Harmonious Heart Beat (Part 13)

Hi guys! I’m here with the next part of Harmonious Heart Beat. I hope you all are liking it. Thank you all for reading and commenting.
Previous episode towards the end we saw the oberois, Sanskar and Raghav planning something, Dp asking Swara’s family to stay in their house and leave the next day. Then Laksh feeling lonely and Ragini supporting him. Gauri upset seeing Laksh and Ragini. Om trying to console Ragini.

After the party was over, Swara went to Maheshwari house along with her parents. She knew she was somehow related to that house and hoped to get some clue there.
They reached Maheshwari house and Swara looked around as if she saw everything for the first time.
Sanskar and Laksh kept observing the changes that came on her face.
Swara called up Om and Gauri.
“Both of you, I’m not there around and I’m totally safe, you guys don’t have to worry about me. So what I mean is, you guys have got this whole beautiful night, all alone to spent with each other,….. don’t waste it my dear….its gotta be special right Om!!!” Swara said to both of them and heard Om laugh.

Swara slept with her mother, Nani and Dadi. She didn’t want to get indulged in any stressful thoughts, so she just hugged her mother and slept.
At midnight, Raghav went to the terrace and from their opened a window and entered the room. He saw Avni in her bathrobe and asked in surprise “You take bath in midnight??”
“WHAT THE HELL????How the hell did you get in my room, get out.” Avni shouted.
Raghav became angry hearing her shout at him and held her hand tightly. He pushed her towards the wall and stood close to her.

“How dare you touch me, even I have a boyfriend, if he comes to know that someone else touched his girl friend, you’ll never what he’ll do” Avni said.
“What will he do” Raghav said and pulled her close.
“You cant even imagine how possessive he is!” Avni said.
Raghav ran his hand towards the knot of her bathrobe, she held his hand tightly before he untied it. “Raghav please, tum apne kamre me jao, agar bhai ne dekh li na, tum bhai ke gussa jaanthe ho na (Raghav please, go to your room, if bhai sees, you know his anger right).”

“I missed you so much Avni.” He said and kissed on her cheeks.
Avni smiled and said “It has just been a day since we met Raghav.” She mocked.
“One day has 24 hours, and we haven’t met since 1.5 day. I couldn’t even talk to you.”
She laughed and hugged him. They hugged each other passionately. Raghav came close to her pink, wet and glossy lips……..
Sssttttoooo tttoo tto……
Raghav and Avni got shocked hearing the noise and slowly peeped through the door to check where did the noise come from.

It was Swara. Raghav let a sigh of relief.
Swara had dropped something and they saw Sanskar running to her.
“Oh my God, Bhai is awake, Raghav get back to your room, if bhai sees you here, its gonna be very bad, Go go go.” Avni said and pushed him out of the room through the window.
“Love you Avni.” Raghav said.
“Love you too soo much my Raghav” Avni said and kissed him on his cheeks.
In the hall,
“Swara are you alright?” Sanskar asked.
“Yes, I’m fine Sanskar, your still awake?’’ Swara asked.
“I’m not feeling sleepy.”
“Why what happened?”

“No nothing, just like that, why are you here.”
“I came to take some water, I was thirsty.”
“Ok I’ll get you some, you sit here” Sanskar said and made her sit on a chair.
Swara felt like eating pani puri, she wished if Sanskar offered to take her out, but knew there wont be shops open at midnight, but she really wanted to eat pani puri.
Sanskar came with water and gave her. She took the jug from him and walked towards her room with her fingers crossed. Sanskar didn’t want her to go.
“Will you join me for a ride Swara, you didn’t have food properly right, you might be hungry.” Sanskar said because he knew that pregnant ladies wish to eat at midnight.
Swara became teary eyed and kept her water jug on one side, ran to Sanskar and hugged him. He was surprised but he didn’t want to think too much, he just hugged her back. Swara cried a little but then felt comfortable in his arms.
***Bg music***

{{{Tere liye hi jiyaa main (For you, I lived)
Khud ko jo yoon de diya hai (I have given myself (to you))
Teri wafaa ne mujh ko sambhaalaa (Your faith [actually means ‘my love for you’ here] took care of me)
Saare ghamon ko dil se nikaala (Took all the sorrows from (my) heart)
Tere saath mera hai naseeb juDaa (With you my fate is attached)
Tujhe paa ke adhoora naa raha (Getting you, Nothing is incomplete (within me, I got completed)..)}}} [Song from movie Aashiqui 2 – Tum hi ho]
Sanskar slowly too his arms off her and Swara too realized what she was doing. She too slowly stepped away from him. She felt uncomfortable to face him.
“Oh Swara, what did you just do.” Sanskar asked.

