Harmonious Heart Beat (Part 12)

Hi guys!!! Before I start with today’s episode, I would like to say something.
Actually I just wanted to convey why I wrote the story this way. We have seen many serials with memory loss and all, in fact memory loss is a part of majority of the hindi serials ?. But all the serials we see, its like we see the entire love story and then one day there would be an accident and here goes the memory. But what I wanted is, to see it through the perspective of the one who has lost the memory. Majority of them are getting irritated with the suspense right, so what if such a suspense comes up in your own life, that is Swara’s point of view here. It is not you guys who are confused with the story, it’s the character. Just imagine, one fine day we wake up and get to see so many strangers around. You only know one among them and that person happens to tell you that this is your husband, this is your in laws, how would it be, would you be able to accept the facts all of a sudden.

Above all, if you are ready to accept the facts, but everyone around happens to hide it from you, but you decide to go in search of the truth, but what happens is that, the more you think you are getting close to your past, you get more and more confused. How would you feel??? Just to feel the character’s situation I’m writing in this way. Hope you all got my point of view.
###Also guys, thankyou for all the compliments for the songs, I don’t know if you have noticed before but since the beginning of this story whatever songs I wrote was with meanings and the meanings were always situation related. Anyways hereafter will also be like that, so if you have time please go through those lines or listen to those songs, they are beautiful###

***Party Hall***
Swara noticed Raghav glaring at Avni and went close to his ears and whispered “ Close your mouth, what will she think.” She said and pushed up his jaw to close it.
Rudra came to Raghav and said “Raghav!!! How are you man.”
“Cool buddy, how are you?” Raghav replied.
“Who is this?” Swara asked Raghav.
“He was my classmate, Rudra.” Raghav said.
“Swara, how are you now, does your head still hurt.”
“No not much Ru….?”

“Rudra” completed Rudra.
“That’s not important, you have one more surprise.” Said Raghav and pointed towards her family.
They came and hugged her.
“Ma, I missed you so much Ma, Papa, Dadi, Nani, I cant say how happy I am seeing you all.” She said happily.
Gauri and Ragini came running to them and Sujatha followed.
“Gauri, Ragini, how are you both?” Shekhar asked them blessing them.
They smiled and replied “Achi hoon papa, aap kaise ho (We’re fine Papa, How are you).”
“Gauri, are you asking that, you know about his health more than Ma right!!” Om joked because Gauri called them daily to check if Shekhar had his medicines on time, and to keep a check on everyone’s health.
“Haan, Gauri meri beti hai, beti ka haq bantha hai na (Gauri is my daughter, and its her right!” Sharmishta said taking her side when everyone laughed.
“Sorry ma, mein bas Mazak kar raha tha (I was just joking) said Om.
“Yeh kya baath hui bacha, sorry kyoon, bete ho tum hamare, khush raho (What is this dear, why sorry, your our son, be happy.” Sharmishta said.
“Aap kaise ho damadh ji (How are you, son in law)?” Shekhar asked.
“Khush hoon papa” replied Om.
While this conversation took place, Raghav and Swara continued fighting with each other like children. Laksh and Sanskar stood far and saw them.
Sanskar didn’t know what to do, he saw Swara’s parents, he didn’t know if to go and talk to them or not, they always wanted to get their daughter married to a doctor and Laksh was a doctor. But fate played such a dirty game with us that all of us now stand helpless before our circumstances and situations. While Sanskar was drowning in his thoughts, Anika came to him.
“Bhaiyya, aap Anika se bohoth pyaar karthe ho na (Bhaiyya, you love Anika a lot right)?” she asked.
“Tum kuch kehna chahthi ho kya Anika (Are you trying to tell something Anika)?” he asked.

“Pehle mere sawal ka javab do, phir mujhe jo kehna he mein kahoongi (First answer me then I’ll come to the point).” She replied.
“Zindigi hai voh meri (She’s my life)” said Sanskar.
She smiled.

