Harmonious Heart Beat (Part 18)

I’m really really very sorry guys for such a delayed update, but I really cant help it because we had college day and arts fest in our college. Above that we’ve got a bulk to study and I’m very much out of time. Anyways hereafter I’ll try my level best to update once a week at least, if I can I’ll update in between too, but I’m sure its going to be rare!!! Thank you all for reading!

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Ragini tried to talk to Sujatha but Sujatha ignored her. Sanskar noticed the worry on Ragini’s face and eyed her to calm down. He gestered her to check her phone. She saw Sanskar’s message on it.
Message: “Ragini, calm down, just don’t object, I’ll manage the rest, don’t worry we all are there for you, I trust you, I’m sure you didn’t know that it was Raghav who had come!”
Ragini looked up at Sanskar with watery eyes, Sanskar blinked and smiled. Sanskar always kept her under his shade, away from all disasters, anything before reaching Ragini had to cross Sanskar, who stood in front of Ragini’s problems, in fact everyone’s problems, Sanskar was indeed THE GREAT WALL for his family like THE GREAT WALL OF SHIVAAY for the oberois!!!!
Avni looked at Raghav and winked when she saw Raghav’s message on her phone.
Message: Love you ❤ ❤ ❤
Raghav received her reply on his phone.
Message: Love you too baby ❤ ❤ ❤
Raghav smiled seeing the message.

Sujatha noticed Ragini and Raghav looking at the phone and smiling.
“Acha, hum sab ne rishthe ki baath shuru ki, aur tum dono ne msg vesag karna shuru ki, dekho dono sharma rahe he (Oho, We just began to talk about their relation, and you both began to msg each other, see both of them are shy)” Sujatha said.
Raghav coughed hearing Sujatha, Avni tried to control her laughter, but she broke out when everyone laughed.
“Tho kyu na hum aaj hi rokha kar le (Then lets do the ROKHA today itself)” Sharmishta asked.
All except Sujatha, her hus and Dp were shocked. They had to find a solution.
They were confused about what to do! Suddenly an unexpected voice came into the scene. It was none other than Laksh.
“Rokha??? Aaj, ithni jaldbaazi kyun (Today, why in such a hurry)?
Swasan and Rikara looked at each other with a surprise and a slight smile. Avni, Raghav and Ragini looked up in shock.
“Mera mathlab hai, ithni achi baath he, tho jaldbaazi kyun, achi mahurath dekhe bhi ho saktha hai na (I mean, its such a nice thing, then why in a hurry, we’ll see a nice time and do it right).”
Sanskar gestured Gauri, and Gauri understood what she had to do. So Gauri interrupted Laksh and said “ Nehi nehi, shub kaam ke liye dheri kyoon, rokha aaj hi kar lenge (No, no, why should we delay, we’ll do it today itself).”
Ragini looked at Gauri in surprise. Gauri winked at her but Ragini didn’t understand what Gauri was trying to do.
Sanskar stood close to where Raghav sat and agreed, “Haan shub kaam ke liye dheri kyoon (ya there’s no need to delay).”

Raghav pulled Sanskar close to him, and whispered in his ears “Abey mere saale……….. sahab, teri overacting ki wajah se who chup khada he, koi jaake use provoke kar, nehi tho mujhe teri behen ke saath bhaagke shaadi karni padegi (You **** bro, because of your overacting, he is standing silently, someone g and provoke him, or else I will have to run away with your sister).”
“Kya keh raha he Raghav beta (What is Raghav telling)?” Sujatha asked.
“Nehi ma, Raghav asked if Ragini wants time to decide.” Sanskar said.
“Arey wah, abhi se Ragini ki ithni fikr, nazar na lage inki Jodi ko (Wow, so much concern for Ragini, let not any bad eye fall on your Jodi).” Sujatha said.
Raghav and Sanskar gave an awkward smile to her. Raghav kept hand on his head and sat.
“Kya hua Raghav beta (What happened Raghav dear)” Sujatha asked in worry.
“Kuch nehi hua, sharma raha hai voh, hai na Raghav (Nothing happened, he is shy, right Raghav).” Sanskar mocked.
Raghav smiled clenching his teeth. Sanskar tried to cover his laugh.
Raghav stamped on Sanskar’s foot without anyone notice and Sanskar shouted.
“Kya hua (What happened)?” Ap asked.
“Kuch nehi ma, muscle catch hoga shayad (Nothing ma, maybe muscle catch).” Sanskar said.
They all waited for Laksh to respond, but their plan seemed to have failed.
Laksh looked at Swara and stood quietly.

Sanskar gestered Avni and Om, to provoke Laksh to speak up, Swara slowly moved away from the scene, so that Laksh doesn’t get distracted, or confused about his decision.
Avni and Om came and stood next to Laksh.
“Jeeju, see, Ragini is looking so beautiful today right, one who marries Ragini is the luckiest, because see, she is smart and self dependent in life, but when it comes to family and traditions, look she is sitting like a perfect traditional Indian bride.” Avni said to Om.
“Ya and that lucky fellow is Raghav, they look perfect together, right.” Om said.
Laksh acted like he was not listening to them.
“Not only that, in every situation she stands for everyone, supports everyone, whatever her situation is, nothing would bother her from helping anyone, especially her family.” Om said.
Laksh heard them talk and thought about their past.

