Harmonious Heart Beat (Part 15) *MAHA EPISODE*

Hi guys!!! Here’s the episode where you’ll finally sure if this fanfiction is a Swasan or Swalak!!! By now it would have been sure, but still here is the episode of confirmation!!! I’m really really sorry for a delayed update. I’m late by three days, but I’ll try my best to update regularly once in three days here after. Since today it is the day of my 16th update, I thought of updating a big episode. I’m very allergic to dust and when I’m not well I can’t think properly, that’s why I didn’t put up the updates. Hope you all enjoy this episode.
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Sanskar looked into the college where Swara and Laksh went. Sanskar realized what Laksh had done, but he wanted to see Swara’s reaction after knowing about Laksh and her past. He was worried how much Laksh would have said, he didn’t know if he had to talk to Swara or just leave her alone. He searched for Swara by peeping from the compound wall.
“Oyye!!!” A man shouted.
Sanskar fell down in shock.
“Chori karne aaye ho kya, aao tumhe jail bijvadoonga mein (Have you come to steel, come I’ll send you to jail.” Said the watchman.
“Nehi nehi, mein apne beevi ko dekh raha tha (No no I was looking for my wife).”
“Beevi ko, aise chup chup ke, tumhe kya lagtha he ki mein pagal hoon (Wife, like this, does anyone search for their wife like thieves, do you think I’m mad)?”
“Arey!!! Kya aapka naam Rajesh he (Is your name Rajesh) ? Sanskar asked
“Yes, how do you know?”

“Arey kaka, don’t you know me, I’m Sanskar Maheshwari.” He said.
“Sanskar baba aap, Laksh ke bade bhai, aapko kaise bhool gaya mein, aap dono ko abhi bhi is college mein sab yad karthe he, aap dono ke pyaar ek doosre ke liye tho sab ke liye example tha na, abhi bhi jab hospital mein cases aathe he, bhai ne bhai ko property ke liye mar diya, pyaar ke liye maar diya, hum sab aap dono ko yaad karthe he (Sanskar baba you, Laksh’s big brother, how did I forget you, now also everyone in this college remembers you both, your both love for each other was an example for everyone, now also when cases come in this hospital, of brothers killing each other for property, love and all, we remember you both)!!!!.”
“Woh sab chodiye aap, kaise he aapke parivaar, bache, sab khush he na (Leave it, how is your family, children, everyone is happy right)?”
“Sab bohoth khush he beta (Everybody is very happy dear).”
“Vaise aap kya kar rahe ho (By the way what are you doing)?”
“I’m doing business kaka, I own a hospital too.”
“No no, I know that, I meant what are you doing here?”
“kaka, meri beevi andhar gayi, meine call karke dekha, par who phone utta nehi rahi, tho meine socha yaha se dekhloon (Kaka, my wife went inside, I tried calling her, but she is not taking her call, so I thought I’ll look from here) .”
“Acha teekhe, aap yaha pe wait keejiye, mein unhe bula latha hoon (Ok fine you wait here, I’ll go and call her).”
“Nehi nehi kaka, uski koi zaroorat nehi, voh aa jayegi (No no kaka, no need of that, she’ll come).”
“Nehi nehi, aap gadi me baitiye, mein abhi aaya (No No, you sit in the car, I’ll just come).” Watchman said and went inside.
Sanskar peeped in again and saw Swara seated inside alone.
He looked around to see if Laksh was near her.
“How could Laksh leave her alone at this stage, I’m sure Swara is feeling lonely, already she feels very bad when alone, what will I do.” Sanskar thought.
Sanskar noticed watchman talking to Swara and he ran to hide from her sight.
Swara and watchman came out.

“Who is searching for me?” Swara asked the watchman.
“Your husband, see he’s here.”
“My husband? Do you know my husband?” Swara asked.
“Swara baba, aap yeh kaise baath kar rahi ho, aap tho aaise baath kar rahe ho jaise aap humko jaanthe hi nehi (Swara dear, what are you saying, you are talking as if you don’t know me).”
