Harmonious Heart Beat (Part 11)

Hi guys!!! I’m really very sorry guys…. Last episode I had written in my intro that I would introduce the new entry in that episode….. I already told you right I had a written plot, I’ve just fitted characters of Swaragini into it, and added scenes according to some requests!!!! As I had expected, the characters had to enter in the previous episode but since I added several scenes in many episodes, and as I thought too much lengthy episodes will be boring, I have put that scene for today. Sorry for the inconvenience. Also, many commented that the confusion has increased. I had mentioned earlier that the person whom Om and Gauri refers to as Swara’s husband will be revealed and I think that was clear by previous episode. Anyways if not, I hope it would be by this episode.

***GUYS TODAY’s EPISODE IS A LITTLE LENGTHY BECAUSE OF THE SONGS WITH MEANINGS, I suggest you to go through the songs too, all lyrics I write with translation because I choose lyrics that is related to the situation, feelings and story***
I’ll begin from end of yesterday’s episode ie, Swara feeling dizzy.
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Part 10: Part 10

Swara’s mind was filled with questions and she began to feel dizzy due to strain.
Sanskar on stage noticed her and ran to her.
“Swara, Swara, tum teekh tho ho na, Swara…” he asked in worry.
Swara looked at him in surprise.

***Bg music*** Rab ka shukrana….

They both were lost in each others eyes.
“Swara tum teekh tho ho na (Swara are you alright)?” Anika, Gauri, Om, and Shivaay asked in chorus.
Ragini ran to take water while all others stood stunned.
Gauri came forward and checked her.
Durga Prasad came and asked “Beta, do we need to take her to hospital, or anything you required to be brought from hospital.”
“No uncle, she’s just having weakness, she just needs rest.” Gauri said.
“Teekh hai beta, Sanskar isse kamre me le chalo, thodi dher baad tum neeche aajaana Swara beti aur Sanskar uska khayal rakhna (Ok dear, Sanskar take her to the room, after some time you can come down Swara dear, till then Sanskar take good care of her.” Dp said.
“Ok papa.” Sanskar replied and Swara nodded still worried as she was not able to remember Dp.
Sanskar lifted Swara in his arms……

***Swara point of view***
All thought that worried Swara vanished. She didn’t think anything, she just looked at Sanskar, all the way till the room, she didn’t know why she looked at him that way, she just knew him since a day, she had just seen him twice, she couldn’t give an explanation to herself, infact she didn’t want to, what she knew was that, she was lost in his eyes. His eyes tried to say something but she couldn’t read it. She tried to, and did feel the truth and sincerity in his eyes. She noticed his eyes water and she felt that there was something that made him feel helpless. Somewhere inside her she wished if Sanskar was her husband, the father of her child, but she thought it was unfair to think so if in case he wasn’t that person.

***Sanskar POV***
Sanskar carried her carefully as he had two lives is his hands which meant the world to him. They were his life. He didn’t know what he had felt at that moment, was he happy, upset, worried, confused, …….what he could only feel was missing. He wished if Swara hadn’t lost her memory, that moment would have been there most special moment, where they would be eagerly waiting for the new cute member of the family, fighting if it would be girl or boy, like him or her,…………. He looked into Swara’s eyes. His eyes tried to convey how much he loved her and how much he knew that she loved him, but all in vain…. He felt a throbbing pain in his chest and his eyes watered. He just wanted to hold her close to his heart and let her know how much he loved her, what she meant to him, he wanted to tell her sorry for letting this happen to her and to promise her that he would never keep her away from him even for a second. Every passing second became difficult for him to control his feelings and control the tears that had reached the brim.

They reached the room and Sanskar carefully kept Swara on bed, Swara didn’t even notice that and still didn’t leave the grip off his shirt. Sanskar didn’t act like he noticed it, and took a pillow, kept behind her and adjusted it so that she could comfortably rest. He slowly helped her rest her back on the pillow. She was still gazing at him, and clenching his shirt. He looked at her hand that clenched his shirt and slowly turned to her. He was surprised at there growing closeness. He couldn’t stop himself when Swara was getting too close to him. He tried but Swara didn’t leave her grip.
***Bg music***