Swara looked at him shocked, she felt awkward and didn’t know how to respond.
“What??? You wetted my shirt, now I have to go and change.” He tried to joke to make her feel normal and it did work. She smiled.
“Ok you change and come, we’ll go for a long drive, and you can eat what you feel like, if there are any shops.” Sanskar said.
Swara smiled and nodded.
They both went out.
[I’m going to make the upcoming scene a little filmy, I kind of like it sometimes…. Forgive me if you find it intolerable. Try to enjoy the essence of the scene. Probably going to be a treat to all my Swasan fans ?]

Sanskar and Swara started on their long drive. Swara was very happy when Sanskar was around. They talked all the way and laughed at each others jokes, also laughed at each other for lame jokes. After her surgery and memory loss, that was the first day when Swara laughed from her heart.
“Would you like to have pani puri Swara.” Sanskar asked.
Swara looked at him in shock.
“What?? Did I say anything wrong?” Sanskar asked seeing the shock on Swara’s face.
“Ehh…. No.. no… ya I was just….. you know…….” Swara stammered.
“Oh come on Swara, you don’t have to stammer so much to tell your friend something, ….. eh, we are friends right?”

“Eh ya, I know, its just that I really wanted to have pani puri, but hesitated to tell you, but to my surprise you offered me what I wished to have.” Swara said with a smile on her face.
“I think there is something more you gotta tell?”
“Oh ya, yes Sanskar, we are friends, I know its just been two days since we met, but you really make me feel that I know you, not just know you but maybe know you more than anyone else, and I always felt that you too know me more than anyone else.” Swara began to talk a lot to convey what exactly wanted to tell, but she was in short of words.
“Swara, Swara calm down.” Sanskar said cupping her face.
They looked into each others eyes and they felt the world still.
***Bg music***
{{{Jaise Koi Kinara, Deta Ho Sahara (Just a shore that offers support)
Mujhe Woh Mili Kisi Mod Par (I found him on some turning)
Koi Raat Ka Tara, Karta Ho Ujala (Like a star that shines at night)
Waise Hi Roshan Kare Woh Shehar (In the same way, he lightens up the city)
Dard Mere Wo Bhula Hi Gaya (He made me forget all my pain)
Kuch Aisa Asar Hua (He cast such an effect on me)
Jeena Mujhe Phir Se Woh Sikha Rahi (He is teaching me how to live again)}}} [Song from movie Ek villain- Banjaara]
Both of them came back to senses, back to the real world from their world of love. They got down the car to have pani puri from a roadside shop. Swara was lucky enough to find an open Pani Puri stall at midnight.

“Oh Swara, 1 min you order I’ll get my phone, its in the car.” Sanskar said.
Sanskar went to the car and Swara ordered. “Bhaiyya do plate pani puri, ek teeka zyada or ek teekha kam (One spicy and one less spicy)”
Sanskar came and said “Bhaiyya mere liye teekha kam (Bhaiyya, for me less spicy)”
“Yeh loh bhaiyya, bhaabi ji ne pehle hi kehdi, aapke liye teeka kam (Take this bro, bhaabi already told that for you less spicy pani puri)” said the pani puri seller.
“Swara, how do you know I don’t eat spicy?”
“I don’t know now also.”
“Then how come you ordered less spicy for me.”
“I just guessed, like you guessed that I wanted to pani puri, after all we are friends na?” Swara mocked.
Sanskar thought “Om was right, the things that are imprinted on heart can never be forgotten, no memory loss can erase those, Swara was the only one after his mother who knew that he couldn’t tolerate too much spice.”
Sanskar looked at her all the while, till she finished eating and looked at him.
“Sanskar mujhe ice cream bhi khaani he (I want to eat ice cream too)” said Swara.
Sanskar smiled and thought “Mein tumhara pathi hoon, aur is waqt tumhari saari quaishe mein hi poora karoonga (I’m your husband and during this time I’m the one who is going to fulfill all your wishes)

He held her shoulder and took her to the ice cream stall next to the pani puri stall.
“Bhaiyya, dho butterscotch” Sanskar ordered.
Swara didn’t want to question him anymore about how he knew what she liked. But she felt very happy, she knew Sanskar was her husband and her child’s father.
While Swara ate the ice cream she kept hand on her stomach and thought “baby, I forgot your father na, but you remember na, tell me my baby, this is your papa na.” Swara thought and smiled. She wanted Sanskar to be her husband and child’s father, she loved him. She wasn’t a person who believed in first sight love, but she always believed in what she felt, and she was clear about what she felt for Sanskar.
After having ice cream they got back into the car and drove back home.
Just at 1m distance to reach home, their car broke down. Sanskar got down the car and opened the umbrella. Both of them walked along the road, looking at each other in intervals. After sometime, Swara felt tired.

