Hello guys !
A long time seeing u . Actually my frnd Tripthi said that she will be again taking over My life . But I really don’t know the reason as she didn’t update till now . I am gonna start a new ff today and guys I could only update once in two days. My school has started and again I have to spend more time with my printed friends (I mean books ) so please pardon me .and really guys the tenth portions ae toooo heavy !

Ok guys this story is about a star cast life and the ups and downs faced by him . Ok lets have a look into the characters

Hero’s family :
Abhishek Prem Khanna ( I feel mehra to be old fashioned for a movie star so ) : He is a struggling actor now and does small roles in movies.. He has a loving dadi and a younger sister. Despite acting in small roles he works in Grocery shop to support his family
Aliya Khanna : she I a school going girl studying 12 std. She takes tution for small children to support her fmily . She has the dream of going to Australia for higher studies and she works so hard for getting placed there in merit
Daljeet Khanna : She is the dadi of Abhi and Aliya . Currently she is at home and at evenings she has a snacks store set outside their house and sells chat item made by her there .
She was the only moral support after the disappearance of Abhi’s parents . (fb will be revealed later )

Heroine’s family :

Ram kumar : He is a retired colonel and a loving but strict father too .He does everything which his children ask for but at the end of the day what he needs is discipline Now in delhi he runs a series of successful companies called K industries (short form is KI). Basically he is a tamilian from Chennai but he is settled in delhi
Priya kumar : Wife of ram kumar and she is a house wife . She is so lving and caring and she is the only person who can raise her voice and speak to Mr Kumar.
Pragya Kumar : She is the eldest daughter of Kumar family and she now studies in Sriram college of arts . She is fun loving and a cool headed person but she is vry kind and polite to evry one . She is a person who will oppose anyone in this world for her desire except her father .
Purab kumar : He is the youngest member of the family and is a down to earth creature . Currently he is studying in class 10 and is always the class topper . He has a desire to become a successful industrialist

hope u like it guys and bulbul is there in my story and other casts will be introduced after a leap which will take place soon !
pls support me guys

Credit to: Manitha

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