“Bhaiyya, Laksh uska kal hai aur aap uske aaj ho, beevi hai voh aapki, aur haq bantha hai aapka uspar, jab tak uske yaaadhash vaapas nehi aathe aur aap swara se pooch nehi lethe ki voh kya chahthi he, tabtakh aap jo chahthe ho, aap usse pyaar karna chahthe ho, uske khayal rakhna chahthe ho, jo sab aap chahthe ho voh sab karo, aur ab Swara pregnant hai, use aapki zaroorath hai, sab ladki pregnancy ke waqt apne pathi ka saath chahthi he, aur Swara bohoth achi ladki he, aur mujhe yakeen hai ki who bacha aapi ka hai (Laksh is her past and you are her present, she’s your wife, you have right on her, till she doesn’t get back her memory, and you don’t ask her what she wants, you can do whatever you want, you want to love her, take care of her, do it, also now Swara is pregnant, she needs you, every girl wishes to have her husband by her side when she’s pregnant).” Anika said.
“But Laksh…”

“What Laksh?? I told you Laksh was her past, and you are her present and future. If Swara loved Laksh, even after she was your wife, then that was her past, before she lost her memory, now God has given you a chance to win her heart, and don’t let go off her, you once tried to sacrifice her for your brother, but God dragged her into your life, now again your love is been tested, this time you should win her back bhaiyya, because she is yours.”
Sanskar stood with tears in his eyes, he didn’t say a word. Shivaay, Om and Gauri came to him.
“Kabhi kabhi hame apna pyaar ithni aasaani se nehi milthi, Sanskar (Sometimes we don’t get our love easily)” Gauri said.
“Iska mathlab yeh nehi ki hame pyaar cheenne ki koshish kare (It doesn’t mean that we have to snatch our love)” Om said.
“Iska mathlab yeh hai ki, Swara ki aanko mein sirf aapke liye pyaar tha, aur yashash khone ke baad bhi uske anko mein sirf tumhaare liye pyaar hai Sanskar (What it means is that, Swara always loved you and even after she has lost her memory, she just loves you).” Anika said.

“Isiliye, apne bhai se baath karthe hue bhi, uski nazar sirf tumhaare taraf he Sanskar, sirf tumhare taraf. Jab dono taraf se haan he, tho use pyaar cheenna nehi kehthe, pyaar jeethna kehthe he (That is why, even when she is talking to her brother, her eyes are still directed towards you. When its ok from both sides its not called snatching love, its called winning love.” Shivaay said pointing towards Swara.
“Aur jab proof mil hi gaya he tho kiss baadh ki dheri (When you have got proof now, then what is the delay for)?” Rudra said.
“Jao bhaiyya, apne dulhaniya ko leke jao (Go brother, go and get your bride).” Soumya said.
“Swara mujhse bohoth pyaar karthi he, aur voh mere alava kisi se pyaar karhi nehi sakthi, maine kaise uske pyaar pe shak ki, mein bas toot gaya tha, khud pe yakeen kho chuka tha mera, par ab nehi, mein use apne se door nehi hone doonga. Mujhe Swara aur apna bacha chahiye. (Swara loves me a lot, she cant love anyone other than me, how could I doubt her love, I was broken, I had lost trus in myself, but not now onwards, I’ll not let her go away from me, I want Swara and my child.” Said Sanskar and they all hugged each other.

Sujatha came to Raghav,
“Beta, kaisa hai tu, kaam kaisa chal raha hai beta (How are you dear, how is your work going)?”
“Kya bathao Sujatha masi, kaam tho badiya chal raha he, aap mere baare me chodo apne baare me bathao, aap tho kithni kamzor ho gayi, baito yaha pe (What to tell you about that masi, work is going on wonderfully, you leave about me, tell me about you, you have become so lean, sit down).”
“Haah bacha, bohoth kaam karthi hoon, aur mujhe rest karne ko nehi milthi na, isiliye kamzor ho gayi hongi shayad (Yes dear, I have lots of work here, I don’t get rest right, that’s why maybe I look tired).”
“Waiter, masi ke liye juice le aao (Waiter bring a juice for masi).”
Waiter brought orange juice.
“Ye lijiye masi ji, aapke health ka khayal rakhne ke liye ek dhamadh doondo jaldi, jo aapki beti ke saath saath aapke bhi khayal rakhe (Drink this masi ji, to looka after your health, search for a nice son in law soon masi, who takes care of you and your daughter).” Raghav joked and smiled.
Sujatha smiled.

