I Hate You (Episode 10)

Recap: Rajjo’s dad believes Rajjo and invites Twinkle and Kunj into the house. He tells them that they have to stay until the wedding is over. Twinj have some funny moments trying to act as husband and wife. Rajjo’s mehndhi is going on. Kunj finds himself staring at twinkle. Kuch toh hua hai…kuch ho gaya hai…?


Kunj was still talking to himself when Rajjo’s brother comes up to him. (Let’s call him brother for now).
Brother- Hey Kunj! Why are u just standing there in the corner and staring at ur wife.
Kunj- Staring? Haha I wasn’t staring.
Brother- Ok ok. Come, let’s go to the celebration.
They go towards the mehndhi celebration. The mehndhi designer was designing Rajjo’s hands.
Designer- What letter should I write?
Brother- Write R. That’s the groom’s name.
Rajjo thinks- This is good. Raja’s name also starts with R. This R will be for his name only.
Chaudhari- Are Twinkle, why are u just sitting there. Put mehndhi on.
Twinkle- No no it’s ok.

Chaudhari- What ok? U are our guest and u are also newly married. Come on put mehndhi on.
Twinkle has no choice but to give her hand.
Designer- What is ur husband’s name?
Twinkle’s eyes widen. She looks at Kunj who is also surprised.
Brother- Looks like Twinkle bhabhi is shy. Write Kunj on her hand. That’s her husband’s name.
Twinkle- No no it’s fine. U don’t need to write a name.
Chaudhari- Kyun? What is the problem in writing ur husband’s name? U two are married right?
Kunj- Yes…yes we are…..
The designer proceeds to write Kunj’s name on Twinkle’s hand.
Twinkle thinks- Hai Babaji, what new siyappa is this?
Kunj thinks- I thought I would get married to the girl of my dreams. Instead, I got this drama, attitude, and siyappa queen! What kind of messed up game is this?
After the mehndhi ceremony is over, all the girls were sitting together laughing and waiting for their mehndhi to dry. Kunj was sitting in a nearby chair, looking on his phone.
Girl- Only two more days Rajjo. Then u will be in the arms of ur husband.
Everyone laughs.

Girl 2- Twinkle, u are also married right?
Twinkle- Huh? Oh me? Yes.
Girl- How long has it been since ur marriage.
Twinkle thinks- Abhi toh 1 minute bhi nahi hua…
Twinkle- One month.
Girls- Ohhhh.
Girl 2- So tell us. How was it?
Twinkle- What?
Girl- Are, u know…..ur first night.
Kunj hears this and starts coughing. Twinkle looks around embarrassed.
Girl- Don’t be shy. We are all girls here. So come on…tell us…
Twinkle- What do I say? It went like how it was supposed to be.
Girl- Like what? What happened?
Twinkle- Like…nothing. I have to go. I’m very thirsty, I need water.
Twinkle runs away and the other girls laugh.
Twinkle enters the kitchen and opens the fridge door to take out water. A hand closes the door again. Twinkle looks up to see Kunj.
Twinkle- What?
Kunj- What are you doing?
Twinkle- Can’t u see? I’m trying to drink water.
Kunj- No I mean what were u doing out there?
Twinkle- What was I doing?
Kunj- Twinkle, don’t act so innocent. Why were u talking about ur Suhaag raat….*cough cough*….our suhaag raat.
Twinkle- Oh just shut up Kunj. I have no interest in talking or having my suhaag raat with u. I just said those things so we both don’t get buried alive by that Chaudhari. Now can we please get down to business and solve this Rajjo – Raja problem so I can leave this place.

