I Hate You (Episode 11)

Thank you for the wonderful comments. Some of you guessed what might happen. Let’s see if you are right.
Now on behalf of Ria, I have a special message for you guys. Ria MIGHT be too busy to post her ff. As some of you may know, Dussehra (or if you call it Navratri) is currently going on. Because of that, Ria may be a bit busy. Guys please support her. But she may also pop up and post sometime if she has time. I may be busy also but most likely, I will try to post regularly. Hope you all understand. So Happy Navratri or Happy Dussehra to you all!

Recap: Rajjo’s family makes Twinkle write Kunj’s name in her mehndhi. Some girls tease her about her Suhaag Raat. Rajjo finds out that Raja is also getting married. The three of them plan something and decide to execute mission band baaja dulha.


Twinkle and Kunj sneak out of the dancing to go meet with the groom. As soon as the groom steps out of the car, Kunj approaches him.
Kunj- Are! U must be our handsome groom!
Twinkle address the family of the groom.
Twinkle- U all may go inside. We will take the groom inside later as per the customs and rituals.
The groom’s family happily go inside, leaving the groom alone. Twinj give fake smiles to the groom. Kunj looks to see if everyone left. Then he turns to the groom. Kunj gives a thumbs up to Twinkle.
Twinkle- Hey! What is that?
She points up to the sky. The groom follows her gaze and looks up at the sky. Suddenly Kunj puts a piece of tape on the groom’s mouth then he puts a black cloth over his head. Kunj and Twinkle both worked together to tie the groom’s hands behind his back. They led him to the outhouse in the back of the house.

The Next Scene…

Twinkle pulls Rajjo aside to speak with her.
Twinkle- Did you speak with Raja yet?
Rajjo- No, he is not picking up his phone.
Twinkle- Ok call him again later. Now we have that kabab mein haddi tied up. Come.
Rajjo- Who?
Twinkle- Oh sorry. I mean we have ur would be husband tied up. Let’s go.
Twinkle takes Rajjo with her and they both go to the outhouse. They reach there and see Kunj guarding the groom.
Rajjo- I am so sorry we had to tie u up like this. Actually I don’t want this marriage to happen. I’m sorry but I love someone else.
Rajjo walks up and takes the cloth off the groom’s face. She becomes shocked after seeing his face.
Rajjo- Tum! Are why are u tied up?
Rajjo quickly unties the groom’s hands and takes the tape off of his mouth. Twinkle stand there both confused and startled.
Groom (breathing heavily)- Thank God Rajjo you came. These kidnappers they…
Twinkle- Rajjo, you know him?
Rajjo- Ha. He is Raja!
(Some of you guessed it right!) Twinkle and Kunj are shocked.
Twinkle- What?

Raja- Yes I am Raja. But Rajjo? What are you doing here? How did you get here?
Rajjo- What do you mean? This is my house.
Raja- But how can this be? This is the house of the girl I was supposed to get married to.
Rajjo- What?
Raja- Yes. I came for the haldi.
Rajjo is baffled. Kunj smiles.
Kunj- Vah vaiguru! What a game plan you made. Hats off to you!
Twinkle- Kunj, what are you saying?
Kunj- I think I know what is going on. Rajjo’s wedding is ficed and she doesn’t know who the groom is. Raja’s wedding is also fixed and he doesn’t know who the bride is. He came to the bride’s haldi here…..and whose haldi is going on now???
Twinkle gasps- No way!
Kunj- Yes way!
Raja- Meaning Rajjo, you are Chaudhari’s daughter?
Rajjo- Yes! So that means our wedding was fixed and by chance it is with each other??
Kunj- You see guys, problem solved. Congratulations Rajjo and Raja. I guess there are no more problems left now.
Rajjo- Thank you Twinkle and Kunj ji for everything.
Rajjo hugs Twinkle.

Kunj- I solved such a big problem so ek hug toh baanta hai. Don’t worry Raja, we are like brother and sister.
They laugh. Rajjo hugs Kunj. Just then Chaudhari walks in. He sees Rajjo and Kunj hugging.
Chaudhari- Chore!!!!
Kunj freezes. He quickly lets go of Rajjo. Chaudhari comes and holds Kunj’s collar.
Chaudhari- What are you doing??!!!
Kunj- Mein…voh….I……
Rajjo- Bapu please let go. U are misunderstanding.
Chaudhari pushes Rajjo. Raja catches her. Twinkle is shocked.
Chaudhari- Betrayal! U betrayed me! Now I will kill you!
Twinkle- NO! Chaudhari ji what are you doing? Please let Kunj go.
Chaudhari- No! U two lied to me! U said u were married. But here I see something else!
Twinkle- No no….we are married!
Chaudhari- Remember one thing…Rajjo will get married to Raja and no one can stop that! Not even this Kunj!
Kunj- Are, even that’s what I want.
Rajjo- Yes Bapu! I want to marry Raja. Please let Kunj ji go.
Chaudhari- I don’t believe any of you anymore.
Chaudhari lifts his rifle and points it at Kunj.
Twinkle (panicked)- No Chaudhari ji, we are really married. And Rajjo and Raja will also get married! We won’t interfere. If you want, me and Kunj will leave right now. But please let Kunj go.