“Nehi aaise baath nehi kaka, aap bas mujhe bathaiye (No, there’s nothing like that kaka, you just tell me.” Swara asked politely.
“Arey aapke pathi, Sanskar baba (Your husband, Sanskar dear).”
“Kya aap hamare shaadi me aaye the (Were you there for our marriage)?”
“ Yeh aap kaise baath kar rahe ho, mein aapke shaadi mein kaise nehi aathe, mujhe tho ladke vaale aur ladki vaalo ki tharaf se bulaava aaya tha na (What are you saying, how would I not come for your marriage, I had got invitation from both the sides).”
Swara was confused, she didn’t know how to get him to say what she wanted to know. Swara stood silent.

“ Aap chup kyu hai swara beta, hame patha he aapke shaadi kaisi mohaul me hua tha, par Sanskar beta tho ithna acha hai ki, unke pyaar ko koi andekha nehi kar saktha (Why are you silent Swara, I know in what situation your marriage had happened, but Sanskar is so good that no one can ignore his love).” Said the watchman.
“If I ask him what the situation was, he would doubt again, hai matha rani, pls help me, pls make him tell the truth which I have to know.” Swara prayed.
Swara knew how much Sanskar loved her, but for her truth was more important. Her heart kept telling her that she didn’t have to care about any truth, she just had to run to her love of life. She didn’t know how to solve her problems.
***Bg Music***
{{{ paas aaye.. (we came close)
dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa huin (yet the distances never reduced.)
ek adhoori si hamaari kahaani rahi (our story remained incomplete)
aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi (it is not necessary that the earth always)
jaa mile.. jaa mile.. (goes to meet sky)
ishq sachcha wahi (the true love is the one that)
jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein.. (does not get a destination)}}} [Song from movie Hamari Adhuri Kahani – Hamari Adhuri Kahani]
Sanskar went away from the college compound so that Swara does not see him. He sat under a tree and took out something from his pocket.
Sanskar and Swara sitting in their bedroom on the floor. Sanskar sat hugging Swara from behind. The TV was on but Swara played with Sanskar’s hand and Sanskar kept on looking at her, observing every bit of her. He didn’t know how to put his love into words before Swara but Swara always knew how much Sanskar loved her. Swara turned to Sanskar and asked “Kya dekh rahe ho tum, tum kya bore nehi hothe, din raath mujhe aaise hi dekhthe rehthe ho(What are you looking, day and night you keep looking at me like this, don’t you get bored)??
Sanskar smiled and asked “Mein tumse ek baath poocho (Can I ask you something)?”
Swara kissed him on his cheeks and gestured him to say.
“Jaise hum filmo me dekhthe he, vaise agar meri yadhash kho gayi tho, tum kya karlonge (Like we see in films, if I loose my memory, what will you do)?” Sanskar asked Swara.
“Jabtak tumhari yadhash jaayegi, tab tak mein tumhe dekh dekhkke bore ho chuki hogi, tho mein kisi aur se shaadi kar loongi (By the time you would loose you memory, I would have got bored of you, so I’ll marry someone else).”
Sanskar looked at her with fake anger and said “Acha tho phir inthezaar kis baath ki, chale jao tum (Then what are you waiting for, go away).” Sanskar stood up from the floor leaving Swara.
“Aur nehi tho kya, din raath sirf mujhe dekhthe hi rehthe ho, tho mein bore ho jaaoongi hi na (Then what, day and night you just keep looking at me, then I’ll obviously get bored right).” Swara said with a naughty smile and stood up to leave.
Sanskar pulled her closer and said “Tho tumhe mere dekhne se nehi, SIRF dekhne se problem he (So you don’t have problem with me looking, you have problem with me JUST looking).”
Sanskar’s closeness made Swara blush.

“Vaise tum bohoth baath karthi ho, ab kya hua, javab do (Normally you talk a lot, what happened now, answer me)!!!” Sanskar taunted her.
