Haseena tu Kameena mein – Chapter 1

Ragini’s pov


A noise came
What the…..?
I could clearly make out someone was trying to break in……
What would someone get from spoiling my beauty ?
I was already worn out and this has to happen today
I wanted to scream ” leave me alone”……………….. but all I could do was turn to the other side and shut my eyes.

The door slammed shut and I could hear footsteps heading towards me. And hearing them my heart calmed down. Yes……u guys heard it right, calmed down.

Are u nuts? Didn’t u find some better time to break in?, I yelled at him.
Oh my…u were sleeping? He asked innocently. no I was dancing, I snapped at him just to earn a giggle from him. Any problem? I asked and he simply nodded in a no. Then why the hell did u come? I asked him annoyed. Chal! He told me. Now? I questioned him again. Yep he answered.
Oh come on Sanskar! I am already tried and tomorrow is Monday, I have to get to work there’s ………

I don’t believe this! What I am I doing with you. Oh god! I want to sleep Sanskar. Atleast tell me where r u taking me? I pleaded him. Shhhhh! Stop eating my brain ragini, and don’t worry ur wait will be worth it, he told me with his gleamy eyes. I really hope so, I told him sarcastically.

Arey! Now why r u covering my eyes, are u going to push me into the waters?. “Shut up”, he yelled at me. And slowly removed his hands from my eyes. And I was awestruck seeing that sight.

“Wish lanterns” ………………..thousands of them! Wow…….
I looked back to see Sanskar sitting down on the pathway, smiling looking at the beautiful night sky decorated with lanterns each carrying hope, love and happiness.
I sat beside him, with warmth in my heart, leaving behind all the miseries.

These things made me miss u, I thought it will be good if I watch them with u, he said holding his ears, as if asking for a sorry. I hugged him, I am so blessed to have a bff like you, I said. Oh no u r already looking horrible and if u cry now I fear the consequences would be bad, he said to lit me up. Ya ya whatever …….I wiped my tears and continued staring the sky. Those waves that hit the shore every now and then made me feel so good. I was tired, I desperately wanted to sleep but all the things that surrounded me, made me feel so good that I couldn’t help smiling.

I turned towards him and couldn’t stop being proud of him,
We both were broken from within but the difference was I still couldn’t stop complaining about it and he still couldn’t stop believing that everything happens for some good reasons.
And I really hope that his beliefs become true someday, I really hope.

To be continued…..

Hope u all liked today’s episode,
And plz guys do comment.

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    Nice loved it and waiting for more.xx

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    Awesome Superb
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    awesome th lanterns scene was nice and waiting for the next part to know more about them and the broking and all she is talking about. loved it. continue soon. ??

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    Amazing loved it

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    awesome loved it

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    amazing dear i love it but don’t stop it in the middle and have u completed a cup of coffee???

    1. Asheeyana

      Yes I completed ekc, it ends with ragini coming to know that laksh is ladoo

      1. Jazzy

        ok i read till there i thought it disn’t end there

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