Harmonious Heart Beat (Part 14)

Hi guys!!! Here is the part 14 of Harmonious Heart Beat. Sorry for the delayed update, I mean I usually send the article at 6.30am and it would be up by 9.30am. Today I actually slept in the morning, was quite tired. Anyways thanks to all my readers and all those who comment.
Swara sat in one corner of her room, hugging her pillow. She didn’t cry, she just sat hugging her pillow tightly.

“Swara, open the door Swara, open the door.” Om shouted from outside the room. Om banged on the door but Swara sat as if she didn’t here anything. Om became worried when he didn’t here anything from the other side. He broke the door down and got in. He didn’t find Swara on her bed. He was worried and looked everywhere around. Just then he heard a wheeping noise from the corner of the room. He saw Swara seated in the corner of the room like a scared little kid. He ran to her.

“Swara, what happened Swara, tell me Swara?” Om asked in worry.
She didn’t respond, she just clung to the pillow.
Om didn’t know how to deal with the situation without knowing what exactly the problem was. He wished if Gauri was around but he didn’t want to inform her and get her worried. He went to the kitchen and got Swara some water. “Swara, whatever it is calm down, we all are there with you.” Om tried to console her.

Om held her by her shoulders and took her to her bed. He covered her up as she laid down, kept his hand on her head and said “Swara, you have to deal with the situations, all of us around can help you, but maybe situations around you will confuse you about whom to trust, anybody can cheat you Swara, you cant trust anyone completely except for you heart, your heart can never cheat you, just trust yourself Swara, and don’t accept defeat, you were always a fighter and you cant loose.”

Swara silently listened to everything what Om said closed her eyes. He could temporarily console Swara, but he knew that wasn’t enough. He went out of the room and called up Sanskar.
“Sanskar, did you meet Swara in the morning?”

“No, why what happened?”
“Is Laksh there at home?”
“He just left now, Om just tell me what happened!” Sanskar was worried at Om’s tone.
“I don’t know Sanskar, what happened to Swara, she had gone to the hospital right, then she just came back all of a sudden and she was looking very worried,, she’s just not talking, Im really don’t know what to do, she is resting now.”
“She was fine, in fact very happy yesterday, what happened? Anyways I’ll be there in 15mins.” He said

Sanskar reached the apartment and knocked the door. Om opened the door.
“Where’s Swara?”
“In her room”
Sanskar ran to her and sat beside her, she was sleeping.
Om came along and sat on a chair.
“She shouldn’t take stress during this time, she is supposed to be happy always, I really don’t know what happened this morning, I hope she would be fine when she wakes up.” Sanskar said.
Om nodded.

***In the hospital***

Laksh went to his cabin and started his work. At about 11.00 he stopped his clinic duty and was to go for his rounds. As usual he opened his draw to see the photo he had kept in his draw. When he opened the draw, he didn’t find it, he became worried. He searched in the other draws and found in lying on the ground. He was sure that Swara was the one who saw the photo. He ran out of his cabin, entered the car and drove to Swara’s apartment.

***Swara’s apartment***

Swara woke up and saw Sanskar seated beside her. She sprung up from her bed and shouted “HOW DARE YOU ENTER MY ROOM AND SIT ON MY BED WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO DO THAT, WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT, GET OUT I SAY, GET OUT I SAY, JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM!!” Swara said and pushed Sanskar out of her room.
Om stood stunt and didn’t know what to do.

Swara turned towards Om and said “If he is your friend, you can have him in your room, not mine.”
Om also went out of her room. Swara was about to close the door but before she did she looked at Sanskar and became teary eyed, she couldn’t bear to see Sanskar in pain, but she had to push him away and this was the only way she had before her.
She closed the door and ran to her bed and cried, pressing her face to a pillow so that no one heard her.
Sanskar sat with his hand on his head and tears flowed down his eyes. He didn’t know how to help his Swara.

***Bg music***
{{{Khwaabon Mein They Aansu Chhupe (In my dreams, tears were hidden)
Pata Hi Na Tha Humein (I had no idea about this)
Raahon Mein They Kaante Bichhe (Thorns were laden on my roads)
Pata Hi Na Tha Humein (I had no idea about this)

Kuch Bhi Humein Haasil Nahi(I couldn’t achieve anything)
Hai Reh Gayi Manzil Kahin (My destination has been left someplace behind)
Hairaan Hai Dil, Kis Baat Ki Ye Hai Sazaa (My heart is worried, what’s all this punishment for)
Rone Lagi Hai Ab Dua (Even prayers are crying now)
Khud Se Hua Hai Bepata (I’ve become unknown to my own self)

Aye Rab Mere Mujhko Zara Tu Ye Bata… (O God, now please tell me this)}}} [Song from movie Titoo MBA – Kyu Hua]
They heard the bell ring and someone banging on the door. Om went to check. Om saw it was Laksh and went back to Sanskar.
Om said “Sanskar just hide somewhere, I don’t want a scene to be created now, Swara is already worried, just hide somewhere till I know what he is here for.”