(Rajjo’s Room…)

After the ceremony, Twinj and Rajjo were pacing in the room.
Kunj- What can we do? How will we stop this wedding.
Suddenly Rajjo starts crying.
Twinkle- Rajjo, what happened? Why are you crying?
Rajjo- Twinkle, Raja called me today.
Twinkle- Ha toh that’s a good thing na?
Rajjo- Nahi. He told me that his parent’s are also getting him married.
Kunj- What! Are you serious?
Rajjo- Yes! And the groom for my wedding is coming tomorrow for the haldi. I don’t what I am going to do.
Kunj- We have to do something tomorrow itself. We have to get Raja out here tomorrow and talk with the groom.
Twinkle- Kunj is right. Now we just have to wait for the groom and Raja to come then we all will have to find something out.
Rajjo- Thank you so much. I know because of me u two are in such a big mess. I’m really sorry.
Twinkle- Are no worries. We will solve ur problem Rajjo. And besides, me and Kunj are just faking this marriage. Hum thodi asli shaadhi kar lenge.
They laugh.

The Next Day…

Rajjo was anxiously waiting as her haldi rasam was just about to begin. Suddenly she hears someone singing. Twinkle pops up singing and dancing.

Munda thoda.. offbeat hai
Par kudiya de naal.. bohat sweet hai (x2)

Twinkle pulls Kunj up by holding his ear.

Dhongi sa ye bada dheeth hai
Viral hogya ye Tweet…

Kunj twists Twinkle’s arm behind her back and sings.

Par phool wool karne mein cool
Tu badi tezz katari hai
Shagan teri ki, lagan teri ki
Humne kardi taiyari hai

Kunj lets go of Twinkle’s arm and spins her. They both dance.

Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke
Aaj hil-dul ke
Le saare ke saare nazare (x2)

Twinkle pulls Rajjo to dance. Kunj pulls all the guests and family members. Everyone is enjoying and dancing to the song (Nachde Ne Saar from Baar Baar Dhekho). Suddenly a white BMW pulls up in front of the house. Rajjo goes to Twinkle and Kunj.
Rajjo- The groom is here.
Twinkle- Hmmm…..so our plan starts now.
Kunj- Ok so he wants to come and get married with his band baaja baaraat. Now watch me do band baaja dulha.

Precap: Mission band baaja dulha….

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  1. dreamer..arundhati

    Sara darlo again chava epi

  2. SidMin

    Wow Sara Loved it the episode was awesome especially the Mehendi vala part and Suhagraat talks awesome 🙂
    And Yeh the Band baja dulha Mission??
    Too good 🙂 I feel that dulha is Raja 🙂
    Post soon 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  4. Sara awesome dear….loved it vry much…..

  5. Ranabulbul

    Oh my goddddddddddd…..
    Main to bas kayal hun aapki writing ki or aj ka epi with *cough **cough* suhag rat..
    Was too gud…
    Can’t wait for next yr..di ..
    Post soon ..
    Love u ..
    And I love ur ff too.
    Love from bulbul

  6. Fan

    Awesome epi sara!!!

  7. Anam_sidhant

    Haha that suhagraat talks? it was amazing? Sara I wonder uh write so well? eagerly waiting for the next one?

  8. Amazing eph… I think the dulha is raja…

  9. Wooowwww……..what an amazing episode……..keep writing………it was aweeessssooooommmmmeeeee

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    Hey Sara
    Awesome episode dear Loved it n love u

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    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  12. Awesome epi….
    Loved it.
    Too good.
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  13. Lama

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    Hey Sara,
    I’m just all around you 24*7.. You must be so damn irritated of me but, no worries more is left?

    Anyways, getting back to the episode. God!?? How can you write so well? Teach me also nah? Teach me, okay? I hope you get to upload the next one soon.

    Loads of love.?

  17. Ufffff!!! Sara di just post ASAP!!!
    Baki I am jus going ROTFL??????????????????
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  22. Superb epi.. loved that mehndi part n suhagrat talks??.. U nailed it.. do cont soon ?

  23. Romaisha

    Arre wah wah dii! Hats off to you for this wonderful epi! It was so damn spell bounding that I can’t even try guessing your track..like kya planning…? Forget it.. I want to blown away by this track ???
    Pleash post next one soon..
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