Swara tickeled Sanskar.
“Swara yeh tum kya kar rahi ho…haha …ha aha…. bas, stop it….” Sanskar tried to stop Swara but she ran away.
Sanskar ran behind her and pushed her towards the wall.
“Mujhe jawab nehi mila Swara (I didn’t get my answer Swara).” Sanskar asked.
Swara understood he wanted her to answer his first question but she wasn’t ready to do so easily, ahe wanted to irritate him.
“Kaunsa jawab. Tum tho ek minute me ithna saara sawal poochthe ho, inme kaunse sawal ka jawab maang rahe ho (Which answer, you ask so many questions in a minute, from those which question did you mean).”
“Acha aisi baath he, tho mein kuch kartha hoon (Oh is it so, then I’ll do something).”
Sanskar lifted Swara and put her on the bed. He also sat on the bed and covered both of them under their quilt.
“Sanskar yeh tum kya kar rahe ho (Sanskar what are you doing).” Swara had done with her mischeviousness and was really worried now.
“Kyu kya hua, tumhi ne tho kaha ki, mein din raath sirf tumhe dekhtha rehtha hoon, aur kuch nehi kartha, ab jab mein karne ja raha hoon, tho tum khabra kyoon rahi ho (Why, what happened, you only just said, I just keep looking at you da and night, doesn’t do anything else, now when I’m going to do, then why are you worried).” Sanskar taunted her again.
Swara tried to move but Sanskar held her by her waist and and rolled to bring her on top of him.
***Bg music***
{{{Ang laga dhe re… mohe rang laga dhe reh…. Mein tho their jhoniniya tu jhog laga dhey reh……}}}
Swara clung to his chest tightly and Sanskar hugged her.”
{{{Raavne dhare dhare….agane magane man……}}}
After few minutes Sanskar said “Ab samajh aaya hoga mein konse sawal ki baath kar raha tha (Now you might have understood, which question I meant).”
Swara lifted her head and looked at Sanskar and said “Tumhara uss sawal ka koi jawab nehi kyunki Sanskar mujhe kabhi bhool hi nehi saktha, kyunki jithna pyaar mein tumse karthi hoon, usse bhi zyada pyaar tum mujhse karthe he, tumhaare pyaar ki barabari mein kabhi kar hi nehi sakhthi, par Sanskar mujhse wadah karo, agar mein kabhi bhi tumhe ya tumhare pyaar ko bhool gayi na, tho tum poori koshish karke mujhe hamare pyaar ki ehsaas yaad diladena, mein saath janmokeliye sirf tumhari hona chahthi hoon, tum bas mujhe aaise hi hug karo, tumhare dil mujhse samjhadega ki usme meri jage kya he (There is no answer for that question, because Sanskar can never forget me, because you love me more than I love you, I can never compare my love with yours, but promise me Sanskar, if I ever forget you or your love, then you would try your best to make me realise your love, I want to be yours for the next 7 lives, you just have to hug me like this, your heart will get me to understand my place in it).” Swara said.
Sanskar hugged Swara.
Sanskar mein is din ko kabhi bhool nehi paongi, in fact tumhare saath har din mere liye special he, mein isliye tumhare liye ek gift laayi hoon (Sanskar, I’ll never forget this day, infact I can never forget the day, infact eeryday spent with you is special for me, that’s why I brought a gift for you).” Swara said and gifted Sanskar a bracelet written SWASAN in it. She made him wear it and kissed his had with that bracelet.
***FLASHBACK ended***
Sanskar kissed on the bracelet Swara gave him and tears rolled down his eyes.
