Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Puttan gets against Chaitu Lal

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Puttan insulting Chaitu. He says just Jha is the honest man in his team, I m a servant of people, I will expose Chaitu today. Imli asks Puttan to shut up. Puttan says you are innocent, just sit quiet, we have to expose the truth today. People beat up Chaitu. Chaitu and family leave. Puttan gets fine and asks where did everyone go. He worries. Khoji says Puttan has created a problem for Chaitu. Chaitu and family come home.

Chaitu says Puttan insulted me, he became a minister and has cut my ticket. Imli says let me talk to him. Malai says don’t get angry, smile please. Chaitu says Puttan has made fun of me. They all worry. He vents out anger. Puttan comes home and finds them angry. Chaitu scolds him. Puttan says forgive me, I didn’t know how did this happen.

Chaitu says you have become a minister and did this. Imli says forgive me too. Puttan says I really wanted to thank you all, don’t know what happened to me. Imli scolds him for insulting Chaitu. Puttan asks Malai to explain. Malai taunts him. Everyone gets upset with him.

Puttan says I really don’t know how this happened. Everyone leaves. Puttan says how could I say this about Chaitu. Dhakad’s ghost comes. Puttan gets shocked and says you were dead, how did you come here. Dhakad says you have made me angry, you showed the banana to me and I died of heart attack. Puttan asks how did you come. Dhakad says you killed me, I will not leave you, just see what I do, the game has begun. Puttan holds hands.

Puttan apologizes to Chaitu and asks him to listen to him. Chaitu asks what shall I listen. Puttan says a ghost entered my body, this is the truth. They don’t believe and think he is lying. Puttan says its Dhakad’s ghost, he told me he will take revenge from me. Imli says Puttan has gone mad. Chaitu says yes. Bahumath comes home and gives gifts to everyone. He asks Puttan to hug him. Chaitu says Puttan has become big minister. Puttan hugs Bahumath and gets gift. Puttan behaves strange and asks for food. Imli and malai scold him. Puttan eats a lot of food. They all get shocked seeing him. Imli says I feel he has really lost it. Puttan comes to office and greets everyone. Everyone compliments Puttan. Chaitu says I m hating Puttan now.

Puttan says someone else has made me say all this, its Dhakad’s ghost. They all laugh. Puttan asks Chaitu to get his men and give the tenders. Khoji takes the interview of people and gets their complains against the govt. Khoji asks Genda what will govt do against pollution. Genda says I have come here to know about this. Puttan comes. Khoji asks him to say what he wants to convey to people. Puttan asks the people not to get out of home and not face pollution, stay at home and pass time. Dhakad’s ghost possesses him again. He asks Khoji to ask whatever he wants. Puttan starts speaking against Chaitu again. Chaitu gets the news and watches Puttan on the news. Puttan says I will keep fighting for people. Everyone gets shocked.

Puttan sees Dhakad and worries. Dhakad says see how I make your life better. He reads a letter and thinks if Dhakad is doing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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