Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Teachers get Bahumath to Chaitu

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Puttan asking Bahumath to keep the chit and copy to write all answers well in exam. He says if any teach catches you, beat him, punch is his eye, you are CM’s son. Rajneeti asks Puttan to drop Bahumath. Imli gets curd for Bahumath and says you will pass in exam and become a doctor. Bahumath says dad will make me doctor any way. Khoji asks Chaitu about the teachers’ welfare. Chaitu says we have arranged mid day meals for teachers. Teachers get Bahumath to Chaitu. They complain about Bahumath. Principal says Bahumath has hit teacher’s eye with a stone. Imli says Bahumath can’t do this, he would have hit both eyes. Puttan asks principal to think well. Principal says we came to praise Bahumath’s aim. Bahumath looks on and smiles.

Puttan says send Bahumath

to olympics, he will get gold medals. Chaitu asks Jha to call a sharp shooter to teach shooting to Bahumath. Teacher Verma asks Chaitu to explain his son. Chaitu says you will become a celebrity if you say this outside. Verma says its wrong, I will protest. Chaitu says start it today itself. Khoji tells about the teachers strike.

Jha wakes up Chaitu by shouting commission. Chaitu asks what. Jha says I want permission to say something. Chaitu asks him to say. Jha says teachers strike is going on, just look after it. Chaitu says you don’t let me sleep. Monica comes and says social media is making your cartoons, everyone is scolding you. Chaitu says I will get popular. She asks him to make an apology. Chaitu says we have a hope about Bahumath’s future, his aim is so good. Bahumath says teacher asked me to call father, I said my dad is CM Chaitu, he lied that he sees everyone by one eye, so I have hit one eye of him. Rajneeti scolds the siblings. Chaitu comes home and asks Imli to send kids to school. Imli says school strike is happening, I m thinking to take kids to village.

Monica reads the bad comments. Jha gives advice. Chaitu says I didn’t ask your advice. He asks them to continue the strike. She posts a comment. Someone reacts and throws a stone at his window. Khoji says teachers’ strike is going on. Chaitu says let strike go on for a month. Jha asks who will check students’ copy. Chaitu asks what does teachers do, they pass their own students, they make someone else check copies, we can also do this, we will make results, Puttan will organize it. Jha asks what’s his experience. Puttan comes and scolds Jha. He says I get votes, I get results out of elections and make Chaitu win, can’t I get results of school out. Jha says its different thing.

Chaitu says its not a big deal, Puttan will learn this, go and do your work. Jha says I will get tea. Chaitu asks him to make file ready. Puttan thanks Chaitu. He takes Imli’s blessing. He says I will pass everyone. Khoji says its a good news for students, their results will be out on time.

Puttan teaches the party men how to check exam scripts. Jha says this way of copy check won’t be good. Puttan asks why, you are always negative, we have a new thinking. Chaitu asks who are checking copies. Puttan says all our party workers. Jha says those people never passed in life. Puttan argues. Chaitu asks Monica to post new thinking on net. Monica reads the bad comments. Chaitu asks her to delete the post. Puttan says all students will pass. Jha says he has fixed rates for passing. Chaitu asks what’s all this. Puttan says I didn’t do this. Chaitu says do this if its benefiting others, we should also get benefits. He sends Jha to get tea. He asks Puttan to say secret, how much did he get. He says I will take 75% of the money. Puttan says its your right first, we will have 200% result. Khoji says we just got to know about 200% result. Chaitu says its a fast channel. He asks Puttan to lessen some percentage. Puttan says okay, I will have your state equal to Japan.

Jha says you should have apologized. Chaitu refuses and gets hit. Chaitu asks Jha to increase wine sale.

Update Credit to: Amena

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