“Swara, tumne jhoot kyoon kaha, tumne kaha mere saath bithaye hue har pal tumhaare liye special he aur tum kabhi bhool nehi sakthi, bohoth pyaar kartha hoon mein tumse, tumhaare liye mein kuch bhi kar saktha hoon, tumhe paana mere liye uthna zaroori nehi he jithna ki tumhari kushi he, mein bas tumhari khushi chaahtha hoon, par mere poori koshish ke bavajoodh mein tumhe pareshaan paatha hoon…… (Swara why did you lie to me, you had told that every moment spent with me was special and you would never forget it, I love you so much, I’ll do anything for you, To get you is not more important than seeing you happy, I just want to see you happy, but eventhough I tred hard to keep you happy, I always get to see you worried)” Sanskar looked at the bracelet an said.
***Bg music***
{{{ rang thay, noor tha (there were colors, there was light)
jab kareeb tu tha (when you were near me)
ek jannat sa tha, ye jahaan (this world was like heaven)
waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa (on the sand of time, you left)
likh ke chhoD gaya tu kahaan (something like my name written)
hamari adhoori kahani.. (our incomplete story)
hamari adhoori kahani.. (our incomplete story)}}} [Hamari adhuri kahani song]
Swara and the watchman came near Sanskar’s car.
“Kaha chala gaya, maine tho unhe yahi pe rukhne ko kaha tha (Where did he go, I asked him to wait here).”
“Koi baath nehi, aapko shayad galthi ko gayi hogi (No problem, maybe you miht have mistaken).” Swara said.
Swara had come with lots of hope to see Sanskar eventhough she was going to behave hostile to him. But when she didn’t find him around, she felt like there was a heavy weight kept in her chest, which made it difficult for her to breathe.
Swara controlled her tears and went back to the college.
Someone rang the bell and Om went to check. He opened the door and Raghav popped in.
“Mere pyaari behna kaha he (Where is my lovely sister)?”
“Woh, woh…..”
“Woh woh kya, mujhe patha he ki voh aaj duty pe nehi gayi he, apne bhai ke saath time spend karne ke liye chutti le liya hoga usne (What, I know she didn’t go for duty today, she might have took leave to spend time with her brother).”
“Nehi voh, Laksh use leke gaya (No Laksh took her).”
“Laksh??? No no ur mistaken, you meant sanskar right.” Raghav asked Om starring at him.
Om lowered his gaze and said, “Sanskar nehi, Laksh leke gaya use, aur ham rok nehi paaye, kyunki swara ne hame mana kar di (Not Sanskar, Laksh took her, and we couldn’t stop, because Swara refused).”
“Yeh tumne kya kiya Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi, tumne use Laksh ke saath Swara ko jaane kaise diya???” Raghav asked in anger (What did you just do Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi, how did you let Swara go with that Laksh).
“I’m sorry Raghav, I failed to stop them.”
“Where did they go?”
“Sanskar also went with them, they went to Swara’s college.”
Raghav without talking furthur ran to his car and drove of to Swara’s college.
Raghav reached the college and saw Swara talking with Laksh. He noticed Swara disturbed.
Raghav straight away went to Swara, held her hand and dragged her with him.
“Chalo mere saath (Come with me).” Said Raghav.
“Mujhe tum kaha leke ja rahe ho, kya hua Raghav (where are you taking me Raghav, what happened)?”
“Beto, mein bas abhi aaya (Sit down, I’ll just come).” He said and made her toenter the car.
She entered the car and he went back to Laksh.
“Kyu leke aaya tum Swraa ko yaha? Kya zaroorath thi yeh sab natak karne ki, I’m warning you, doorraho Swara se, hum dosth the, he aur hamesha rahenge, par jab baath meri behen ki aathi he, raghav ko koi dosthi nehi diktha.!!!! Don’t make me repeat this (Why did you get Swara here?? What was the need of all this drama, I’m warning you, stay away from Swara, we were friends, and we will be, but when its about my sister, Raghav doesn’t see any friendship).” Raghav warned Laksh and Laksh fumed in anger.
Raghav went back to Swara and drove to a temple.
“Kya hua Raghav (What happened Raghav)??”
“Kya hua mathlab (What do you mean by what happened).” Raghav asked in anger.
