle by her shoulders, shocking Twinkle.
Kunj- Money is not everything. One day u will realize and u will come back to me and apologize. That day, you will regret every word you said to me.
He lets go of Twinkle, slightly pushing her, and walks away.

(Court Office…)

Twinj walk into the cabin of a lawyer. They see a lawyer talking on the phone. The lawyer signs them to sit down. Twinkle and Kunj take their seat on a chair opposite the lawyer. The lawyer ends his call and looks at Twinj.
Lawyer- So are you here for marriage or divorce?
Twinkle was startled at the sudden question from the lawyer, which seemed as though it was a normal question to be asking.
Lawyer- Oh I see. Don’t be startled, this is my job…to tie a bond, or break a bond. That’s why I take it so casually, I’m used to it u know. So which one are you here for?
Twinj- Divorce.
Lawyer- Ok.
The lawyer takes out a file and starts writing while asking Twinkle and Kunj some questions.
Lawyer- So did u guys get legally married?
Twinkle- Yes.
Lawyer- Ok. What is your name?
Kunj- Kunj Sarna.
The lawyer looks at Twinkle.
Lawyer- Aur aap ka bhi toh koi naam ho ga na?
Twinkle- Twinkle Taneja.
Lwyer- Different last names? But you are currently still married so I need the correct surname.
Twinkle rolls her eyes. Kunj smirks.
Twinkle- Twinkle Sarna.
(Aww how cute does that sound? I miss those days. ?)
Lawyer- So when did u get married?
Kunj- Yesterday.
Lawyer- Ok……..wait what?! U got married yesterday and came for a divorce today?
Kunj- Yes.
Lawyer- Yeh tera baap ka court hai kya? Do u think this is some drama theatre that u come to get a divorce after getting married for one day? Go, get out now.
Kunj- But sir, we came for a divorce.
Twinkle- Yes. Please give us the divorce.
Lawyer- Listen, I know all u youngster’s tricks and games. U get legal authority of ur relationship and then only get into a physical relationship then break that relationship again.
Kunj- But sir…..we don’t have a physical relationship.
Twinkle looks around awkwardly.
Lawyer- There are thing called laws and u have to abide by them. And according to the law, u have to stay under one roof together for 6 months before u can get divorced.
(I don’t know if these laws are necessarily true, but I will be making up my own laws for the purpose of this ff. So any lawyers out there….don’t put me in jail ?).
Twinkle- Six months!
Lawyers- Yes. Six months.
Kunj- But sir, we go to college and live in hostels. How will we stay together for six months?
Lawyers- Looks like u guys don’t know and rules and laws.
Twinkle and Kunj looks at the lawyer in confusion. The lawyer explains.
Lawyer- U have to figure out a way to stay together for six months, otherwise, u will not get a divorce.
Twinj- WHAT!
(So I guess most of you were right. Itni aasani se divorce thori ho jayengi? Then the plot will not go on).

The Next Day…

Kunj arrives at college and nervously looks around. He sees everything looks normal, but there is still a fear in him that tells him that everyone knows his secret. His eyes wander around looking for one person. His thoughts are disturbed as someone places a hand on his shoulder. Startled, Kunj jumps a bit.
Kunj- Twinkle!
Kunj turns around to see Rishi giving him a weird look.
Rishi- Bro it’s me. Not Twinkle. What happened to you? Are you ok?
Kunj- No..I mean yes I’m fine.
Rishi- Okkk…weird. But anyways, tell me how was ur break? U didn’t even contact me once.
Rishi doesn’t find Kunj answering and finds him staring intently at something. Rishi follows Kunj’s gaze and looks at the college gate. There he sees Twinkle walking in. There she was, walking into college, wearing a floral printed dress, beige heels, and a Gucci bag hanging from her arm….it was normal. Except for the mangulsutra that hung from her neck and the strip of sindoor on her hairline. Along with Kunj, that caught everyone’s eyes. All eyes followed her as she walked her way into the college and towards Kunj. Chinki walked up to Rishi. Rishi gave her a confused look. Chinki shrugged her shoulders.
Chinki- I don’t know.
Twinkle walked up to Kunj and faced him. Chinki walked up to Twinkle.
Chinki- Twinkle, what is all this? This sindoor and this mangulsutra? Twinkle, what is going on?
Twinkle’s eyes were still locked onto Kunj.
Twinkle- Why don’t you tell her what’s going on…..patidev (echoes).
Everyone is shocked.
Chinki- Twinkle, what are u saying? Patidev? Kunj?
Rishi- Kunj, what the hell is Twinkle saying?
Kunj looks guiltily at the floor while Twinkle stares intently at Kunj. Kunj suddenly looks up and smiles at Twinkle. He spreads out his arms. Twinkle smiles back at him. She goes into Kunj’s arms and hugs him. Kunj hugs her back.

Precap: The principal’s decision….and a secret about Twinkle’s past….

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  1. Ria

    Hey Sara,
    See, see. I told you they won’t get the divorce so easily. Well, the law is for one month’s but, let it be for 6 months here or else, how will TwiNj fall in love with each other?

    Getting back to the episode, it was splendid. It was kinda funny in the registration office but, the way Twinkle treats Kunj about money is sad.? I hope things settle down soon between these two. And, wait what! TwiNj hugged each other? How did that happen?? I’m eager to read the next. Hopee you get to post soon.

    Loads of love.?