***Flashback ***
Laksh had once met with an accident, his bike wasn’t in driving condition, he took it to the work shop and came back home. He tried to sneak in without anyone notice. He was wincing in pain, but still didn’t want to get busted by Dp. As he was sneaking in, he noticed Ragini passing by, suddenly he hide behind a pillar. But when he faced opposite to Ragini, he saw Ap, he was confused about what to do…. He stood there worried.
Suddenly he felt a pull and turned to see a pair of watery eyes. Those watery eyes looked like it did not belong to her expressionless face. She helped Laksh but acted like a teacher.
”Can’t you drive properly, look how much you’re hurt!!! ” she tried to cover her pain in her anger. But her pain overflowed through her innocent eyes.
Her pain seemed more painful than his wounds.
“Jhalli, agar dard chupa nehi sakthi, tho koshish kyu karthi ho (If you cant hide your tears, then why do you even try).” Laksh asked.
She hugged him and cried. He consoled her. He did feel love for her and felt her love, but never realized that love.
***Bg music ***
{{{ ae mere dil mubaarak ho (O my heart, congratulations)
yahi to pyaar hai… (this only is love)}}} [Song from movie Tum bin 2 – Ishq Mubarak]
She took care of him and didn’t let anyone know about the accident.
***Flashback ends***

“She supports everyone, she stands strong in every situation, but the only situation where she couldn’t help anyone was, when we got the news of Laksh’s death. Even Gauri couldn’t help her.” Om said.
“Ya, they are best friends since childhood right, that’s why Ragini couldn’t tolerate. Thank God Bhai is back, now Ragini will happily get married.” Avni said.
The moments they spent together flashed in Laksh’s mind.
***Ragini laughing at Laksh’s jokes*** Ragini slipped and fell in Laksh’s arms*** Ragini crying when Laksh got hurt*** Ragini’s concern for Laksh*** Ragini’s worry when Laksh picks up phone after many missed calls*** Ragini and Laksh’s long drive without Sanskar*** Ragini awake at night drawing Laksh’s records while Laksh is snoring beside her*** Laksh carrying dozed of Ragini from between his records to her bed***
Sanskar interrupted Laksh’s thought.
“Teekhe chalo rokha karthe he (Ok lets do the rokha).”

Avni turned to Om and whispered “Jeeju, yeh tho provoke hi nehi ho raha, isse zyada hum kya kahenge (Jeeju, he is not getting provoked, what more can we do)?”
Laksh walked to his room.
All became shocked seeing Laksh walk off, they were confused on what to do.
After a few minutes Dp got a call.
“Hallo, is this Durga Prasad.”
“Yes who is this?”
“I’m Mahesh.”
“Oh yes Pandit ji, I was about to call you, we were planning to do rokha of our daughter now.”
“What, now, no no, don’t do such things in hurry, do after looking mahurath.”
“Ok pandit ji, as you say.”
***Call ended***
Dp conveys pandit ji’s message to everyone.
Raghav and Avni let a sigh of relief.
Raghav pulled Sanskar close and whispered in his ear “Aaj tho tumhe pandit ne bacha liya, nehi tho meri behen vidhva ho jaathi (Today Pandit saved you, otherwise my sister would have become a widow today)!!”
Swara and Laksh came to the hall.
“Where were you both?” whispered Gauri in Swara’s ears.
“Come I’ll tell you” Swara replied and held Gauri’s hand and walked towards Sanskar. She stood between Sanskar and Gauri, and on her gesture, Om and Avni came and stood behind. Raghav was seated in the sofa in front of them.
“Did anyone here get a call now?” Swara asked.
“Yes, Mahesh ji called Papa.” Sanskar replied.
“What did he say.” Swara asked.
“He said that rokha cant happen today.’’ Gauri replied.
“How did he know that today there was rokha, even when we didn’t know?” Swara threw the question looking at all of them.
“He is pandit right, maybe he has insight.” Raghav said.

Swara gave a hit on Raghav’s head and said “don’t be stupid, bhuddhu, its not any in sight, pandit is here itself.”
“Here? Where?” Om asked.
“Just look, the one standing near Papa ji, who’s not taking his eyes off our beautiful Ragini.” Swara said with her cute smile.
Everyone look at Laksh in surprise.
Laksh looking at Ragini, he was lost in her, not even blinking……
***Bg music***
{{{teri baarishein bhigaayein mujhe (your rains drench me)
teri hawaaein bahaayein mujhe (your winds make me flow with them)
paaon tale mere zameenein chal paRin (the earth under my feet has moved)
aisa to kabhee hua hi nahi… (this has never happened)

ae mere dil mubaarak ho (O my heart, congratulations)
yahi to pyaar hai… (this only is love)
ishq mubarak, dard Mubarak (congratulations for the love, congratulations for this pain.
[or, may this love be auspicious for you, may this pain of love be auspicious for you.])}}} [Song from movie Tum Bin 2 – Ishq Mubarak]

Ragini in her room again thinking about the continuation of the flashback.

Ragini and Sanskar plan to surprise Laksh and decorate his room. At the same time Laksh reach Maheshwari House with Swara.
***Flashback ends***

Sanskar and Swara sitting in Swara’s bed.
Sanskar held her from behind while she leaned on him.
“Batao Sanskar, dheere dheere batao, mein stress nehi loongi aur kuch bhi yaad karne ki koshish nehi karoongi, bas mujhe jaanna he, agar tumne nehi batai, tho mujhe stress hogi na.”
“Teekhe me ek kahani ki tarah bathaoonga, but jab tum stress mehsoos karoge, bathadena, baaki ki kahani mein baad me bathaoonga, promise me that you will tell.”
“OK Promise.”
They smile.

That’s all for today. Sorry guys for the same precap again, I actually didn’t get time to arrange the flashback in order. Anyways it will be up in the upcoming episodes as flashback in between. Then I’ll put up flash back special episodes of HHB. Thanks for reading and really really sorry for such a late update.

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