“Tum ithna gussa kyu kar rahe ho (why are you so angry).”
“Gussa nehi karoon tho aur kya karoon, aaj hamara bday hai aur har saal hum kya karthe he bday pe, tumhara bday sirf tumhara nehi he, mera bhi he, tum mera bday kaise bhool sakthi ho Swara (What do I do other than to be angry, today is our bday, and every year what do we do on our bday, you bday is just not yours, its mine too, how could you even forget my bday Swara)??” Raghav said with a puppy face.
“Oh aaj hamara bday hai, tho kya hum mandhir jaa rahe he (Oh today is our bday, so are we going to the temple)?” Swara asked casually, ignoring his expression.
“How can you even ignore my cute expression Swara, you are so mean.” Raghav acted dramatically.
“Raghav, tum ithna drama kyun karthe ho, jab tum drama karthe ho na (Swara acted lovingly) mujhe na…… mujhe na…..” Swara also said dramatically.
“Mujhe kya meri behen ………” asked Raghav.
“Man kartha he…….”
“Jaldi bolona (Say fast) Raghav said.
“Man kartha he tumhara sar bhod dhoon (I feel like breaking your head).”
They both laughed.
“Tell me, are we going to the temple.”
“Ja rahe he nehi, ye lo hum pahunch gaye (We have reached).” Raghav said.
The reached a temple and both of them went inside. They prayed together.
Swara prayed “Hey matha rani, mein Sanskar ko bohoth chahthi hoon, mujhe use apni zindigi me shammil karne ke liye koi rastha dikhao, ya tho mujhe koi ishara dikhadho thaki mein samajh pau ki mein Sanskar ko chunu (Oh lord, I love Sanskar a lot, show me some way to get him in my life, otherwise give me some sign that I should choose Sanskar).”
“Aap se mein naraz hoon haan, aapne meri behen ki yadhash cheenli, par maine kuch nehi kaha kyunki aapne use zinda lauttadi, par ab aap kya kar rahe ho, use apna pyaar bhi lautadho ma (I’m angry with you, you snatched my sister’s memory, but I didn’t complain, because you gave us her life, but now what are you doing, please return her, her love).” Raghav prayed.
After praying Raghav messaged Sanskar.
Swara and Raghav served food for the poor.
“Pichle dho, theen saal se aap yaha apne janam din par sabko khilathe ho, aapko aur aapke pathi ko matha rani salamathi aur khushi dhey (From past 2-3 yrs, you come here on your bday and give everyone food, may god bless you and your husband) .” The Pandit said.
Swara bend to touch his feet.
“Sadha suhagan raho (God bless you)”
Suddenly Swara realised that the pandit knows who her husband was. She tried an idea because she was sure he was around.
“Pandit ji, maine bohoth doondli, mere pathi nehi milrahe, aapne unhe kahi dekha (Pandit ji, I searched a lot, I cant find my husband, did you see him anywhere)?’’
“Swara beta, aapke janam din par sabko khilaane ke baadh aap dono uss dhara ke paas ke voh ped ke neeche baithe the na. Aapke pathi vahi honge, vaha baitke aapke inthezaar kar raha hoga (On your birthday, after feeding everyone you both go and sit below that tree near that stream, amybe your husband will be waiting for you there.)”
Swara’s eyes watered, she ran to the place where Pandit ji said.

She wanted to see Sanskar there. She feared if she wouldn’t see Sanskar there. But Om’s words crossed her mind – Our heart is the only thing we can trust, and her heart said in fact shouted that Sanskar was her life and she was going to see him there.
She saw Sanskar there, sitting in a corner.
“SANSKAAAR.’’ She shouted aloud.
Sanskar looked in shock and stood up.
Swara jumped to his shoulders and hugged him tightly. Sanskar didn’t even think for a minute and hugged her back. He didn’t want to ask her anything, he just knew that, no matter what ever he tried to do to keep her happy, the only thing that made her happy was his presence around her.
