Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu reaps the profits

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Puttan coming to Chaitu and complaining about Jha cancelling the tenders. He gets Bundi and Pakori there. Chaitu meets them. He gets confused and says I feel I have seen them. Jha says they are Pakori and Bundi, your party workers. Puttan says they are future businessmen.

He defends his men and tells Jha about their experience. He says if a person can dig the pothole, can’t he make a road. Monica agrees and says it will spread a good message that our govt is with labor. Chaitu asks Jha is he his secretary or of opposition. Jha says yours, but this is a bogus company, give contract to someone else, roads get damaged in three months, make permanent roads. Chaitu says damaged roads give work to road contractors and labor. He asks Monica to pass their contract.

Puttan makes a plan to make new roads. He says I will make such good roads that people won’t like to stay at home. Chaitu says people are habitual to problems, we will explain people that we are building a path for their golden future.

Puttan asks the men to put work in progress boards everywhere. Puttan says this company is not mine, I m just a friend for them. He asks the men not to worry for road information, he has made the plan already. Guptas meet Janta and give a notice. They ask Janta to give his part of the house for the road work. Janta asks how can this happen, they can’t break my bathroom. The people ask him to give his bathroom for development. Janta says I love my country, I will sacrifice my bathroom.

Khoji comes to take Chaitu’s interview about the roads. Chaitu says the work is still going on, its in progress now. Khoji asks really and gets confused. Puttan asks the men will they make all the soil in one pothole. The man says this will never get damaged. Puttan says you won’t get work if you fill this pothole completely. The man agrees. Puttan says just do the work and get the benefits. The roads are built. Imli praises Chaitu in front of the relatives.

Imli says roads are getting built. Malai says its a necessity. Imli says Chaitu is quite street smart. Guptas meet Chaitu. Chaitu says your work has got completed today. Puttan gives them a file. Chaitu says this is inspection report. Jha says they didn’t inspect anything, when did they go there. Chaitu says they did it. Puttan asks Guptas to check file. Guptas smile seeing money and sign on the inspection report. Chaitu smiles. Bundi and Pakori count the notes and dream that they have a rich life. They say we have failed Chaitu. They refuses to go for any petty work. Imli and Malai get surprised. They say our good days have come, we are going to village, just bless our earnings. They praise Imli. Puttan looks on.

Puttan and Chaitu ask them to go and keep money. Bundi and Pakori say its our earning. Puttan says Chaitu has put an enquiry on this road scam. Khoji gives the breaking news. Bundi says but we didn’t do anything. Puttan says its your company. Chaitu asks how can you go away with money. Bundi says we aren’t going. Puttan beats them. Chaitu gets the profits from Bundi and Pakori. Imli asks Puttan to forgive them. Puttan says I will give you rental for this suit, go and return this. Bundi and Pakori ask will we always stay in potholes. Chaitu says party workers are like roads for ministers, you are just to help us. Puttan says ministers won’t exist without minions. Chaitu says our land is of intellectuals.

Puttan asks Bahumath to write answers from the chit, no need to hide, slap the teacher, punch in his eye. Teacher comes to complain. Chaitu says he is CM’s son, you will become a celebrity if you say this outside. Teacher protests.

Update Credit to: Amena

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