“Raghav, chalo mere saath, tumse kuch baath karna tha (come with me, I have to talk with you).” Sanskar came and took him.
Sujatha liked Raghav a lot and suddenly Raghav’s dialogue clicked her mind. She wanted a good guy for Ragini and Raghav was a very nice boy. Sujatha thought that Raghav and Ragini were childhood friends and knew each other very well. “There can be no one better than Raghav for Ragini” Sujatha thought.
While Sanskar took Raghav with him, Raghav hit Avni.
“OYYe, Andhi ho kya, dekhe nehi chal sakthi (Cant you see, are you blind)?”
“Oh Hallo, yehi sawal mein tumse bhi pooch sakthi hoon Ok (Oh Hallo, I can ask you the same question Ok).”
“Zyada bano math, bachpan se hi tumhari nazar mujhpe hai, notice kiya hai maine (Don’t act too much, I know you have an eye on me since childhood).”
“Tu apne aapko Sharukh samajhtha hai kya (Do you think of yourself as Shahrukh or what)?.”
“Kisi Sharukh se kam nehi hoon mein, ek hot si girlfriend hai meri (I’m not less that any Sharukh ok, I have a very hot girl friend).”

“Oh ho, tumhari ek girl friend bhi hai (You have a girlfriend)? I cant believe this, andhi hogi shayad (maybe she is blind)!”
“Exactly, wahi tho maine pehle poocha (Exactly, that’s what I asked first)?”
Sanskar came and asked “Tum abhi tak yahi khade ho, chalo Raghav, Avni iske saath ladai tum baadh mein karna haan!”
Raghav, ShivOmRu, AniGauSo and Sanskar plan something together. After planning all of them went back to enjoy the party.
Party was over by 10.30 and all the guests had gone by then.
Shekhar and Sharmishta went to Swara and said “Come with us Swara, you stay with us for some days.”
Gauri came running to them and interrupted “Ma, you stay here Ma, how can Swara travel in this condition.” Gauri said and blinked to remind her that Swara was pregnant.
Sharmishta remembered and said “Ya you’re right dear, then we’ll have to leave.”
Durga Prasad came to them and said, “what are you saying Shekhar ji, you are going back now, I’m not going to let you leave today, you are going to come with us and stay in our house.”

“Yes Mumma, if you want you can go, I want to spent some more time here with them.” Raghav said.
Swara stood there puzzled. While this conversation was going on, Swara noticed Gauri having a serious discussion with her in laws. Swara noticed and walked towards them while Raghav, Sharmishta, Dp and Shekhar gestured each other of their success.
“Kamaal ke acting karthe ho aap uncle (You act so well uncle)!!’’ Raghav said to Dp.
Dp smiled proudly and said “mera beta bohoth mushkil se guzar raha he, uske liya ithna tho mein kar hi saktha hoon (My son is going through a great difficulty, I can do this much for him).
All this while Laksh stood silently away from everyone, Ragini noticed Laksh trying to keep himself away and busy in work.
Ragini went to Laksh.
“Lucky why are you sitting here alone, come there” Ragini said and pulled him to drag him along with her but he stopped her and held her hand.
“I have work Ragini.” Laksh said.
“What happened to you Laksh, you have changed a lot, why are you like this, away from everyone, I don’t understand you, I mean….”
“What do you want Jhalli, I’m totally fine, I’m just bored and I’m trying to keep myself busy.”
“Ok fine, then take me to have some pani puri, its been long back since we went out and had pani puri.”
“Come on, we’re not children anymore.”

“Oh come on Lucky, you’re the one who taught me to enjoy life like a child and now you are telling me that we are not children.
“I didn’t mean that.”
“How much ever we grow up, you’ll always be my Lucky na?” Ragini said cupping his cheeks.
“And you’ll always be my Jhalli.” Laksh became emotional.
Laksh hugged Ragini and Ragini stood stunt.
***Bg tune***