{{{tainu itna main pyaar karaan (I love you so much)
ik pal vich sau baar karaan (love you a hundred times in a moment)
tu jaave je mainu chhaD ke (if you leave me and go)
maut da intezaar karaan (I’ll wait for death)
They were a finger distance away from each other. Swara felt Sanskar’s hand on her waist and his beard on her cheeks. She closed her eyes slowly……..
ke tere liye duniya chhoD di hai (I’ve left the world for you)
tujhpe hi saans aake ruke (my breath stops at you only)
main tujhko kitna chaahata hoon (How much I love you)
ye tu kabhi soch na sake (you can’t even think)}}} [Song from movie Airlift – Soch na Sake]

When he touched her waist, he realized what he was about to do, he took away his hand and stood up from the bed and said “I’ll get you something to drink.” And left the room.
He went out of the room and cursed himself for getting so close to her.
In the room, Swara was worried thinking about what had just happened to her. She could feel how much she loved Sanskar and she saw love in his eyes, felt love in his touch but something inside her made her feel worried. She began to feel heavy headed.
Laksh came in the room with some food and juice.
“I’m sure Swara you didn’t have food right. That is what is causing the weakness. Have this food, if not for you, atleast for your baby.” Laksh said.
Swara looked at him in surprise. “How did you know I didn’t eat, and BABY????”
“Swara we are doctors!!! You are a gynecologist. I don’t know how all of thought that they will cover it from you that you are pregnant. So just be practical and have this. I’ll feed you. Have it.” Laksh said.

Swara hesitated.
“I know I’m a stranger to you now, but I’m your colleague and your doctor and the fact that I knew you didn’t have food, your brain forgot my face but your heart can never forget me Swara, you never used to have food when we fought, and remember we fought this morning.”
Swara ate food when Laksh feeded her.
***Bg music***
{{{Lo maan liya humne (okay, fine, I agree,)
hai pyar nahi tumko (that you aren’t in love).
tum yaad nahi humko (that I don’t remember you).
hum yaad nahi tumko (that you don’t remember me).
bas ek dafaa muDke dekho just turn once and look
aye yaar zara humko at me once, O dear one,
lo maan liya humne I agree,
hai pyaar nahi tumko that you aren’t in love (with me).}}} [Song from movie Raaz Reboot – Lo maan liya]

Sanskar and Ragini watched them silently from outside.
“Bohoth fikr kartha hai woh Swara ka (He worries a lot for Swara)” said Ragini teary eyed.
Sanskar stood upset and he silently walked to the terrace of the party hall. Ragini went to the party area.

He couldn’t stop the tears that had overflowed from his eyes. He wanted to shout aloud but suppressing his feelings and wheeping made his pain and helpless situation unbearable. He loved Swara al lot, he couldn’t bear the fear of separation from her, he remembered all their moments together. He bit his hand and cried to mute himself. He walked here and there in the terrace, holding his head, holding his chest, trying to stop the burning pain he felt inside. He knew it was all in vain but he didn’t know what to do. On one side he had got back his brother but he couldn’t beat it being at the cost of his Swara. He couldn’t even wish to get Swara and hurting his brother but he couldn’t sacrifice Swara for Laksh, he knew he wasn’t that big hearted. He felt like dying, he felt alone, he couldn’t blame anyone for whatever happened….. what he could do was just curse his fate and feel every bit of pain which felt like moving the knife stabbed at your heart.

***Bg tune***
{{{hum mein tum mein jo tha (whatever was there between you and me)
wo khatam ho gaya (that has ended)
moD pe aakhiri main reh gaya (I am the only one remaining at the turn now).
maine koshish bohat ki bacha loon magar (I tried a lot to save)
pehle dil baad mein ghar jal gaya (but first the heart, and then the home was burnt)
seene mein di jagah maine jis raaz ko (the secret I had given place to in my chest)
aankhon se meri wo beh hi gaya (it eventually flowed away from my eyes}}} [Song from movie Raaz Reboot – Hum mein tum mein]

Sanskar felt someone’s hand on his shoulders. He turned and saw Shivaay. Shivaay looked at him in worry. Sanskar hugged him and cried.
“What happened Sanskar.” Shivaay asked patting on his back trying to comfort him.
Sanskar broke out before his friend. Shivaay knew what Sanskar was going through, Shivaay too felt helpless, he didn’t know what to say to comfort him, he silently made him sit. Sanskar wiped his tears and tried to control the tears that had already reached brim.