  2. Hey sara,
    seriously u are too gud in bringing twist.I didn’t expect that twinkle would wear mangalsutra n vermillion n come to college.fab…awesom epi…I don’t have any words left.Tooooo gud.luved it.Eagerly waiting to know the principal’s decision…secret of twinkle’s past.Pls pls pls post very soon

  3. Komal123

    The last line they hug each other is quite shocking know?
    Whats going on in their minds? I’m sure they have some deal or idea!
    Already waiting to know twinkle’s past!
    Whats principal’s decision??

  4. Kritika14

    Well, I was sure that the rule “can’t get a divorce before 6 months” would be implied here. The lawyer’s office part was epic ? Twinkle and kunj hugged each other? Wow! ? And a past revelation of twinj? I am confused now .. Really eager to read the next part! Hope you get time to post soon 🙂 Loves xx

  5. Loveleen

    ohh kitna suspense baki hai sara dear….it’s getting so much exciting…….I loved it…

  6. I loved it especially the court part and the part where twinkle is wearing mangalsutra and vermillion in college didn’t expect that. And post soon. Waiting for principal’s decision and Twinkle’s past

  7. Awesome epi… Loved it.. I knew it that they won’t get divorce soo easily… Now the real love story will begin…

  8. Kruti

    Wait…….did u write it by mistake……”Twinj Hugged”…….omggggg……ab ye kya suspense hai

    I felt bad when Twinkle taunted kunj abt money???……..all in all the epi was amazing nd that lawyers office part was a bit funny…..bechare Twinj kya sooch kar aye theey aur kya mila

    Amazing epi…..loved it
    Continue soon

    Loads of Love???

  9. dreamer...arundhati

    Sara darling… Tu hamesha mujhe smile karati hai… Luved this one

  10. SidMin

    Interesting loved it 🙂 You know what I feel these laws of not getting divorced before staying together for 6 months are specially made for our ff’s and Indian television So that two people who can’t bear each other start loving each other 🙂 Loved the episode it was so cute and funny 🙂
    The part in the college when Twinj hugged was a bit confusing I mean ekh din pehele tak tho They were not even ready to stay together achank se ????
    Post the next part soon The recap is interesting 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  11. Srija

    WoW that’s splendid ???????
    each and every part was amazing???
    and last part their hugging intresting
    great twist???????????????
    please please next one soon can’t wait

  12. Hmmm mujhe pata tha divorce nahi hoga but episode kamal ka tha and last line woh toh pucho hi mat super duper hit
    loved it
    Jaldi jaldi post karna abmein wait nahi kr sakti

  13. Chiku

    ????? everything is just awesome
    Omggggggg patidev???? a big soyaapa u seee
    Loved it
    Sara i am really sorry for not commenting on last two episodes actually i am not well

  14. Awesome

  15. Sorry for late comment and lovely and i am happy that did not get divorce excited for nxt post asap epi it was awesome

  16. Lama

    Waah yr…kammal ek dum…kya episode tha maza aagaya…bt u know the ending was lil bit confusing…bt i hope in nxt episode it will all sort out…by the way if u dont mind can u plz tell me that where do u live nd in which class u are ????

  17. Twinjfan.tamanna

    are yaar…aisa kon kartha hai…cliff hanger par chod diya…huh? … okay now about epi it was so so good… I loved every part of it… but last hug part.. I don’t know why but I loved it… mai chahthi thi koi aisa twist laye jisme despite of getting married twinj goes to college… I really loved the part very much… plz plz post asap…yaar plz

    love u bye..

  18. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….awesome episode…..what a brilliant twist….

  19. Awesomeeee.. really loved it.. the scene in the lawyer’s office was epic??.. so I was right that they won’t get a divorce so easily.. didn’t expect twinkle to come to college with sindoor n mangalsutra! And the last part was quite shocking.. twinj hugged?? what’s this suspense now ??.. uff can’t wait for the next.. do cont soon ?

  20. Apurva

    It was a combo pack Sara. Wid all the emotions . It was as always superb. Just love it. ???

  21. the last seen!my god hilarious! CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!(sorry for not putting any emojis caz im using my laptop)

  22. Perfect MQ?
    Love you di?

  23. Adya

    Did They really hug…….or I was dreaming somewhat……well the episode was fabuloussss Sara di ……I mean omg nd in the court …… ohhhhh it was soo funny…….. I’m really very excited for the next part
    Love u di??

  24. Hey sara,
    Seriously u r to gud at bringing twist.
    awesom…amazing…fab epi…
    Desparately waiting to know the secret twinkle’s past…luved it…post asap.

  25. Shreya098

    Fab epi Sara..
    Twinj hugged each other that too happily… I am soo curious to know the reason behind this
    Loved it?????

  26. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing…expect ni kiya tha k twinkle sindoor aur mangalsutra pehnegi…

  27. Hey sara the episode is awesome…lawyers office scene was quite funny ??? I hate how twinkle taunts kunj about his status…TwiNj hugged ??? what suspense is this…please post next soon…

  28. Ramya

    Hey Sara Awesome episode even I dnt know abt laws bt wt happened to twinkle yr n kunj happily accepted her can’t wait plssss asap

  29. Baby

    sara dear yeh kaise shocks de rhi hai behan tu mujhe haan haan pta hai i m late to cmnt bt srsly dese kind of shocks ohh goodness yeh kya kya ho gya patidev smile hug uff….ohh myy gd i cant w8 i m going 2 nxt part from here only yr luvd d episode sooo very much hahahahhaa….

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