Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Puttan and Julia go missing

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 29th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chaitu asking Monica to declare shooting spots as tourist spots. Jha comes and says someone has kidnapped Julia. Chaitu asks how did this happen, arrest that man. Jha says we can’t put him in jail, he is Puttan. Khoji shows the video and says we have to see what police does now. Chaitu comes home and calls out Puttan. He says Puttan has kidnapped Julia, where is he. Imli says why will he do this, he can get any girl, he will have city tour and come in one week. They check Puttan’s pic on social media. Chaitu asks them to find out Puttan’s location. Imli says don’t worry, he will come. He says he should send heroine at least, I m worried for opposition.

Puttan is with Julia. He says all the state is mine. She says wow. He says I will get all awards

for you, just say yes. They click pics. She says I have to go for shooting. He gives her gun. He boasts of himself and impresses her. She smiles and asks him to teach shooting. Khoji says no one wants to do shooting here after Julia got kidnapped. Genda says we have to make actors against and stop all shootings, so that we can trouble Chaitu. The film crew is beaten up by her men. Jha says film crew doesn’t feel safe. Chaitu says I want to know where is Puttan, its 3 days now. Puttan and Julia romance on Gerua…. The party workers record the song and praise him. The shootings of all the films get cancelled. Puttan and Julia come home. Chaitu says Puttan didn’t meet me, he came back two days ago. Commissioner says no one met Puttan, we will arrest him when he meets us. Khoji says where did Julia go. The news spreads. Khoji says its 6 days now, film industry wants to give case to CBI. Chaitu asks Imli to hide the cash, CBI is coming here to find Puttan. CBI comes to check the house and find Puttan.

They all say Puttan isn’t at home. They get shocked seeing Puttan and Julia at home. Chaitu says I didn’t know. Puttan asks what happened, I just came. Julia says Puttan didn’t kidnap me, I took lift from him. Puttan says I have shown her heaven in our state. Julia says I had signed a deal for tourism and was busy. Puttan says yes, I made her brand ambassador, I had made films and songs too. Julia says Puttan is my hero. Imli and Malai like Julia. They take her to show house. Puttan asks Chaitu is he fine. Chaitu says all fine. CBI goes. Chaitu asks what’s this drama. Puttan says its state progress, Julia is famous. Chaitu says yes, we got publicity. Jha says its wrong, its negative publicity. Puttan says why wrong. Chaitu says many channels showed our city, don’t be negative. Puttan hugs Chaitu. Reporter tells about electricity theft and power cuts. Chaitu gets worried seeing files. Chaitu asks Jha to get tea. Jha refuses. Jha gets electricity dept. officers. They advice him to take action on big people. He asks Chaitu to sign the order. Monica says its very profitable. Chaitu signs the bill. Khoji says Chaitu’s name is on top of the electricity thieves’ list, who will save Chaitu now, keep watching to know.

Chaitu’s house power gets cut. Imli takes his class and asks him is he CM or not.

Update Credit to: Amena

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