Sanskar went to hide and Om opened the door.
Laksh came in and asked “Where is Swara, I have to talk to her, its very important, where is she.”
Laksh didn’t bother to hear what Om was going to say and he ran to Swara’s room and banged on the door. Swara opened the door and Laksh got in. He closed the door from inside.
Sanskar saw this and came out to Om “Why didn’t you stop him, why did he close the door, what is he upto” Sanskar was worried and didn’t know what to do.”

***Inside Swara’s room***
Laksh entered Swara’s room. Swara was shocked and before she could say anything, Laksh held her by her shoulders and shouted, “Now there is no point in keeping you in darkness, you have to know the truth because you have seen this” he showed her the photo.
She didn’t respond and stood like a corpse. She didn’t want to know the truth, her mind was filled with Sanskar, she could see her world shatter before her eyes and she standing helpless beside it.

Laksh shook her to bring her to her senses.

Swara looked at Laksh and asked “I was Sanskar’s wife?”
“Yes you were Swara, but he cheated us, we were in love, and were to get married. But I met with an accident. Everyone thought that I had died, but when I came back you had married Sanskar. But after around a month we both ran away from the house and got married. This child is the proof of our love Swara, I love you Swara, I have had enough with this acting and stuff, come with me, we have to get married because all will try to manipulate you.” Laksh said and took her with him.
But she stopped and asked “How can I trust you?”

“I have this photograph as the proof, if you want more proof, I’ll take you to our college now, you just listen what our professors say, behave like you remember everyone, then you’ll know.” Laksh said.
“Fine, lets go now itself.”
Laksh agreed and took her. Before Laksh and Swara came out of the room, Sanskar hide.
Om couldn’t stop them, because Swara stopped him. Swara looked around in search of Sanskar when Laksh took her with him.
Sanskar followed their car.

Laksh and Swara reached the college and Sanskar parked his car far from theirs.
“Hello principal sir, do you remember us?” Laksh asked.
“Ehhh…… “ Principal thought.
“You’ll remember me when you see her sir.” Laksh said pointing towards Swara.
“Oh my God, Laksh and Swara, what a pleasant surprise, my best and naughtiest students, the love birds of our college, how will I forget you!!” Principal said and hugged Laksh.
“How are you doing, how is practice going, tell me more.”
“Good sir.”

“What happened Swara, you are standing quite, I never knew you could stand like this, unless you are punished.” Principal said and laughed. Swara gave him a fake smile.
“What happened Laksh, only the two of you are here? You guys got married long back right, there’s got to be more members!!”
Laksh smiled and said, “yes sir, the member will be with us in 6 months.”
Swara still stood blank.

“God bless you children, God bless you.” He said and they took a leave from his cabin.
They met all the professors, and Swara was had to accept the fact that Laksh was her husband. She cried inside because she loved Sanskar, she wished she knew this truth earlier, and flashes of her memory with time spent with Sanskar came before her eyes. She wished if God showed some miracle.
“Laksh kaisa hai tu, Bada doctor ban gaya aur ham sab ko bhool gaye (Laksh how are you, became a great doctpr and you forgot us.” A friend of Laksh came to him.
Laksh excused Swara for a minute to have a conversation with his friend.
Swara stood lonely in the isle, and thought if it was Sanskar, he wouldn’t have never left us alone, she kept her hand on her baby and wiped her tears.

***Bg Music***
{{{Saaya Bhi Ye Roye (Even these shadows are crying)

Tanha Humko Dekh Kar (Looking at me as I am lonely)
Zindagi Khaali Ho Gayi (Life has become empty)
Khoya Aise Humsafar… (My life partner is lost)
Kyun Hua, Kyun Hua, Rab Hi Bezubaan… Ooo… (Why has God become silent)}}} [Song Kyu Hua]
Sanskar and Swara hugged each other passionately. Swara kissed Sanskar all over his face and hugged him again “Don’t leave me Sanskar. I don’t care what happened before my memory loss, what matters to me is you, and only you, I cant live without you.” Swara said.

Sanskar cupped her face and kissed her on her cheeks, forehead and wherever he could and hugged her tightly, ensurind her that he was with her.
Ap saw them hug and listened to them.
“Kaisi ladki he yeh, pehle bhi besharm thi, aur abhi bhi, iski besharmi ki koi hadh hi nehi he (What a girl is she, she was shameless, and now also she is shameless, aren’t there any limits for her shamelessness). Ap thought and irked.

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