Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Puttan becomes a saint

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khoji asking Chaitu asking giving employment to people. Chaitu says you are doing a good job, I m thinking to lessen the prices for potato. Khoji asks Puttan’s role in his political career. Chaitu says its all because of my hard work. Puttan looks on. Chaitu says puttan is new, I helped him and made him a MLA, I didn’t get help from anyone. He tells about the family members. He praises himself. Puttan gets upset and goes. Khoji wraps up the interview.

Puttan comes home. Imli asks where is Chaitu. Puttan says he would be in office, he is telling media about his achievements, MLA has no value, everyone hears to the CM. He says I help Chaitu so much, I also want to become CM. Imli asks you want to replace CM. He says no, I want to be like him, think it

will be great, I will be called CM Puttan. Imli asks can there be two CM in same state. He says no. She says you can become a bigger man than CM, even Chaitu will fall in your feet. Puttan gets thinking. He goes to temple and prays. He sees a man praying. Puttan gives him sweets and says you will get the job. The man happily goes. Puttan prays for the man’s job. Chaitu comes home. Imli gets laddoos and says Puttan got the sweets, he went to temple. Chaitu asks Puttan about the work he assigned. Puttan says I came to give the file and saw you boasting about yourself. Chaitu asks are you jealous. Imli says Puttan works hard, he will become CM one day. Chaitu says he should get brains first, just I know politics. Puttan says I guided you many times. Chaitu makes fun of Puttan. He asks him to become good minister first. Malai and Imli call him arrogant. Imli hugs Puttan and blesses him.

Chaitu says CM is the most powerful man in the state. Khoji gives news of a saint’s fame. Puttan gets an idea. Dhakad asks why are you sitting here when everyone went to meet car baba. Puttan asks who will listen to me. Dhakad says you can’t become CM but you can become a saint, you are a fool, but good hearted, you can become a saint by listening to people’s sorrow, I will try to help people, I will make you do it too. Puttan says you always find profit, give me some time to think. Dhakad goes. Puttan says I will become a saint now. Its morning, Puttan goes to temple and prays. He says Chaitu has become arrogant, he respects his chair and insults everyone, I can’t go against him. The man comes and says I got the job, have sweets, you are great. He chants Puttan baba ki jai. Genda’s uncle looks on. The man tells everyone about Puttu baba. The ladies go and take Puttu’s blessings. Puttan asks what’s there problem. They tell everything.

Chaitu asks for Puttan. He jokes. Puttan comes and asks them to let Chaitu joke. Jha asks him to do his work. Puttan says I have no idea, I have become Puttu baba now. They all laugh and ask is he joking. Chaitu asks why are you talking nonsense. Puttan says I feel I have special powers, the public has faith in me, so I m becoming a sage. Chaitu asks him to do work, else public will not spare him. Puttan says I will follow the way shown by Lord. Chaitu and Jha go to office. Uncle comes to Genda. He says Puttan is impressing people. Genda learns the matter and asks what did Puttan do, is he fed up of politics that he became a saint. Uncle says its new plan of Chaitu and Puttan. Genda asks is there a rift between Chaitu and Puttan. Uncle says your problems will increase if Puttan becomes a saint. Genda acts like him and says I will use my experience and not let them patch up.

Puttan asks people to come to him and take blessings. Dhakad asks what’s this nonsense, if you break people’s trust and love, people won’t leave you. The men scold Puttan. Genda comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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