{{{Main Jaan Ye Vaar Doon, Har Jeet Bhi Haar Doon (I’ll give away my life, I’ll lose even what I’ve won)
Keemat Ho Koi Tujhe, Beinteha Pyaar Doon (Whatever may be the cost, I’ll love You limitlessly)
Saari Hadein Maine Meri, Ab Maine Tod Di (I’ve broken all my limits)
Dekar Mujhe Pata, Aawargi Ban Gaye (After giving me the right address, You’ve become the reason for my waywardness)
Haan Hasi Ban Gaye, Haan Nami Ban Gaye (Yes You’ve become my smile/laughter, yes You’ve become my tears)
Tum Mere Aasmaan, Meri Zameen Ban Gaye (You’ve become my Sky, You’ve become my Earth)
}}} [Song from movie Hamari Adhuri Kahani – Hasi female version]
She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know if to hug him back. She always wished for such a moment when Laksh would hug her but when she felt herself in his arms, she didn’t know how to react. She just could feel the tears that flowed down her cheeks, she knew Laksh loved Swara, that thought killed every bit of her, but she didn’t what him away from her but she didn’t even know what to do to not let go off him. She closed her eyes and hugged him tightly, she didn’t want to regret the moment. She cried silently, she didn’t want him to know her feelings. She wanted to take the pain for herself and didn’t want to hurt anyone.

***Bg tune***

{{{paas aaye (we came close)
dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa huin (yet the distances never reduced)
ek adhoori si hamaari kahaani rahi (our story remained incomplete)
aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi (it is not necessary that the earth always)
jaa mile.. jaa mile.. (goes to meet sky..)
ishq sachcha wahi (the true love is the one that)
jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein.. (does not get a destination..)
Hamari adhuri Kahani…… (Our Incomplete story) }}} [Song from movie Hamari Adhuri Kahani – Hamari Adhuri Kahani]
Gauri watched this and she couldn’t bear seeing Ragini in pain. Gauri felt helpless. Gauri had her love with her, but she couldn’t live her life seeing all her dear ones in pain. She was the one most suffering. She saw Sanskar on one side, who loved Swara a lot, Swara who lost her memory, Laksh who loves Swara but has gone a lot away from her and Ragini who loves Laksh from the time she has known him and he has always been out of her reach. Gauri cried watching Ragini in pain and hide before Ragini and Laksh could see her.
Om walked in search of Gauri, and noticed her sitting beside a corner pillar and crying. Om worried for her and ran to her.

“What happened Gauri, what happened, are you alright?”
Gauri hugged him and cried. When she hugged him he noticed Ragini and Laksh. He saw Ragini crying, he realized Gauri’s situation. He hugged her. He also felt helpless. He didn’t know what to say to Gauri to comfort her, he didn’t know how to stop her worries, he couldn’t tolerate to see her cry.

“Kya karoon mein Omu, meri behen ko ek aur baar toothi hui nehi dekh sakthi mein, voh Laksh’s se bohoth pyaar karthi he aur Laksh kabhi uske pyaar ko samajh nehi paaya, dekho Om voh kaise roh rahi he, voh kaise apne aasuoon ko dhabaane ki koshish kar rahi he, voh kisi ko apne dukh se dukhi hone nehi dethi, kudh andhar hi andhar sab kuch sehthi he, yeh sab mein nehi dekh sakthi Om, mujhe patha nehi mein kya karoon, tum hi batao….. (What will I do Omu, I cant see my sister breaking down once again, she loves Laksh a lot and Laksh never understood her love, look Om how she’s crying, how she is trying to suppress her tears, she never hurts anyone with her tears, she suffers inside, how can I see all this Om.’’ said Gauri and cried in Om’s arms. Om hugged her tightly to ensure her that he was with her in all her pains.
“Don’t cry Gauri, everything will be alright, please, don’t cry.” Om said and patted on her head.

***Bg tune***
pal bhar Theher jaao (stop for a moment)
dil ye sambhal jaaye (let this heart get stable)
kaise tumhe roka karoon (how should I stop you)
meri taraf aata (every sorrow coming towards me)
har gham phisal jaaye (would slip away..)
aankhon mein tumko bharoon, (I’ll fill you in my eyes)
bin bole baatein tumse karoon, (I’ll talk to you without speaking)
agar tum saath ho, (if you are with me)}}} [Song from movie tamasha – Agar tum saath ho]
Raghav and Avni fight.
“How dare you touch me, even I have a boyfriend, if he comes to know that someone else touched his girl friend, you’ll never what he’ll do” Avni said.
“What will he do” Raghav said and pulled her closer.
In the morning…..
Raghav came out of his room and hit Ragini, both of them slipped and fell. Ragini’s chain and his got tangled and they tried to untangle it. Raghav looked at her and Sujatha saw it from far and smiled.

That’s all for today guys. Hope you all enjoyed today’s episode.

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