Hardness in Love (Ishq Unplugged) Episode 2

Hi Friends,
I am Yash Shekhar. Thanks for supporting me and for your love. Today, I am going to upload second episode of Hardness in Love that is based on Ishq Unplugged of Channel V. For New User:-You can read first episode at http://www.tellyupdates.com/hardness-love-intro-cast-ishq-unplugged-episode-1/

Scene starts from the bedroom of Indian Star Duos; Antra wake up and sees it’s 8 and everybody is sleeping. Antra stand and go to bathroom to become fresh. When Antra comes out from bathroom. Mandy say Good Morning to Antra. Antra replied Good Morning and say today you wake up very late. Mandy says it’s not late I awake at 8:20 and added it’s so early for me. Sunny is listening all and she want to interferes. Sunny says Good Morning; how are you? And what are you gossiping? Mandy replies Good Morning; Fine what’s about you and we are talking about sleeping and waking time… Then Mandy goes to take bath and Antra goes for practice. Shaan comes near to Sunny and says It’s seem Mandy is more interested in Antra than you. Do you think you can win Mandy. Sunny says ya I can definitely win Mandy and see your own matter don’t focus on mine. Shaan replies Okay. The judges enters in the room and says we have to announce something .They announce today is the first round of our competition and one more thing in the first round there would be no elimination but according to that we will note down your points and that will be helpful for you in second round where anyone is eliminated .

Precap: – Antra is called on stage for performance. She started singing Tum Hi Ho and completed. Mandy stands and started clapping….

I hope you like it. I will do my best effort to write next episode soon.
How is it?
THANK YOU for reading my Fan Fiction from your precious time.


  1. kavya

    Its really good…but Il really love it if you write a little long one…coz it ends fast while i m still in the need to read it…hope you post d next chap soon

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