Hello guys !
I am extremely sorry . I was having a lot of pain in my hand and my doctor said that this kind of pain would be there for the subsequent moth so icould not ensure updates .
I wanna keep up my word so I will try my maximum to give longer update . I feel very bad for taking excuse . I am so sorry for that I will try to keep up my word and pls do comment

This epi starts in Chandni chowk of Mumbai . A girl is seen running twards a house with visible bricks . The girl is none other than Aliya .

Aliya : Dadi I got full marks in my slip test ……..(shows the paper ) I am the only person who got full marks in the class
Dadi : Oh mera bachcha ! u am so happy …..see ur Bhai has also come …..Abhi see ur princess got first rank in class
Abhi : Oh really then I should give something to her (turn to his back and takes a laptop from it )
Aliya Bhai ! what is this from where did u get this ……I costs so much….wait did u sell ur bike for it ?
Abhi : alu ….woh……..I got it in second hand on dadi’s advice and the money dadi gave me
Dadi : Nothing beta this time I sold my two bangles …Anyway who’s is gonna wear it ?
Aliya : What is this dadi ! if u do this next time then I will not speak to u
Dadi : Ok I will not (and the trio share a grp hug )

The scene shifts to Pragya ‘s house
Ram and priya are fighting
Priya : Neenga eppdi ippdi pannalam Mr kumar ? (how could u do this mr kumar ?)
Ram : Na en pannakudathu (why couldn’t I do that ?)
Priya : Pannakudathu na pannakudathu (no you should not do it )
Ram : na pannuve I will do it
Priya : Panna kudathu u should not
Ram I will
Pariya : Should not
Ram I will
Pragya and Purab are watching their faces and enjoying their breakfast in dining table
Pragya : Why were u both fighting ? (shouts from the table )
Priya : Actually for what were we fighting
Ram : Woh …I forgot ……
Purab : ok u both forgot now come and give us luch ma we are getting late . Thank god akka stopped u both or else we could not have gone to college like yesterday
Priya ; Yesterday was sunday
Pragya : That’s why we didn’t stop u …ok I am getting late (takes the lunch ) Bye
Priya : every day we fight like this but in the end we frget the reason for our quarrel ….how is it possible mr kumar ?\
Ram : I don’t know now come and serve my break fast

uys hope u liked it I again got hand pain so I am stopping here . Hope to update soon bye !

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  1. Nice yaar. …but take care of ur health first

  2. nice…………….but plz take care of ur self

  3. Nice but first take care of ur self

  4. Nice episode..

  5. Nice episode yaar thn take care of ur hand yaar….

  6. VarshaVenkat

    Tc n give longer updates after ur hand is prob free…… it’s an lol epi wen ram n priya fight

    1. Sheesha

      thank u every one

      pls do coment more

  7. Hey thats ok y so much pls,we forgave u epi was awesome.unnala eppa update panna mudiyumo appo pannina podhum.un kaiku rombha velai kudukadha.u r so sweet i love u my sweety.

  8. Nice episode

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