***Bg music***
{{{Teraa meraa rishtaa hai kaisaa (How’s this relationship of ours)
Ik pal door gawaaraa nahi (I don’t like distance of even a moment)
Tere liye har roz hain jeete (Every day, I live for you)
Tujh ko diyaa meraa waqt sabhi (All my time is for you)
Koi lamhaa meraa naa ho tere binaa (There shouldn’t be a moment of mine without you)
Har saans pe naam teraa (There is your name on every breath)}}} [Song from movie Aashiqui 2 – Tum hi ho]
“Sanskar, mere past kya tha, kaisa tha, hamari shaadi kaisi mahaul me hui, yeh sab mujhe nehi patha, mujhe sirf ithna patha hai ki, mein tumse bohoth pyaar karthi hoon aur tumhaare bina ji nehi sakthi, tumhaare bina ek zindigi ke baare mein sochne se bhi dar lagtha he mujhe Sanskar, mein mar jaungi par tumhare bina nehi rahoongi (Sanskar, what was my past, how was it, in what situation our marriage happened, I don’t know all that, I just know this much that, I love you so much and I cant live without you, I cant even imagine a life without you, I’ll die better than living without you).”
Sanskar kept his hand on her mouth to sto her from saying.
“Mein hoon na tumhare saath, tho ab yeh sab baathe kyoon kah rahi ho? Aur kaisi ma ho tum, ab tum akeli nehi ho, tumhare andhar ek aur zindigi pal rahi he, koi pregnant aurath aaise bhagthi he kya, bache ka aur khud ka khayal rakhna chahiye na (I’m there with you right, then why are you saying like this? Then what a mother are you, there is another life within you, does any pregnant woman run like this, you have to take care of baby and yourself right)?”
“Bache ki khayal rakhne ke liye uske papa he na (To take care of baby, his papa is there right).” Swara said with a cute smile and a lovely drop of tear that was about to drop from her eyes.
Sanskar was soooo happy hearing that, he wiped her tears and they hugged each other.
***Maheswari House***
Laksh came into the house angrily and went to his room. He slammed the door.
Ap was worried for him. Ap knew about Laksh’s anger and no one dared to go near him when he was angry. Ap went to temple to pray for Laksh. She had lost her son once and feared of loosing him again.
Sujatha saw Ragini going to Laksh’s room.
“Aaj hi mujhe kuch karna padega, meri bachi ki zindigi ka sawal hai (I have to do today itself, its about my childs life).” Sujatha decided and went to her husband.
“Ji, aap jaldi mere saath chalo, hame abhi nikalna he (Ji, you come with me fast, we have to leave now).”
“Kaha jaana he sujatha (Where to go sujatha)?”
“Hame Shekhar ji aur Sharmishta ji ke yaha jaana he (We have to go to Shekhar ji and Sharmishta ji).”
“Vaha kyoon (Why there).”
“Mein Ragini ka rishta leke jaana chahthi hoon, Raghav ke saath (I want to talk to them about Ragini and Raghav).”
“Kya??? Tumne Ragini se baath ki (Did you talk to Ragini).”
“Voh sab aap mujhpe chod dho, mein baath karloongi usse, pehle unse baath karley (You leave all that to me, I’ll talk to her, first we’ll talk to them).”
“Teekhe nikalthe he (Ok then we’ll leave).”
Sujatha and husband went to meet Shekhar and Sharmishta. Since they hadn’t left town, Sujatha met them in a hotel.
“Shekhar ji, hum aapke bete ke liye rishtha leke aaye he?” Sujatha said.
“Rishtha?” Sharmishta asked.
“Haan, hamari Ragini.” Sujatha said.
“Yeh tho bohoth kushi ki baath hai, hame bhi Ragini bohoth pasand hai, hum bacho se poochke pakka karlenge, kal hi hum aapke ghar aayenge (This is a happy news, we also like Ragini very much, we’ll ask children and finalise, we’ll come to your house tommorrow itself).”