Chaudhari- Married? Don’t fool me girl. U are not wearing a mangulsutra or sindoor. Don’t lie to me.
Twinkle feels her neck.
Twinkle- Voh…I…my mangulsutra is at home. The hook broke so I have to get it fixed. And my sindoor….ummm…..
Kunj- Ha…her sindoor….she just showered so she didn’t have time to put on sindoor yet.
Twinkle- Yes. That’s why.
Chaudhari lowers the rifle. Twinj relax a bit.
Chaudhari- So you guys are telling the truth right? U two are really married?
Twinj- Yes!
Chaudhari- Ok fine. Then prove it!
Twinkle, Kunj, Rajjo, and Raja are all shocked.

Precap: How will Twinj prove that they are married?

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  1. Thanmy

    Awesome twist dii!!!!! For a instance I thought that again rajjo’s marriage will be fixed with kunj ufff I think he will tell kunj to put sindoor to twinkle or else he will get married twinj along with rajjo n raja I know stupid guesses anyways it was wonderful n amazing dii!!!
    Love u ??

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….awesome episode…..loved or to the core…..

  3. Ayesha Khanum


  4. Hey sara,Happy navratri.
    awesom….amazing epi…really luved it.Desparately waiting to know how twinj will prove their fake marriage.Do post very soon.

  5. Kruti

    Omggggg……Sara what n amazing epi it was…..kahin twinj ki shaadi toh nahi honne wali hai na…..arghhhh……just cant wait fr d nxt one
    Continue soon

    Love u?

  6. Good one yr
    next wil be dhamaka episode

  7. Romaisha

    Oh wow! Shock after shock! ??
    Too good.though Di!
    Can’t wait for precap! *literally!*
    Love you!
    Post soon ?

  8. Kritika14

    OMG! I am damn excited for the next episode! Please post it soon. Will be waiting! Loves xx

  9. Hey Sara …….I’m too much exited…….. wooowwww. Can’t wait now…………I just loved it……..Nd Nd Nd not problem with ria…….. We will surely cooperate with you guys………

  10. Awesome ……
    Superb job….
    Excited for nxt….
    How will they prove wow excited….. Cont soon

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous funny epi

  12. Sara this episode is just out of box…damn excited to know how twinj will prove that they are married…I guess kunj will put sindoor on twinkle head and marry in front of chaudri n prove it to save their lives…let’s see what you have kept in store…try to post next asap…

  13. dreamer..arundhati

    Sara darlo…again sixer …superb

  14. Shreya098

    Superb epi Sara…
    Excited for the next one..

  15. Lama

    Mindblowing episode yr…Superbbb

  16. Lama

    Mindblowing episode yr…Superbbb…eagerly waiting for the next part

  17. Anam_sidhant

    Omg? what an amazing twist❤❤❤ may be choudary will ask kunj to put vermilion on twinkle’s forehead?! Yaaaar I can’t waittttt??? please please please post next episode asap?

  18. Fantastic…. amazing…. lovely….

  19. Ritzi

    Hehehe…. Awesome!!

  20. Ramya

    Hey Awesome episode
    N happy navaratri
    N I hope twinj will prove themselves

  21. Hey meri MQ!!!
    Hwr u? I am full on jhakkas!!!
    And ur ff???
    I am sitting in puja pandal and am rolling on the floor laughing! Hilarious! Raja and Rajjo?
    TwiNj have to prove now??
    Post soon…
    Love u?

  22. Super duper amazing epii??.. loved it.. I’ve got too many guesses right now.. like maybe choudhry will get twinj married with rajjo-raja in the same mandap or will maybe ask kunj to apply sindoor on twinkles forehead.. uff can’t wait for the next.. do cont soon ?

  23. Awesome episode…

  24. Ria

    Hey Sara,
    Finally got some time today. Thank you so much for conveying my message.

    Coming back to this, the episode was just splendid! It was funny though.? I loved it so much. I’d be waiting for the next update.

    Loads of love.?

  25. SidMin

    Sorry for the late comment 🙂
    Loved it and Twinj proving their are married was awesome 🙂
    Twinkle fainting …Precap is scary 🙂 Post soon 🙂

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