Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Puttan detains the judges

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malai getting praising for everyone for her poetry. Imli gives her best wishes and makes big plans for Malai. Genda also tries her hand at poetry. Uncle praises her. Genda recites the poetry. He says wow, your poems have impressed me. Chaitu says Malai will become the winner. Khoji gives the news that Malai isn’t selected by the judges, her name isn’t the the final list. Malai cries aloud. Puttan gets angry and says I won’t let tha competition happen. Chaitu asks him to get judges home, they will accept their mistake. Puttan agrees and goes. Dhakad asks why are you angry. Puttan says I m angry, the judge rejected Malai.

Dhakad says you love Malai a lot, judge can’t think she is best poetess like you think, this is not politics. Puttan says competition

was happening just for her sake, Genda has got selected, I m very upset. Dhakad says its not right to threaten the judges. Puttan says stop this lecture. He goes. Puttan gets the judges home. Judge says we have done justice with our art, we can’t cheat art, Genda is better than Malai. Imli and Puttan scold them. They make Malai recite all the poems she wrote. Malai recites. Judges shut their ears. They pray her talent. They ask Malai to come in the competition. Puttan asks them to give assurance, they may change their word. Khoji comes to Genda and asks what does she have to say about the competition. Genda gives statement against Malai.

She says if Malai was a good poetess, her poetry would have not got rejected before. He agrees. Uncle asks Genda to recite her famous poetry. Genda does poetry. Uncle asks Khoji how did he like it. Khoji says it was good, I was about to cry. He gets a call. He says what are you saying. He gives the breaking news. He says judges are pressurized for Malai’s rejection, they are detained. Genda says its Chaitu and Puttan’s plan, I will go with other poets and oppose them. Jha asks Chaitu to switch on TV. Chaitu sees the news. Chaitu says who cares for Genda. Jha says if you lose your image, you may lose in elections. Chaitu asks him to call Puttan. He says before media blows the issue, end this drama. Puttan says judges made Malai cry, I won’t leave them. Chaitu says just please the judges and send them, I will manage the rest.

Khoji says there is much excitement in the city, we will talk to the judges. He asks were you detained in Chaitu’s house. They deny it. They get scared to say anything. Banjar comes and says the poet has to make a poem according to the topic. Chaitu asks Malai to prepare the new poem. Banjar goes. Dhakad says I will also come in the event, I will see the poets and their kind of poems. Puttan says all the talented poets will come. Dhakad says I can see, you compelled the judges to get entry for Malai, it seems that its an event only for her. Puttan says I love her a lot, so I m doing a publicity campaign for her. Dhakad says you broke all the rules. Puttan says Malai can do what she wants, I can do anything. Dhakad says you try to become good human first. Puttan says you are a troubling ghost. Dhakad says I will trouble you now. He gets in Puttan and tickles him. Puttan laughs.

Everyone gets shocked hearing Malai’s poetry against Chaitu. Puttan thinks Dhakad has done this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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