“Kal kyun? Aaj aapko koi kam he kya (Why tommorrow, why not today, any problem)?”
“Nehi tho, teekhe hum aaj hi aayenge (No problem, we’ll come today itself).”
***Maheshwari House***
Ragini entered Laksh’s room and saw him worried. She went near him to console him. She softly called him from behind and kept her hand on his shoulders.
“L…a…k..sh…” she called softly.
Laksh turned in anger and pushed her towards the wall and stood at finger distance from her.
She weeped and said “Maine socha tum pareshaan honge, tho tumhe meri zaroorath hogi (I thought you might me worried and you would need me).” Ragini explained.
Laksh banged on the wall and shouted again “BEEVI HO KYA TUM MERI, MERI ITHNI FIKR KARNE KI KOI ZAROORATH NEHI, SAMJHI TUM (ARE YOU MY WIFE, YOU DON’T HAVE TO Worry ABOUT ME, DID YOU GET THAT).” Laksh held her shoulders tightly.
“Lucky please mujhe chodo, dard ho raha he (Laksh please leave me, you are hurting me).”
Laksh had lost it in anger, but when he heard Ragini call him Lucky, he realised what he was doing to her.
He turned away from Ragini. Ragini slowly walked to leave the room, wheeping without making noise, fearing Laksh’s anger.
Laksh felt guilty and turned to see Ragini.
He went to her and held her hand, pulled and hugged her. “I’m sorry Jhalli, kabhi kabhi mein apna gussa control hi nehi kar patha (Sometimes I cant control my temper).” Laksh apologized.
Ragini didn’t respond and stood fearfully, wheeping without any noise.
“Ragini please, tum aise chup math raho, meine kaha na I’m sorry (Ragini please don’t remain silent like this, I said sorry right).” Laksh once again apologized. He held her shoulders and looked at her. He saw her wheeping and standing in fear. He felt very guily and said “Ragini please, roh math, agar tumhe rona hi he tho aise nehi, Ragini please, kuch tho bolo (Ragini please don’t cry, if you want to cry, then not like thus, Ragini please, tell something).”
Ragini freed herself from his grip and slowly left his room silently wheeping.
***In the temple***
Swara and Sanskar was standing in a lonely corner. They were very close.
Sanskar and Swara hugged each other passionately. Swara kissed Sanskar all over his face and hugged him again “Don’t leave me Sanskar. I don’t care what happened before my memory loss, what matters to me is you, and only you, I cant live without you.” Swara said.
Sanskar cupped her face and kissed her on her cheeks, forehead and wherever he could and hugged her tightly, ensurind her that he was with her.
Sanskar headed close towards her lips.
***Bg music***
{{{Tere liye hi jiyaa main (For you, I lived)
Khud ko jo yoon de diya hai (I have given myself (to you))
Teri wafaa ne mujh ko sambhaalaa (Your faith [actually means ‘my love for you’ here] took care of me)
Saare ghamon ko dil se nikaala (Took all the sorrows from (my) heart)
Tere saath mera hai naseeb juDaa (With you my fate is attached)
Tujhe paa ke adhoora naa raha (Getting you, Nothing is incomplete (within me, I got completed))}}} [Song Tum hi ho]
Ap saw them hug from far.
“Kaisi ladki he yeh, pehle bhi besharm thi, aur abhi bhi, iski besharmi ki koi hadh hi nehi he (What a girl is she, she was shameless, and now also she is shameless, aren’t there any limits for her shamelessness). Ap thought and left irked.
While Sanskar was heading close to Swara, Swara tickled Sanskar and Sanskar said “hah….hah…. stop it Swara, stop it…..’’
Sanskar tried to stop Swara, he held both her hand, turned it behind her and pulled her close.
Sanskar again came close to Swara.
“Sanskar, koi dekhlenge, yeh sab ghar jaake bhi kar sakthe he, please (Sanskar, someone will see, all this we can go home and do).”