“Sanskar, himmath rakh, tootna math, jaise mein apne parivaar ke diwaar banke khada hotha hoon, woh Rudra kya kehtha hai, the great wall of Shivaay, vaise hi tum bhi apne parivaar ka diwaar hai na Sanskar, ham kabhi himmath nehi haar sakthe, agar hum kamzoor pade tho hamare parivaar vaalon ko kaun sambhalenge. (Sanskar, be courageous, don’t break down, like I’m the wall for my family, what does Rudra say, the Great wall of Shivaay, just like that you are the wall for your family, we can never loose courage, if we become weak, who will support our family.).”
Sanskar nodded as Shivaay patted on his back giving him courage. That was how there friendship was, there was no show off, both of them knew each other very well, and was always there for each other.

Sanskar got a call.
“Abhi thak tho beevi ki tarah mujhe baar baar call kar rahe the, ab jab mein aa gaya hoon, kyoon bhav kha raha he, jaldi aake mujhe welcome karo. (Till now you were calling me again and again like a wife, and now when I have reached, you are not giving a look, come fast and welcome me.”
Sanskar laughed and replied “Acha chal tu aa gaya, sab he na tumhaare saath, teekhe mein aatha hoon (Fine, you came huh, everyone’s with you right, ok I’m coming).” Said Sanskar to Shivaay and went downstairs to the party hall.
Shivaay was releaved seeing Sanskar smile.

Anika came out from where she hide and heard their conversation. She was in tears.
“Don’t worry Anika, everything is going to be fine.”
“Mein apne dono bhaiyo ko aise nehi dekh sakthi, Bhaiyya tho andhar hi andhar mar raha hai, aur kuch dher pehle Laksh ko maine kya kuch nehi kaha, ithne maheeno baad mili mein use, apne dono bhaaiyoko aise dekhkar mein unke liye kuch nehi kar paa rahi hoon, agar mein karoon bhi tho kiske liye karoo, kiske liye Shivaay…(I cant see both my brothers like this Shivaay, Sanskar is dieing in pain inside, and sometime before, I don’t know what all I told Laksh, I met him after months, seeing my brother in such a situation, I cant do anything for them, if I can whom eill I do for Shivaay, for whom.” Anika said and broke down into tears.

Sanskar came downstairs and discussed something with the one who had called him and the people who had come with him. Then he went to Gauri.
“Gauri, tum jaake Swara ko neeche leke aao (Gauri, go and get Swara downstairs).” Said Sanskar.
“Sanskar, tum kuch teekh nehi lag rahe ho (You don’t look fine, is everything ok?” Gauri asked worried.
“Haan haan patha he, tumhaare liye apne pathi ke saamne baaki sab ok hi honge, aur Om tho perfect! (Ya ya I know, for you all are ok before Om, and he is perfect right) Sanskar mocked.

“Mazak karke apne dard ko mujhse math chupao Sanskar, mein Swara ko leke aathi hoon (Don’t hide you pain from me Sanskar, I’ll bring Swara.” Gauri said and walked away wiping her tears.
Gauri went to Swara’s room and saw Laksh sitting beside her. She looked at him angrily and took Swara with her.
Swara and Gauri walked down the stairs.
Suddenly lights go off in the party hall. Lime lights on and a guy is shown standing facing his back towards audience.
“My entry is always a surprise, and this time I’ve come to surprise a special person in my life, who has always supported me in life and the person who I love the most……………… my SWARA…..”
Swara tried to figure out who it was and he turned.

“RAGHAV!!!!!!.” She shouted in happiness.
Raghav came and hugged her.
“Kaisi hai tu, bohoth miss kiya yaar meine tumhe, tumse lade bagar mera din katttha hi nehi.”
Raghav was Swara’s twin brother.
She punched him on his stomach and said “ladne ke liye apne liye kisi ko doondo mere bhai.”
He laughed and looked up………………………….. he stood stunt seeing Avni.

***Bg Music***
dekha hazaaron dafa aapko (I have seen you thousands of times)
phir beqarari kaisi hai (then how’s this restlessness)

sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil (this heart doesn’t get controlled even on trying)
kuch aap mein baat aisi hai (there is something such in you)

Swara is searching for something in all the drawers in a cabin. She got a photo in one of the drawer and is shocked to see it.
The photo Swara saw: Swara and Laksh were standing together in marriage clothes.

That’s all for today. I hope you liked it. Also I wanted to say one more thing, I was noticing the comments decreasing, I don’t know what to assume, is it because the story is not so interesting, or if the readers are busy, anyways whatever the reason if, if there’s anything that I can do more to interest you, please let me know your suggestions.

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