Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Genda creates hurdles for Chaitu

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 20th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Janta telling Khoji that its necessary for naming the bridge, else how can they tell people about it. Khoji says everyone is waiting for CM to name the bridge. Jha gets tea for Chaitu. He says Imli called me here and then she left the house, she went to her Maayka. Chaitu worries. Puttan comes and gives a soap to Chaitu. He praises Imli for sending soap for Chaitu. He asks him to keep the soap and take care, as they have taken everything from him. Chaitu says everyone is troubling me, am I the CM. The news reaches the channel.

Chaitu asks Monica to give some advice. She asks him to name the bridge after Imli’s dad. Chaitu says yes, I also feel so. Jha says no, he had no achievement. Chaitu says Imli was his achievement, name the bridge after him. Jha

advises him and says your Sasur ji wasn’t any freedom fighter. Chaitu says then make him a freedom fighter. Monica says we can make him such by a back date certificate. Chaitu asks Jha to learn from her. Chaitu asks her to do this and then he will name the bridge on him. The family sees the news and apologize to Chaitu. They get happy.

Chaitu asks Monica to get history books and name any big personality as his Sasur. Genda says if Chaitu names his Sasur for the bridge, he will be gone, he will be famous among the people, I won’t let this happen. She asks them to make people protest, she is with them, she is always one step ahead of Chaitu. People from special community come to Chaitu’s house to protect. Chaity says it means its from special vote bank. Pahelwani singh comes to resign. He says this is my wife, Kabaddi rani, you named the bridge without taking my advice, name the bridge after my wife or else accept my resignation. Chaitu says its not right to threaten like this.

Puttan says we will go for third option and help. He manages to send them. Chaitu asks why did you do this, you don’t know Pahelwan Singh. Puttan says just think of inaugurating bridge. Jha says media is asking history of your sasur ji. Chaitu says then tell him. Jha says I didn’t find anyone related to his name. Chaitu jokes on his Sasur. Malai says dad challenged the british always. Jha says I mean did he challenge the authority. Chaitu says we can make a story if anyone asks us. Puttan tells a story and says Jha you are lucky to write this history.

Jha gets some books. Media comes to ask Chaitu about his Sasur. Chaitu says many years are needed to bring out big truths, history overlooked him, he didn’t know his battle will become history, seeing my wife, I understood she is daughter of some freedom fighter. Jha gives the pic. Khoji asks who is he in this pic. They all confuse him. Genda says Chaitu has made his Sasur a freedom fighter, I will prove it, I will not let Chaitu name the bridge after his Sasur, I will help the special community. Chaity asks why can’t Genda let this happen. Puttan says inauguration is tomorrow, and she is creating a drama. Chaitu gets a idea and asks him to give breaking news to the media. He invites Prem. Reporter says people are threatening to get bridge named after them. Puttan asks Chaitu is he not ready. Everyone gets ready.

Genda talks to Pahelwan ji and says Chaitu has always cheated you, you have my support, just insult him. Pahelwan ji gets angry on Chaitu. Genda asks Haseena to pay money to people and gather them on the bridge. Jha informs Chaitu that people are protesting against him. Pahelwan ji sends a letter to withdraw his support. They all worry. Imli asks Chaitu to do something. He says let me think. He calls Pahelwan and gives him the good offer to convince him. He scares him about his second marriage revelation. Pahelwan worries. Chaitu then makes a call and donates money to the special community people.

News reaches the channel. Chaitu says we shall first reach the bridge and then see the matter, I m going to inaugurate the bridge. Jha gets a call and says its bad news, the bridge collapsed. They get shocked. Khoji gives the breaking news that the wait is finally over. Chaitu says how did this brand new bridge fall. Jha says you should have focussed on its foundation, people got injured. He gets upset with Chaitu. Chaitu asks Puttan to investigate the matter and give him report. Imli cries. Chaitu says she is crying for people. Imli says no, what will happen of my dad’s name. He says I will name some bridge or river after your name. She asks Jha to find something to name after her dad before it collapses. Jha says fine, shall I get tea. Chaitu says I m not in a mood.

Jha complains about the deadly illness. Chaitu falls sick. The family worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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