Sanskar looked at Swara and saw her talking with her eyes tightly closed. He smiled and loosed his grip.
“Love you Swara.” He said.
“Love you too Sanskar.’’she said and hugged him.
Raghav got a call from his parents. Raghav and Swara went to them, Sanskar went to his office.
Raghav and Swara picked up their parents from a mall, they saw them with a dozen thing and busy arranging them inside the car.
“Kar kya rahe he aap sab (What are you all doing)?” Raghav asked.
“Tum chup raho, aur gadi chalao (You keep quiet and drive the car).” Sharmishta said.
“Par yeh tho batao, jaana kaha he (Atleast tell me where to go)?”
“Dp ji ke ghar (Dp’s house).”
“Vaha kyoon (Why there).”
“Tumhaare liye rishtha leke jaa rahi hoon.”
“Ma aap kaisi baath kar rahi ho (What are you saying)?”
“Kyoon, tumhaari ma hoke tumhare zindigi ki yeh faisla hum nehi le sakthe kya, vaise mujhe voh bohoth pasand hai, maheswari parivaar ki parvarish kabhi galath nehi ho sakthi he (Why, don’t your mother have right to take decisions in your life, anyways I like her very much, maheswari family’s ward can never go wrong).”
Raghav smiled.
“Mumma, Raghav is blushing.” Swara mocked.
Raghav stopped the car near a jewellery shop.
“Kaha ja rahe ho tum Raghav (Where are you going Raghav).” Shekhar asked.
“Mein apne hone vali mangethar ke liye ek surprise lene ja raha hoon (I’m going to but a surprise for my going to be fiance.” Raghav said and winked at Swara.
Raghav went to the shop and purchased. He called up Avni.
“Avni, mein tumhaare ghar aa raha hoon (Avni, Im coming home).”
“Mere ghar, kyoon, agar bhai ne dekhlee na (My house, why, if bhai sees na)!!’’ Avni warned him.
“Mein tumhaare bhai se nehi dartha, tumhaare liye ek surprise he (I’m not scared of your brother, I’ve got a surprise for you).” Raghav said.
Avni blushed.
“Avni, tumhe make up ki zaroorath nehi hogi, already tum bohoth blush kar rahi ho (Avni you will not need makeup, already you are blushing a lot).”
“Kisne kaha, mein blush nehi kar rahi hoon, mein kyu blush karoongi, apne aapko tum ithna bhi importance math dho Raghav, blush hone ke liya tumne kuch kaha hi nehi, tumhari kuch kehne se mein blush…, I don’t blush, in fact I’m not blushing.”
“Tumhe patha he Avni, jab tum jhoot bolthi ho na, tum bohoth zyada baath karne lagthi ho, aur tumhari jhoot pakdi jaathi he (You know what Avni, when you lie, you tend to talk a lot and your lie gets caught).” Raghav said and laughed.
“Teekhe teekh (Ok Ok), kithna baath karthi ho tum (how much do you talk), abhi tumhaare paas hi tho aa raha hoon (now I’m coming to you only know), Ok bye, Love you.” Raghav said.
“Love you too” Avni replied and smiled.

Raghav and family reach Maheswari house. Avni ran to Swara and talked to her looking at Raghav. She smiled shyly. Sujatha asked them to sit down and served them snacks.
Swara searched for Sanskar. She messaged him since she was missing him.
Sujatha brought Ragini (Ragini had her head bowed down) and said, “Yeh rahi hamari beti, iske baare mein mujhe kuch kehne ki zaroorath bhi nehi he, Raghav beta aur aap sab bachpan se jaanthe he na Ragini ko (Here is our daughter, I don’t have to tell anything about her, Raghav and you all know her from chilhood right).”
Ragini looked at Raghav and Avni shocked. Swara also looked at them in shock. Swara knew his brother always saw Ragini as his younger sister and he liked Avni.
Avni made and excuse of going to the kitchen and went from there.

Sorry if such a long update bored you. Thankyou for reading and pls. comment.

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