“Sanskar mujhe tumse kuch kehna he (Sanskar, I want to tell you something).” Swara said.
“Tell me Swara” he said in concern.
“I’m pregnant, and I know you are aware of it, I really don’t want to take this conversation further but what I want to say is that I cant take a step further, my legs are aching a lot.” Swara said.
Sanskar was quite shocked because he never expected Swara to say it like that all of a sudden. It was quite open but rather that focusing on the first part of the conversation, Sanskar found it important to help Swara get relieved of her pain.
“Ok fine, hold this umbrella” he said and handed over the umbrella and slowly lifted her up in his arms.
“Sanskar, I didn’t mean this, actually how are you carry me all the way to home, just keep me down after little more distance, I’ll manage the rest, I actually thought you would get a rickshaw or something but…..” Swara continued her blabber when she felt nervous.
“OH Foh Swara, Kitna baath karthi ho tum (How much do you talk) Calm down and enjoy the ride, hold on tightly, tum dono jo mere haath me ho (After all you both are in my hands).” He said.

“Dono (Both)?”she asked.
“Haan, Swara aur choti Swara.” He said.
She loved the way he said that. She didn’t expect him to have said that. She looked at him with all her love. He began to mean the world to him. She really wanted him to be her life partner. A few hours with him became the happiest moments in her life, she couldn’t imagine how an entire life time with him would be.

***Bg music***
{{{mere haath mein tera haath ho (When my hand is in yours,)
saari jannatein mere saath ho (all of paradise is mine)
tu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaan (When you’re with me, what use have I forthe world?)
tere pyaar mein ho jaayuun fanaa (May your love annihilate me)}}} [Song from movie fanaa – mere haath mein]
While Swara was completely lost in thoughts about Sanskar, she kept looking at him and didn’t know when they reached their house door.
“Swara, ghar pahonch gaye, tum chatha band kar sakthi ho (Swara we reached home, you can close the umbrella).” Sanskar said.
Swara came out of her dream world and looked here and there. She closed the umbrella and said “Sanskar you carried me till here, oh my God, put me down, what if anyone sees?”
“I carried you till here, so I can carry you till your room.” Sanskar said and entered the house.
Laksh saw Swara in Sanskar’s arms and them quarrelling. Laksh fumed in anger.
Sanskar put her down carefully on her feet. He saw her walking to her room and waited for her to turn back and look at him. As he expected, she looked at him before she opened her room’s door and waved him a bye. He replied with his sweet smile.
Swara and Sanskar all night thought about each other and all what had happened between them.

Laksh kept on rewinding all the incidents that took place from the day Swara lost her memory, Laksh was very angry, Laksh decided to tell Swara everything what he wanted to before Sanskar took her away from him once again.
Ragini hugged her pillow tightly and cried her heart out, cursing her fate.
Gauri and Om, even after being together was worried for everyone around them. Gauri slept in Omkara’s arm and he dozed off with his hands around her, ensuring her that he would always be with her.
Avni was happy in her world and Raghav too was sure that Sanskar would take care of Swara. But Raghav was determined to complete both the works for what he had made his surprise entry.
In the morning…
Raghav came out of his room and hit Ragini, both of them slipped and fell. Ragini’s chain and his got tangled and they tried to untangle it. Raghav looked at her and Sujatha saw it from far and smiled.
Everyone have breakfast together and Swara parents drop her to the hospital and they leave.
Swara missed her parents but what was more important to her was to find out some clue. She had reached early so she decided to search Laksh’s and Gauri’s cabin before they had arrived.
She went to Laksh’s cabin and searched all around.
She began to search the drawers. She got a photo in one of the drawer and was shocked to see it.

The photo Swara saw: Swara and Laksh were standing together in marriage clothes.
Swara couldn’t believe her eyes and couldn’t stop the tears that was out of her control. She came out of Laksh’s cabin and went to the office room.
“I’m leaving for home, I actually need a sick leave today also, I’m feeling dizzy.” Swara said and left for her quarters in a rickshaw.
When Swara reached home, Om was there but Gauri had already left. Swara entered the house and without responding to Om’s questions she straight away went to her room and shut the door and locked herself inside. She sent Om a message.
“I’m fine Om, I’m just tired and need some rest. You don’t have to worry, tell Gauri that I’m fine and she doesn’t have to take a leave for me again. Even you can resume your work.”
Om was puzzled. He didn’t know the reason for Swara’s silence and her message. But he was sure that something had gone wrong.

Laksh and Swara in Swara’s room.

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