Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 23rd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Genda ruins Chaitu’s statue

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 23rd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khoji telling about ministers and their statues craze. Chaitu calls Jha home. Jha asks Puttan is Chaitu fine, why did he call urgently. Puttan goes to Chaitu and asks the matter. Chaitu tells them that he has dreamt that he died. Puttan says I see this dream everyday. Chaitu says minister is remembered for years, but people has forgotten me. Jha says you didn’t do anything commendable, do something for state. Chaitu says I want to make my status. They like the idea.

Chaitu asks Jha to go and get tea if he doesn’t agree. He asks Puttan to find any clean place for his statue. Puttan says you can find a place, but not clean. The news reaches the channel. Chaitu says its very fast channel. Chaitu sees the city map. The man tells him that they have many

statues already. Chaitu asks where will my statue be. Puttan asks Chaturdevi to allot him the land. Chaturvedi says its all your land. Chaitu chooses the place. A man comes and tells them about different types of statues. Everyone gives suggestions.

Sarkar gives the idea to pose for their party. Chaitu likes the idea. He gets calls. Puttan asks him to go and meet Khoji, his channel works, his statue will get publicity, he will get famous. He asks Chaitu to give such interview that makes him famous. Chaitu gives an interview to Khoji and describes the statue.

Khoji asks him who will bear expenses of the statue. Chaitu says statues help birds, it has multiple purposes. Khoji gives the bytes. All ministers debate on Chaitu’s statement. Genda says Chaitu is getting his statue made. Haseena says yes. Genda says I will not let him win. She asks her man to break Chaitu’s statue. Chaitu sees his statue and smiles.

He asks is this my statue. Puttan says yes, more handsome than you. Imli says statue doesn’t match to him. Puttan says this costs 25 crores, check it well. Jha asks him to give accounts. Puttan says I got land and gave another land to the land owner, I got statue artists, then got marble from Italy, so this is international statue. Chaitu thanks Puttan.

He says get this statue fixed. Puttan says you will publicly inaugurate this tomorrow. Khoji comes to cover the event. The birds look on and think to inaugurate it by pooping. Everyone reaches there. Chaitu inaugurates the idol. Imli sings and does aarti. A bird sits on the statue. They all try to shoo away the pigeon. Khoji says pigeon isn’t flying anywhere, maybe he was a politician in last birth. Bird poops on the statue. Chaitu asks Puttan to get it cleaned. Janta jokes. A blast occurs. Chaitu’s statue falls down. Chaitu’s face turns black. Puttan says statue got broken. Chaitu leaves. Khoji covers the news. Chaitu says opposition is involved in this. Puttan comes and says why did they break the statue, I didn’t understand, I found out Genda did this, I will not leave her. Malai sings. Chaitu says don’t leave that Genda. Puttan says I will not spare her, I will break her statue. Jha says her party has no statues. Puttan says we will take revenge only by statue. Jha says stop Puttan, its not good to break statues.

Puttan says I want to make your statue. Genda likes the idea. Genda’s statue gets stolen. Puttan asks men to find statue. Chaitu says I want Genda’s statue, do anything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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