Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu gets stuck in a big mess

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Puttan and Chaitu getting Walter to his mum’s place and fooling him by playing with his emotions. Walter says my mum, I have come, I m satisfied now. He asks for chicken biryani. They serve him crow biryani. He eats the biryani and starts kaw kaw….. Boondi gives him water. Walter loses his voice. Puttan asks them to call the local men. They beat Walter and make him spit the bone. Walter gets fine. Khoji gives the news bytes live.

Puttan says sorry for this mistake. Walter says it was deadly mistake, but food was good, I m very happy. Walter thanks them for everything. Walter says I know this is a rich state, everyone has big heart here. Chaitu asks when will he give cheque. Puttan says have patience. Walter says I forgot his. He gives an envelope

and goes. Chaitu reads the letter that he wanted to make a donation, but he has seen the state is already rich, they don’t need funding, they should help others. Chaitu gets angry and throws stones. Puttan and Jha ask him to calm down. Khoji says Walter didn’t give any money, but Chaitu has hit him with a stone. Chaitu and Puttan cry.

Imli prays. Chaitu says you should pray for vote bank. Puttan says Chaitu is going to Jhingalala village, its necessary, they are a big vote bank. Chaitu says they are going to honor me today. Party men ask why is Chaitu going there. Puttan says Chaitu is going for votes. They say its a dangerous community. Puttan says that’s why I m not going, just call me if there is any problem. They worry. Khoji says this is real ritual of politics, elections are coming so Chaitu is arriving at Jhingalala village. Khoji takes interview of Mukhiya Dukhiya. He asks if they have any complains. Chaitu comes and gets a welcome. The villagers dance. Khoji tells about the crown that is the tribe’s crown, Chaitu is getting crowned today. Chaitu wears the crown and says thanks for this big favor, I can’t forget this, this crown is your blessing.

The crown gets stuck. Jha says they are saying they will cut your head if the crown doesn’t get off. They all try to remove the crown. Chaitu worries. Party men also pull the crown. Chaitu says this has become a problem now, I have to go. He tells them that he will remove the crown and send it to them soon. Khoji asks will Chaitu remove the crown or lose his neck. Puttan asks for Chaitu, how long will he be there, how much honor is he getting. Chaitu comes home and tells the problem. He says this isn’t getting off. Imli asks him not to worry. She pulls it. Puttan says don’t worry, I will remove it, sit. He tries. The tribals comes and threatens them for damaging the crown. They all worry. Chaitu says they said they will cut my neck if I don’t give them the crown. Puttan says this is a big tension. Jha says you have to go everywhere by wearing the crown. Khoji says we have to see how Chaitu gets rid of this. Genda says Chaitu will lose his neck, since the crown shouldn’t get damaged. Chaitu and Puttan plan to win the votes by using the crown. They hug and smile.

Puttan gets insulting Chaitu because of some spirit. The people throw tomatoes on them. The spirit says I will teach you both a good lesson. He beats up Puttan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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