Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Walter gets a good welcome

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chaitu and Puttan talking to some men and getting busy in solving their problem. Puttan says we understand the enmity, who told Walter is your relative. The men justify the relations. Chaitu asks do you want relative or money. The men say money. Puttan asks them to do as they are told, just go and welcome Walter. At home, Chaitu worries that things can go wrong. Puttan says you don’t know me, I have the plan ready, I won’t let anyone win. Chaitu says don’t get Genda win. Genda says I won’t leave this chance, welcome Mr. Walter.

Everyone go to welcome Walter. They plan the things. Chaitu says we will ask for cheque. Puttan says not so soon. Chaitu asks the lady to make Walter wear the garland. Khoji says Walter can land anytime. They wait for much

time. Khoji gets the news and asks what, it means Walter has gone there. He tells Chaitu that Walter’s helicopter landed already. Puttan says I think someone has planned this, sit in the car, I will just come. Genda’s party workers welcome Walter.

Genda dances to entertain him. Walter asks where am I, who is she. Uncle says she is Genda Devi, just she knows your mum, she can take you home, she was your mum’s friend. Walter says she looks young, she does mujra well. Police comes there. Genda introduces herself. The man asks what was the need to do all this. Uncle says Genda is decent like a cow. Genda says Walter is my guest so I have performed Mujra. Inspector says its illegal in our state. Walter says sorry, I didn’t know. He gets arrested. Puttan and Jha come to rescue Walter. Puttan asks was Mujra happening here, this dance is banned from today. Jha gives the order. Walter asks Puttan to save him. Puttan and Jha rescue him. They give a warning to Genda. Puttan praises the inspector for his acting.

Jha says duty… Puttan says yes, duty, I will make you meet CM. Puttan welcomes Walter and takes him. Genda gets angry and says I won’t leave you now. Imli does aarti of Walter. They welcome him home. Walter asks Malai to sing in english. She sings happy birthday to you. Imli asks the party workers to get food. They get burger. Walter asks for Daal rice. Chaitu says its poor food, we have burger, pizza and noodles. Walter says my mum used to eat daal rice.

Puttan asks Walter to take some rest. Walter goes with them. Imli says we feel happy in this western clothes. Walter rests and come. He says I will have chicken biryani now. A man gets angry on hearing it. Puttan says I will handle him. He beats the man and tells them that walter meant to say about crow biryani, go and make it, we shall come. Puttan goes back and asks Walter not to worry. Imli says next time, get wife and children along. Puttan lies to Walter and fools him. He winks to Chaitu and asks him to come. Chaitu smiles.

Chaitu gets crowned by the tribals. Chaitu says let me leave now. Jha says they are asking you to stay back. He wears the crown, which gets stuck in his head.

Update Credit to: Amena

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