Hey guys …its me back …..with an another new ff …..I won’t reveal my name ….I will reveal on the first episode …I guess u all know me very well
I am currently writing an ff too ….
This idea was poking in my mind and I am applying it now
So here is the promo,

A big stage is shown covered with many people ….(its an auditorium)
One set of people were shouting “5th harmony” and the other set were shouting “One direction”
The spotlight falls on one girl in the left side stage and another spotlight falls on the boy in right side…..
Both the boy and girl look at each other with enemity ….

The girls side starts …tthrn whole light falls on them …
Everyone were shouting .Swara ! Swara !
The middle girl is the leader and most charming Swara mitra ……..

Her group includes Kavitha , kavya , ragini and uttara .
They 5 and are called 5th harmony .

All boys go flat seeing them …..

On the right ….
The boy turns and everyone shouts ….sanky ! Sanky !
Yes that’s sanskar maheshwari , the handsome hunk of collage and leader of one direction …
All girls go flat for his devilish smile

His gang includes Laksh , sahil , rajat , karthik .
They are always straight forward so they are called as one direction ..

Both these teams are rivals from the very first day of the collage
Now they are the seniors …..

Whole collage is crazy about these people …they can do anything for them ….

Will this rival turn into love ?
Will they continue ?
Hate story to love story ?

Will u all join this musical love story ,

With love ,
Guess who ?

They to find my name guys ….I am sure u all know me very well

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