Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Malai participates in poetry competition

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jha asking Chaitu to meet a poet and hear their complaints. A poet meets Chaitu and asks him to organize any event or competition for all the poets. Chaitu says I want to organize, but govt has no funds. Poet says govt has funds for arts. Chaitu says but I have no funds. Poet says I had come with big hopes. He goes. Jha says I think you should consider his request. Chaitu asks him to get tea for him. Malai does poetry. Everyone praises him. Chaitu says I didn’t know her talent. Malai reads out some poetry. Everyone claps for her silly poetry. Chaitu says incredible, I will get them published and distributed. Puttan says put this in course, everyone will remember her. Malai says I want to go on poet conference. Chaitu agrees. Jha says you said you have no funds.

Chaitu says we will get ad banners and get money. Malai says I wrote something for you also. She reads the poetry. Puttan praises himself and his siblings. Chaitu says you are lucky to get a brother in law like me. Puttan agrees.

Poet comes and asks why did you call me back. Chaitu says I made a mistake, sorry, I had forgotten that a poet is the mirror of the society, there will be a grand poetry event. Poet does poetry. Chaitu says I have understood, you go now. Jha says but we need to select a judge for this competition. Chaitu asks poet Banjar to get some people, he will select a judge. Banjar thanks them. Jha gets some people to get sponsors. Chaitu and Puttan make plan to fool the man Panwari. Panwari says I will sponsor a few poems. Chaity asks what, will you sponsor poems, not money? He asks him to get out. Jhumroo comes next. Puttan asks him to manage the food arrangements. Jhumroo says we can keep singing and dancing too. Puttan says Malai doesn’t like it, exclude the dance. Doctor comes and says I will sponsor the show, I want poets to take my clinic’s name to publicize it. Malai says I will write a poetry for his clinic. They clap. Doctor says I have a small request, make me judge. Chaitu agrees. Puttan says we will make the decision.

Khoji says the best poet will win in the competition. He asks Chaitu how did he get the idea of keeping this competition. Chaitu praises Malai, who is also a poet. Khoji asks her how does she feel. Malai says I m happy, it was my dream. Khoji asks her to recite one poetry. Malai says I have written this for Chaitu. Khoji makes a face. Malai does poetry on him too. Khoji also attempts poetry and takes a short break. Genda says no one told me about this competition, I m also a poetess where is my poetry diary. She asks uncle am I a bad poet. He says no, you are good, read the poetry. Genda recites one. Uncle praises her. Genda says when I go there, everyone will get jealous hearing my poetry. She recites more.

Puttan says Malai will be the winner. Some poets come. Banjar says I got two judges now, Kalam and Kagaz. Puttan says doctor Gopaniya is also a judge. Kalam says we decided to choose good contestants to recite poetry in final round. Puttan says Malai will get rejected. Chaitu says we will handle it, don’t worry. Banjar and poets leave. Puttan and Chaitu smile.

Khoji says Malai’s name is not in final list. Puttan says I won’t let this event happen. Khoji gives the news that the judges have got captive. Genda says how can they stoop low for a reward. Jha says Sir, if your image spoils, you may lose elections.

Update Credit to: Amena

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